Big Bad Wolfess and Becca Malik's planning thread

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  1. Ok, so should we do character bios out first? Or plot?
  2. Plot first so we can do the bios after and I can remember
  3. No problem - so, how about our two wolves meet up in the woods after both being chased by humans and hunted. My character would be injured perhaps
  4. Yeah that could work. And then they go deeper and deeper into the woods trying to get as far away as possible from the humans. Hmm, What if they find something? Like... I don't know...
  5. another small pack? maybe... how about that? and do you mind if I am a female wolf as well?
  6. Yeah maybe, and that's fine if you're female. Wolf's rain popped into my head on this haha. i haven't seen that in a while
  7. ok, so character bios now?
  8. Sure

    Name: QuintabellaNickname: <st2:Sn w:st="on">Quinn</st2:Sn>Breed: Timber <st1:PersonName w:st="on"><st2:GivenName w:st="on">Wolf</st2:GivenName>
    <st2:Sn w:st="on">Gender</st2:Sn></st1:PersonName>
    : Female
    Age: 3
    Rank: Loner
    Pack or Tribe: Loner
    Kin: None
    Mate/Crush: A Fox
    Personality: <st2:Sn w:st="on">Quinn</st2:Sn> is somewhat distrustful most of the time no matter how long she has known a creature. She is trustworthy, dependable and loyal, but she is untrusting and prefers to depend on herself. She can be protective as well although if put into a bad mood it can be bad for everyone.
    Height: 3.5'Weight: <st1:metricconverter w:st="on" ProductID="150 lbs">150 lbs</st1:metricconverter>Body Style: long and lean but still muscular and the she-wolf carries herself on long thick legs ending with large paws.Fur: black with some lighter patches on her undersideEye Color: Gold
  9. Name: Kira
    Age: 3 1/12

    Fur Colour:
    Snowy White
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Rank: (Alpha Male, Alpha Female, Beta Male, Beta Female, or just a normal pack member) -
    Alpha Female
    History: Kira travelled for months in the cold wilderness, before she found a small pack, which she quickly took control of, working her way up the ranks to becoming the Alpha Female, which she then lost when a hunter killed her mate and the other wolves in the pack.
    Personality: She is dominant, and is confident within her previous role as The Alpha Female, but she is also caring, and wishes to have cubs someday.
  10. Alrighty all this works for me. ^_^
  11. Want me to start the actual thread?