Biblical Names? What?

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  1. Okay, so, to understand this situation here are a few fun facts!:

    -I'm an atheist.
    -I have two kids who are not atheists.
    -My entire family revolves around the church.
    -My brother is in school to become a pastor.


    I decided to pause my novel writing [currently have a trilogy in the works] in favor of writing a story for my son. I never thought I would write a children's book but I guess having spawn of your own does that to do. Since he is a big fan of angels and all that and I am a big fan of fantasy things, I'm working both into the story. The problem is that I don't want to piss off my entire family by accidentally tromping all over Christian lore in my book.


    I'm writing a book and I need a book for an Angel that isn't mentioned in the bible or elsewhere, but sounds like an angelic-type name so that it could be believable for Christian children to think it's possible. BECAUSE IMAGINATION, BITCHES.

    Halp? :D

    PS. Yes, I know I can get lists of all the names mentioned in the bible online, but those lists are LONG, damn it.
  2. Archangels:


    Does the name have to be Biblical? Or can you just take a syllable and add an -Iel or -Ael?
  3. I may be an atheist but I am also a large Supernatural fan so I am preeeeetty sure those are real angel names. xD
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  4. Thank you, O Shitlord.
  5. I know, I said they were at the top. I'm Catholic, and was listing the Archangels to help myself.
  6. Now I'm finding too many names that I like.. Probably going to end up creating characters to take care of the excess here..

    OH WELL :D

    -starts throwing angel names on all characters-
  7. Oh! Okay! :D

    I was actually more of looking for names that weren't actually angels but sounded angelic but you helped me confirm my belief that I know enough about angel names to get a few hundred dollars on Jeopardy so yay! :D
  8. Then you must know the best name for an angel is Castiel :hugonwings:
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  9. What about ripping the names off from famous painters?

    TMNT did it.
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  10. [​IMG]
  12. The -iel/-ael suffix generally ties the name in some way to God. Michael: Who Is Like God? Gabriel: God Is My Strength. Raphael: It Is God Who Heals. Uriel: God Is My Light. And while it's not an angel name (I don't think), Samuel: God Has Heard. But the Bible only mentions four angels by name and two of those are from the Apocrypha and thus not canon across the board.

    Here's my real question: Are these supposed to be Christian angels or are you using angels in your fantasy setting divorced from Christianity? If they're supposed to be Christian angels then a Hebrew name would be the most accurate, particularly something that praises God (see above). Also people who die and go to Heaven do not become angels. If they're not supposed to be Christian angels then go all out, Magic: the Gathering has been printing Angel cards for years and one minds, just come up with whatever fantasy name you want.
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  13. Well my original intent was to go with a Christian vibe since that's what my kids like, but honestly there isn't anything about religion in the book so.. Time to play name roulette? :D
  14. Alan Rickman.
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  15. Aziraphale <3
  16. Ariel

    Believe it or not, it is a unisex name.
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  17. Just throwing this out as a Bible nerd myself, 'El' is the ancient Hebrew word for God, so 'ael' or 'iel' becomes the root word of the name, and the prefix is the descriptor (even though the roots here are more the Greek variation of the word. In Hebrew it's always just '-el'.)

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  18. Ooooooh. I can help with Christian Theology!

    Try "Rachael". I mean, it's an actual name, but the -el sound at the end makes it sound like an angelic name.

    And if you need any help with Christian Theology, please message me! I love talking about it!
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