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    From the moment Bunny had seen Hiro she'd said no more than a 'Don't worry me like that!' to him and had done nothing more than given him a solid punch to the arm. Now she sat in the car, crammed up against him from the full passenger load in the car but she wouldn't so much as look at him, just staring out of the window with a childish pout on her face. She had been with Cass waiting for Hiro when the call that they had been brought to the police station came in. Bunny had automatically feared the worst so when they arrived and she'd seen Hiro completely unscathed she wasn't sure if she was more relieved or angry.

    No one aside from Cass spoke the whole way home, from the moment they'd stepped outside the station to when they reached the cafe the family called home. Cass was ranting, seeming to be caught up in a tangent about how hard she was trying to raise them and no one dared to interrupt her. She let the teens all go shortly after arriving at their home though, sending them up to the room Hiro and Tadashi shared.

    "I can't believe you went bot fighting again!" Bunny lectured once the two returned to the attic room, the first thing she'd said in some time. Bunny wasn't really angry at the idea but more worried. Bot fighting was illegal so naturally the crowd it drew was not the best kind of people. Hiro may have been incredibly smart, possibly the smartest person Bunny had ever met in her life, but he was still small and being a genius didn't mean he couldn't do stupid things. Really she just didn't want him getting hurt, but Hiro could be so overconfident sometimes. It frusterated Bunny to no end.

    "Hey where are you going?" Tadashi's voice caught Bunny's attention and it only took one glance at Hiro's computer screen for the dark haired teen to figure out what Hiro intended to do.

    "Don't you dare!" Bunny was up in an instant, as quick as her namesake, arms wrapping around one of Hiro's in attempts to keep him in place, "You're going to get yourself hurt if you keep this up! You already got arrested once tonight." Bunny frowned, trying desperately to convince her friend to abandon his plan and just stay a home. Even if he did go out anywhere would have been better than a bot fight.


    Zero had known where Hiro was off to but there wasn't much he'd been able to do to stop him. Hiro was just as stubborn as Zero and their arguments usually ended in stalemates if at all. Sometimes other people even had to drag them apart, usually Tasashi and Cass or, less commonly, Zanna and Bunny. The two had different skill sets and some physical differences but even for those who didn't know the pair well it became quite obvious that they were twins very quickly.

    When Cass had received the call that Hiro and Tadashi had been taken in by the police and were suspected of bot fighting Zero had been in the room he shared with his brothers talking to Zanna. It wasn't uncommon for the dark-haired girl to visit and she was always a welcome guest; Cass welcomed any friends of her adopted sons and Zero really liked being around Zana. She was certainly fun to be around anyway. The conversation he had been having with his friend was cut short when Cass had burst into the room panicking over Hiro and Tadashi and rushing both the teens into her van and speeding down to the station. Though Cass was clearly freaking out Zero wasn't too worried. He already knew what was going on and if Tadashi was there Hiro would be fine. Of course that didn't seem to settle Cass and even on the ride home she was still quite jittery, stress seeming to radiate from her small form.

    "Well that sure was something, huh?" Zero grinned, amused, once they returned to their room, plopping down on his bed and turning to Zanna, more addressing the question to her. So long as everyone was alright he wasn't too worried. There wouldn't be much point. Even so when Hiro decided to go out fighting again, something caught by both Tadashi and Bunny, Zero couldn't help but quick a brow at his twin.

    "Anyone ever tell you that you're full of great ideas?" The wild-haired teen teased his brother with a pearly grin. Honestly if Hiro was going to another bot fight so be it though Zero couldn't help but worry a tiny bit. He had just gotten caught and if it happened again it wouldn't end well for him. The police wouldn't be nearly as nice to him and neither would Cass. She would probably have a heart attack if she got another call and she would not be very happy.


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  2. From the moment Hiro got caught he dreaded when everyone would come to get him. He had been bot fighting something he was told was wrong. But to him it was just simple fun. No harm to it right. Well according to everyone else he was wrong. Bunny had punched him in the arm for worrying her he frowned when she did and held his arm soon they had been walked into the car. He now sat crammed beside Bunny. He said nothing and looked down at his bot quietly.

    Hiro said nothing the whole way home. Not when everyone showed up at the station or even now in the car ride back. The only one really who spoke or made much conversation was Cass. Hiro was relived when they arrived home at the cafe still saying nothing following the others he stepped out of the car. Quietly he along with the others heard Cass begin to rant on about her trying to raise him and his brothers. He like everyone else didn't dare interrupt. Shortly after he and the others where aloud to go up to his and his brother's shared room. Hiro ran up the stairs first.

