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  1. Okay so this is based off of an rp i did with a buddy from school and I really like how it went. Unfortunately we never got too far and Im curious as to how it would play out if I posted a thread on here.

    Here's some info about my character:
    My character, Kyla, is sixteen years old. At the age of fourteen a mystery man (could be your char if you so choose) attempted to force Kyla to her full potential of her powers prematuraly. This resulted in Kyla's loss of speech. Another side effect is that her mental compacity was knocked down to that of an eight year old. While eating at McDonalds with her mother, Kyla see's a strange boy that sticks out from the rest.

    Um yeah, thats pretty much the background to my character. we can discuss plot and everything either here or in a PM.

  2. This looks promising, what would the plot possibly about and will the mysterious man be played by me or would it just be a character we both control that appears at time randomly??
    Also what are her powers?? Ability to see or talk to ghosts is what it looks like as of this moment, or would it be controlling the dead like a necromancer that can speak to the dead ghosts as well.
  3. It could be anything plot wise truthfully. It could be about her comin into her powers and defeating the guy who tried to pull her powers out. Or it could be about her and the guy who pulled her powers out and who he is and why he did it. Like I said the last time I did this it didn't get really far. You could be the mystery man if you so choose or you could be someone else who helps her find her power and "fix her" as in gets her to speak again.
  4. Hrmm well, we could work out the details soon, but I am definitely interested in doing this Roleplay. At the moment I'm a little swamped with school work and finals projects currently.
  5. That's alright so am I. So just pm me and we can work everything out :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.