Biden is out.

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  1. I personally thought he was going to run.

    What do you guys think? Surprised? Unsurprised?
  2. Completely okay with that.

    I don't think anyone seriously believed he had an actual chance of winning the democratic nomination over Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.
  3. I was worried he might end up causing a split vote, so I'm glad he's not running.
  4. I think Biden would have been bound to be the Left's Donald. xD
  5. I don't think anyone can be a Donald but Trump himself.
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  6. Kind of meant it like the "person to laugh at", if you don't agree with him.

    Everyone of the Right (with the exception of his supporters) laugh at the idea of the Donald leading the country.

    I think it would be the same for Biden. Thats probably what happened. They probably went to him and said, "Hey bro, its Clinton. So lets get real."
  7. Pretty much what I thought would happen. Even the Lefties were chortling at the idea of Biden running and getting anywhere.

    To be fair, I did the same at Trump and did not expect the absolute fan following he has either. I thought he'd be out pretty soon.
  8. Let's be honest here, Clinton has had this nomination sealed since the start. The only way Sanders has any hope of even being considered is for a huge, and I mean HUGE incident to spring up around Hillary.

    As much as I'd love to see the guy run, I honestly think both races have been rigged from the start.
  9. Don Lemon (i think) was pretty adamant that he thought Biden would be a serious candidate when he was asked by Glenn Beck what he thought, and I think Glenn was stifling laughs about it.

    The same kind of support Trump has is the same type of people (mentality wise) who voted in Obama twice over.
  10. I put Bernie in there as I believe he's the best chance for a second place. Even if something DID come up with Hillary, he's who I think a lot are leaning towards next.

    But yeah, I personally think Hillary has it in the bag for the left at this point as well.
  11. Clinton thought she had the nomination sealed back in 08 just the same as she does now.

    Of course, that was back before she was weakened by 4 dead Americans and her email thing (which according to the FBI, isn't as settled as Bernie would have us believe).

    I think Bernie is just trying to force Hilary to be further left than she probably wants to. For him, looking socialist helps. For her, I think it hurts.
  12. Not surprised, but kind of disappointed. I'm all for Bernie Sanders, and Biden entering the race would have split the pro-establishment vote to give the populist surge behind Bernie a strong chance even in the states that currently look to be going full bore for Clinton at the moment. Now that it's going to be just Sanders and Clinton with two "wait why the fuck are you still in the race?" guys, I think Hillary has it in the bag unless some monumental fuck up or ruinous road block (such as the slim chance of criminal charges being filed against her for the email fiasco) comes along.

    Also, as for Biden being compared to Trump? You guys are ridiculous. He's pretty damned close to Clinton in almost all of his positions, and he would've stood a solid chance of stealing the Democrat party establishment from her if he had entered long ago and capitalized on her various mess ups so far. Bernie is far closer to Trump in the way of the type of people (anti-establishment) supporting him and the odds he's given (snowball's chance in hell) by mainstream media.
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  13. I was comparing more the "laughable" nature of the two, than their actual politics.

    Trump is a progressive. I think he lines up more with the left than the right on specific issues. But thats the nature of progressivism. It's a snakebite in both parties.
  14. From what I can see it's really just a race between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

    I don't see what's making everyone think Clinton will beat Bernie... Bernie is getting huge everywhere.
  15. I honestly don't understand how the people who voted Obama into office twice are anything like the people who are rooting for Trump.

    Personally, I'd be fine with Sanders as President because he has great ideas, but I'm not sure he'd really know how to implement them. He's really idealistic which is awesome, and he wants the kind of changes that I'd love for this country. He just doesn't have the White House experience that Clinton has to know how to really sway the votes, especially with Congress being filled with people who've sternly held their seats for decades and refuse to agree on anything at all. I think the Left's best chance of winning the election will be Clinton winning the nomination and grabbing Sanders for her Vice President. It would get both sides supporting one outcome. Plus, I think Clinton will have a better idea of how to work with the other branches to get things done if she actually makes it into office. I think if Sanders wins the nomination, his smart play would be to get Clinton as VP, but I don't think she'd take it since she didn't take it when Obama offered it to her.
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  16. I don't mean Obama voters as a whole. I mean the extra fluff he got that (probably) won him the election. The low-information voter that just voted based on a certain aspect, and not necessarily because they believe in or understand political motivations.

    I think Trump has a lot of extra "fluff" support just like Obama had.
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  17. Most people think Clinton is going to smash Sanders because the signs are all pointing to it and have been since the beginning of the race.