    As soon as Hiro made it into the room Bunny had followed right behind. He was quiet listening to her while he was after looking on his computer. He shrugged. "I can't believe I got caught." He replied to Bunny. He knew why everyone was making a big deal bot fighting was illegal and many felt wrong. Hiro however enjoyed it found some of the situations it made him face actually fun.

    Hiro grabbed up his bot and moved quickly to the computer. Sitting for only a moment grabbing a flyer. Then he sat up and went to head back down the stairs. Till he heard Tadashi. "Out." He replied to his older brother with a smirk.

    Hiro once more moved to head down the stairs till he felt a tug on his free arm not holding the bot. He heard Bunny then looked at her. "But I haven't yet." He replied a smirk still there. "What makes you think I would this time?" He asked her. He figured the idea of going to another fight may seem stupid to most but not to him. One the competition was fun and exciting, while two it was an easy way to earn an extra buck or two.


    Zanna wasn't sure where Hiro had gotten off to. Though she did have a feeling it must not be anything good. Hiro had been know in the past to every once in a while to get himself into trouble. She knew at times with his own twin it seemed some would say it's because they are not only brothers but brothers who look almost exactly alike and have many other similarities along with differences.

    Zanna had been in the room with Zero having a conversation. She often came over she felt it may seem but knew she was welcome by how Cass always seemed. The two teen's conversation seemed cut short when Cass came in and was hurring the two along into the car. She quickly concluded that it must have to do with Hiro and perhaps Zero and Hiro's other brother Tadasi. If that was the case she figured that Hiro would be fine. Though Cass never seemed to think so. Cass's worry seemed stayed the whole ride there then at the sation and back. She never spoke feeling it was just best not to till they got back.

    Hearing Zero's question Zanna nooded. "Yeah it was." She replied not sure how else to put it. Bot fighting she knew was illega why she didn't get for the idea to her always sounded fun. Perhaps it was the act people beted money on the fight. When she noticed Hiro was caught it seemed by Tadashi and Bunny about going out she just shook her head a moment.

    She heard Zero comment on Hiro and gave a laugh. "He really is isn't he." She replied in a amused joking tone. She knew if Hiro really was going to head back out for yet another bot fight it wouldn't end well. The police this time he had gotten lucky with same with Cass. Though if he was caught again he might wouldn't be as lucky. Thinking about it she knew Hiro could even end up hurt this time. "Though being you got caught once it's not always wise to try again in the same night or day." She stated hopping Hiro may listen to one of them after some joking.
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    Bunny just glared at Hiro as he tried to make excuses for himself, holding onto his arm a little tighter as if that would stop him from going. He was being stupid and everyone seemed to be able to tell aside from the teen himself and it was beginning to drive Bunny nuts. It sometimes amazed her how stupid Hiro could be for all his intelligence but usually it more worried her.

    "You just got caught by the police! Zanna's right. You're already in trouble and it'll just get worse if you go out again, especially again tonight." Bunny tried to reason, tugging at Hiro's arm as if his physical distance from the door corrolated to how close he was to staying as opposed to heading out fighting again.

    "You know what? Fine. I'll take you." Bunny's face was a picture of shock as Tadashi spoke, dark eyes widening and lips parting as her jaw dropped. Was he serious? The longer the shorter girl looked at her best friends elder brother though, the more she could see that something was going on in his head. He had some sort of plan and though Bunny didn't know what it was she did know how well Tadashi knew his siblings. She could trust his judgement easily. Still that didn't mean she was completely comfortable leaving the boys to their own devices after having just been arrested.

    "Then I'm coming too." She insisted. Though her words were firm she was asking though she would grow a bit agitated if they said no and would end up worrying more than she should. It was a bad habit of hers, allowing her anxiety to get the best of her. It was a flaw but one she struggled to fix.

    After a few minutes and a little arguing it was decided that everyone would go. Though Tadashi complained that he had been planning to take his moped and five people wouldn't fit on the small vehicle he eventually gave in and agreed to try and borrow his aunt's car. It did take a little convincing but when the short haired woman saw that everyone was going her worries were eased and she allowed them to go with the admonition to keep safe and out of trouble.

    Everyone scrambled to the car to attempt to call good seats though Bunny opted to just consent to taking the middle seat in the back, figuring it would save the argument. She didn't mind too much, though with both Hiro and Zanna in the back it did end up being a little crowded - not that that could have been helped.

