Biblical End Times RP? (With Sci-Fi elements)

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  1. I was thinking I'd like to do a group RP about the biblical end times. Sort of like Left Behind (but not quite). A sci-fi RP with events based on the book of Revelation.

    My plot idea:
    It takes place over 200 years into the future. After a global catastrophe where over a billion people disappeared, the world fell into chaos.

    A world state known as TERRA eventually formed to restore order. While initially benevolant, they were highjacked by a group known as the Prometheists. They believe that now, humanity is empowered to create its own utopia if it can abolish religion, and that the catastrophes were all caused by an evil, oppressive deity. It has slowly devolved into a bread-and-circuses laced dystopia with a Roman aesthetic. And it's only about to get worse.

    However, the events also caused a resurgence in what were once dead religions (particularly Christianity). TERRA considers them to be a threat to their existence, and has officially outlawed their practice.

    Our characters would be members of the rebellion (an organziation called Icthus), attempting to maintain an underground church (though our characters don't necessarily have to all be religious, they just have to oppose religious persecution), start revolts against TERRA, and preform covert operations.

    Would anyone be interested in this?
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  2. I do like this idea, though, I'm unsure how it would be played out. Does it have an ending?
  3. Yes, it would have an ending to it.
  4. I am very interested!
  5. Awesome. I think I'll wait for about 2 or more people to express interest before I start.
  6. Interested! Will the Four horsemen be involved?
  7. Yup. All four of them.
  8. may i be one of the horsemen? or no.
  9. No, sorry. Most of the major figures (such as the Beast, the False Prophet, the two witnesses, the Archangel, Satan, ect) are going to be NPCs. (Our characters will mostly represent the 144,000 sealed).
  10. Ah, ok.
    I have an RP where I'm playing Pestilence, and just wanted to know If I could do it in yours too.
    I like the roles we'll play. I'm game.
  11. By the way, I'm thinking as far as Aesthetic to this world goes, TERRA will resemble a cross between the Imperium of man and Caesar' Legion (depending on where we're at in the story). The Roman aesthetic works because it would reflect the Roman persecution of Christianity.

    By contrast, Icthus will have a more silvery-sterile aesthetic resembling a cross between Equilibrium and Brotherhood of Steel.
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  12. If we get just one more person, we'll start.
  13. Alrighty, then! I'll start up an OOC, and after we've made our characters, we can start the RP.
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