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    Jack was waiting at a local cafe, sipping on an espresso as if it was a glass of water to him, waiting on his questing group. He had bought their plane tickets, their current location being Florida, having had to do several missions to earn serious cashola after being chased by motorcycle gangs on interstate highways, making them go the wrong way, and end up in New Orleans, where they fought in a short war campaign of two hours, before escaping to Florida where they found odd jobs working for theme parks.

    He began to stretch in his seat, hoping one of the girls would be first, or maybe he'd discover they got a free private plane from Disney for all their hard work at the 'DisneyQuest' Arcade, having cleaned up all sorts of puke and other shit.
  2. Wish granted, the cold-hearted mage Marissa appeared at the front door of the cafe. She went inside, taking her sunglasses off. Even though there was very warm weather, she certainly didn't dress for the warm weather, still having the same long sleeved dress on. The only thing different was that her hair was in a pony tail and she did not have her cloak on. She saw Jack sitting inside and walked up to him

    Nodding a greeting to him, Marissa took a seat across from him. "Has anyone else arrived yet?"
  3. Jack nodded no in response to the girl, looking over her choice of attire. These magical peeps and their fashion were so foreign to him and the others.

    "Not at all. How've you been holding up? I managed to secure the tickets to get us to New York. From there, we'll alternate between the Big Apple, and Toronto, where I've heard the bastard is heading since he crossed the border via washington, where the Twi-Tards have made a stronghold. We ought to hurry before the Hunger Games Harlots start executing Harry Potter and 'Toilet' fans. The Kingdom Hearts and Avatar Fans, with the approval of the Final Fantasy Fans, have volunteered to try and keep the peace. It's obviously futile though, so we'll need to be going, like, fucking fast."
  4. Marissa nodded to what he was talking about. "...Damn," she looked surprised at what he was talking about. Not by the traitor's movements, but by everyone elses. "Since when did these guys come into play?"
  5. "Within the last three months there have been reports of these things happening. But it could have happened within the last three, few, whatever years. Regardless, it's all ugly to me…"
  6. "Hmmm..." Marissa picked up her cup of water and sipped it. But not without adding her famous line, "Yep, a normal Tuesday for us."

    She was starting to be a little impatient for the others arriving on time, but she payed it no mind when she looked through the menu with her legs crossed.
  7. "Yee-up."

    That was followed by a sipping sound, Jack beginning to read some comic books, namely older issues of 'Green Lantern Corps,' as he and the mage-girl awaited their allies to arrive...
  8. All the while, Marissa was silent, except for when she ordered her caramel mocchiato. The waiter left and that left Marissa and Jack to be silent. She pulled out her spell books, as she was trying to memorize the spells inside the book.

    After a while of waiting, Marissa looked up, noticing the Green Lantern Corps comics. She made an inaudible scoff, but decided to talk a little bit, with her face in the spell book. "I see you're reading Green Lantern again,"
  9. "In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night." He replied. "No Issue Shall Escape My Sight."
  10. The cold hearted mage raised her eyebrow at Jack's little monologue but payed it no mind. "Pffft," she scoffed. "I see,"
  11. "I Dunno." Replied Jack. "I think you'd like the 'Red Lantern Corps' series. On the Emotional Color Spectrum, their members are chosen for rage. Something you show off. Don't feel bad though, they have a kitty cat."

    He tossed the girl issue #1 of 'Red Lanterns.' On the cover sure enough, if you looked hard, there was a cat among various aliens.

  12. Ronnie walked in then, wearing loose cargo pants, a white t-shirt and black converse. She walked in yawning and stretching, as if she'd been sleeping in until then. Which, in a way, she had been sleeping, up until twenty minutes ago (before she woke up and remembered they had to meet up).

    She walked over to the table where Marissa and Jack sat. "Hey, I'm not too late am I?" she asked, taking a seat next to them.
  13. Marissa's eyebrow twitched. "And just what is that supposed to mean?!" she asked with a raised tone. But, nonetheless, glanced at the comic and sure enough there was the cat among the aliens. "Tch...I'm sorry, but I'm not interested," she said, pushing the comic back to him. "Thank you though,"
  14. Jack took his comic back, sliding it into its protective case, and shoving it back into his inventory, before looking up at the other 'martial artist' of the team.

    "Ah, Ronnie. Here's a few dollars: getcher' self some coffee, will ya? we may have to wait on soldier boy even longer. And I need you alert for…the 'cleansing' that the Harlots plan to go through with soon. The plan we have nothing to do with, and must evade by flying up to New York Immediately, and killing the traitorous fuck."
  15. "Coffee, eh?" Ronnie said. She immediately ordered a coffee and sighed a little. "Those harlots are scary," she said, pulling out her lap-top. As she waited, she began a computer game. "I hope our soldier hurries," Ronnie said as she played.
  16. Marissa nodded her greeting to Ronnie and continued to read her spell book, sipping her coffee every so often. "Hmm..." she hummed softly. Marissa nodded at Ronnie's comment. "He really does need to hurry..."
  17. "Yeah. But can you blame the guy? He has to re-arm after only god knows what that freaky bastard did to him…"
  18. Marissa's eye twitched at the thought at what could've happened. "You propose a good point..."
  19. "Well…We DID find a ring on his finger when we were dragging him onto the bus to the hotel for the night…o.o"
  20. This conversation was intriguing Marissa and she closed her spell book. She remembered a telling of that. "Oh dear...I remember that," said she with a nod. A slight chill went down her back but she dismissed it.