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  1. Bibliophile: Someone with a great love for books.

    Female x Male; I wish to play the female.
    Right side; my characters.

    •Librarian/Assistant x Fellow Book Lover
    •Tutor x Peer
    •Friend x Library Assistant
    •Book Shop Owner/Worker x Friend
    •Popular Boy x Tutor/Nerd/Best Friend
    •Best Friend

    The plot will vary depending on the pairing. May be at a library, bedroom, dorm room, book store.. You get the idea. This is a romance, so, it will have plot, but, since I put in Libertine you can see it will be sexual as well. We can talk about it, as long as you let me know if you want more plot or more Libertine. Either way, my character will be submissive.

    Anyways, would love to discuss further with you about this.

    Oh: I forgot to add I don't do text talk, one liners (Para to Multi, please).. And... Decent grammar please!​
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  2. I'm interested in popular boy x tutor
Thread Status:
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