    Hillary is leading by quite a lot in all the credible national polls asking who people want to vote for. Bernie wins some online polls, which are naturally slanted toward a younger crowd and are less reliable because you can get mobs of people to go vote a particular way on it, unlike more serious polling done to try to get a representative sample of voters.

    Bernie has a significant lead in recent polls that are specific to New Hampshire Democratic primary voters, and he has a decent lead in recent Iowa polls as well. Hillary is ahead in the other 48 states, and in most states it's a pretty killer lead.

    The two above things are likely to shift even further in Hillary's favor now that Biden has officially said he's not running due to the fact that most of the people who were holding out for him are likely to go back to Hillary. Her shrinking lead in many polls coincided pretty closely with the rise in people saying Biden was their top choice, so it would be rather odd for them to all suddenly develop anti-establishment stances rather than going back to their initial candidate choice.

    Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Hillary is ahead in the money game. The vast majority of the time in US elections in recent decades, the candidate with more money wins the race. She's not only ahead in actual campaign fundraising and cash on hand as of their most recent finance reports, she also has the extra advantage of making use of an affiliated super PAC that has also gathered millions of dollars in support of her. Sanders is against the very idea of these poorly regulated groups being allowed, so he hasn't formed an officially affiliated one and he has asked those who have created unaffiliated super PACs in support of him to knock it off. Odds are the Hillary's true fundraising lead will only grow further now that any pro-establishment wealthy Democrat donors who were holding out for Biden don't have that option any more.

    Bernie is doing great for being up against the juggernaut of Hillary Clinton's campaign, but he is by no means in the lead just yet. It'll take a few weeks for polling to really get a good picture of the post-Biden landscape, but as of now he still has tons of work to do before people stop seeing Hillary as a sure thing.

    Ehh, very different kinds of "fluff" between them, so that's still a strange comparison.

    Trump has people who want to vote for him because he's a recognized face/name, plus those who like him just because he doesn't give a shit about political correctness and says ridiculous things.

    Obama had the progressive bump going for him, people who voted for him just because he's black. Those types are now mainly rooting for Clinton because they want to see a female president.
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  18. 100% Agree with Jorick. I see the same thing.

    And you can tell he really isn't expecting to win. Hes like Ron Paul, he just wants to get more people to
    listen to his ideas out.

    I think the appeal of Bernie 73 year old white guy is pretty much that he is actually honest. He is openly socialist and has no problem about saying it. Hilary, Lincoln-Chaffy and O'Malley are all the same candidate (just from my opinion) as seen in the debates when they all had the same answers on almost everything except which of them had the lowest NRA rating (thats a measuring stick?).

    Also, I think Hilary is an easier candidate to beat than Bernie, but that's just opinion for another time, probably.
  19. The only thing Obama and Trump have in common is their aggressiveness towards immigration. Obama is currently the president with the most deportations under his belt. Trump is shouting it because it'll get him votes.

    Otherwise, Trump is incredibly rude and a bully. He cries when people call him out on things and often backtracks on things he's said while attacking other people and claim they started it. Obama is likable because he's a family man and played that card heavily while taking us in a different route from the Bush/Clinton administration.

    There's more jobs, affordable health care...hell, he wants to make community college free so we can all be "qualified" for better opportunities.

    Trump's tax plan scares the hell out of me. Less taxes on the rich/business owners, more taxes on the middle class. ...They already take 5-5-600 out of my paycheck. What more do you need? The people who follow him say such vile and horrible things because his example says "speak your truth" so phrases like anchor baby is now a thing. Mexican descendants are targeted for hate crimes along with people of middle eastern descent. His campaign has brought out a truly ugly and real side of America.

    I wouldn't vote for him and I like Obama and the things he has done or tried to do for the common folk. Now Hilary? I'm not sure how I feel about her. She just makes me uncomfortable. I do like Bernie and his respect for everyone. He doesn't like fighting dirty and that's refreshing.

    Biden was never going to run. Maybe before his son died but after? I feel he was just throwing his name around out of amusement, tbh. I do not have confidence in him either.
  20. If this could be a debate, I would ask to see a legitimate source.

    Yes, because when Obama calls Republicans "idiots" or "terrorists" or "extremists" because they don't think in lock-step like he does, he is simply being nice.

    60% of job growth in the last 8 years in America has been in Texas. Obama didn't make that happen, Rick Perry did.

    Just read a story the other day about a person being dropped from "Affordable" Care Act, for not being able to pay for the plan.


    I'm not saying anything else, lest it starts looking like a debate.

    But I just wanted to give a general idea.

    But don't worry, I think Trump is an idiot too.