Big 4e Game

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Boss Frost

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Alright. So, for the past month or so, I've been running a game in reality: set in a school for adventurers. The 'adventures' are tests in the school, paired with your group against whatever weird goal the Dean sets them up with.

So far, it's been pretty fun, and I haven't had the chance to play much else, because they all want me to DM that game. I consider this a good sign.

Now, what I want to do is translate that 4e 'school' game into Iwaku: with several twists. The adventures/tests won't be the only way to earn XP and gold. I have problems staying on very long, because technology, as a whole, despises my existence.

I want to give out XP for interacting with each other in the Roleplay Box. Have a page of two or more characters interacting with each other outside 'testing' hours, and two heaping handfuls of XP is yours. The "Free Period" system.

I also don't intend to craft much of the world except the campus. Thus, you can chose to write something up about the world: a mountain range, the society of some race in the world (I don't intend to dictate that sort of thing to anyone in this RP), and I shower you in gold - the "Homework" system.

The theme for this game's going to be "Yes!" for the most part. I'm not going to dictate player roles or races. If you guys really feel like playing a Fey Corgi ( ), then I'm not going to stop you.

So, what do you think? I'd be able to get everyone involved right from the start (rather than having you all wait for Miniboss to update), and it gives people the chance to raise their power on their own time, without DM interference... as well as flex your creative muscles a bit more than a 4e game normally world.
Frost, you always know how to make dice games so tempting! I'm in.
I'm so far in here you'll need a map to find me and search rescue to get me out.

You may or may not see a familiar face....

Rules wise he'd me a paladin of "the bushido" unless i find something better.
I'm so game you need a license to hunt me. Any suggestions? (i.e. would you prefer one of my urchin characters or something a little more...refined?)
I'm gonna idea what yet.
Ooh, good haul of players! =D

As for characters, I'm going to do my best to resist saying "No" to things. The game will take place in a school, so my only character creation rule is that you be young for your race, or whatnot. Other than that, I don't even mind if you've been accidently portal'd in from modern day earth.

As well, because of how the game is set up, I can throw non-conventional adventures at you, and death is a slap on the wrist, so party balance isn't that bad anymore. The way I see it, the main game will consist of three "school" adventures and a "vacation" adventure outside the campus (far more dangerous than a school game)... So whatever you make, there will be a place to shine.
Well I have a character up and ready to go... minus equipment.

Moto Takahiro, son of a Lion and a Unicorn samurai, guess which ones =D

Should I post it or wait for an OOC?
Nice! You should probably wait for an OOC. I just finished off updating a few races into 4e: Spirit Folk (in honor of Yue), another Hengeyokai race (Cat/Bakeneko), and Nezumi (who, appearantly, are amazing defenders. Who knew?). I'm also bringing in a few of the Jord (Basil and I's homebrew) races: the Sabil, the Broadback, the Chalicite, and the Adonmin. Finally, I'm updating some old races I've seen others play, such as Half-Giant, or pretty much any other humanoid race that you lot could want. They'll be posted in the OOC for your use. If you want to see a race used, don't be afraid to ask!
Ok. Now I want to do this. Personally I just want to be a lethal gag character. Someone, give me a list of bad combos.