    Zero listened in as the conversation went on, interest piqued by Tadashi's sudden consent to Hiro's going out. Zero found his eyes narrowing as he digested the sentiment. On one hand Tadashi could have been seeking earnestly, knowing how stubborn Hiro was and giving in only to ensure that he remained safe and would have someone there if he needed to be bailed out again. At the same time though it looked like Tadashi may have had a card up his sleeve. There was a bit of a twinkle in the older boy's eye, something Zero had come to learn meant he was up to something.

    "Hey, what about us? you can't expect to leave just us behind." Zero piped up when Bunny insisted on going, standing and placing an elbow on Zanna's shoulder and using her as an arm rest - something he often did in order to tease her though he really wasn't all too much taller than her. It took a little convincing but with so many people insisting Tadashi and Hiro had to give in fairly soon. There was little hope of winning an argument against all three of the teens and resisting their pouty faces would be even harder. The situation was much the same with Aunt Cass when the group went downstairs to plead with her about borrowing her car. Though she was hesitant at first she eventually gave in, knowing that with everyone going it would be reasonable to think that they could keep each other out of trouble. The near-identical puppy dog eyes the twins under her care gave her were near impossible for anyone to resist anyways.

    "I call shotgun!" Zero grinned the moment they exited the cafe, sprinting towards the car and claiming the spot he'd called for. He tended to be more competitive than his twin and often reached out to try and cement anything he wanted. The wild-haired genius just grinned as everyone else filed into the car, Tadashi taking the driver's seat -being the only one who could actually drive- and the three remaining teens squishing into the cramped back set of the car. He sent them a small, victorious grin before turning back to face the front once more, watching the San Fransokyo scenery pass by as Tadashi drove. Being in the front, it didn't take long for Zero to notice something was up with the direction Tadashi was taking.

    "Her Hiro, where'd you say that bot fight was again?" Hmph. It looked like Tadashi did have some kind of plan after all. Zero had to applaud his elder brother's sneakiness.

  4. Hiro felt Bunny's grip on his arm grow tighter. He had heard Zanna and Zero comment on the bot fight but could tell they were trying to tease him. He felt even more interested in going to the bot fight though what he would prove he wasn't sure if anything. It didn't really surprise him that everyone felt this was a bad idea but that didn't make him wish to go bot fighting any less.

    Hearing Bunny respond on Zanna's comment about the police he was quiet. He felt Bunny continue tugging on his arm. After a few moments he found a reply. "Yes the police caught me once tonight but that just means I have to watch out for them better." He replied.

    Hiro's eyes turned to Tadashi he was no longer trying to force his way from Bunny down the stairs when Tadashi spoke of taking him to the fight. He smiled at the idea hopping that Tadashi might convince the others then as well. "Really? You'd take me?" He asked trying to not sound to excited but more relaxed.

    Soon it seemed everyone was suddenly fine with him going but only if everyone could come with him. For a time there was argument on the matter of who could go until finally it was settled. When it finally was Tadashi asked Cass to borrow the car being everyone was going Cass didn't seemed worried or to mind.

    Soon they all once more piled in. Tadashi obviously had the front and before Hiro could say anything Zero had raced to the front. This left the rest of them to fight over who would have the back seat. Bunny quickly settled any more arguments that could have erupted by volunteering for the middle back seat. Hiro then piled in on the right of Bunny while Zanna the left. He was relieved that they could finally head off for the bot fight.

    Hiro soon heard his twin ask once more where the bot fight was. He tried to get a better view of where they were looking a little confused. "A few blocks down on the right. The last alley we should pass." He replied not able to tell how far they were or where they were at.


    Zanna listened to the others conversation. She smiled hearing Bunny agree with her. Why Hiro was continuing to wish to do something so stupid she wasn't sure.

    Zanna heard Tadashi offer to take Hiro to the bot fight. This comment curiosed her so she looked at Tadashi to try and see if she might could pick up on his sudden reasoning. She concluded he had to be up to something what other reason would Tadashi give in unless he had a plan or felt no real harm would be done.

    Hearing Zero suddenly pich in on going with the others after Bunny begged to tag along she for a moment smiled. "Yeah you can't leave us." She stated then felt Zero on her shoulder for a moment her smile became a look that was a little annoyed like how she often seemed to become when he did even if there height wasn't that much different. She wasn't a fan of being someone's arm rest. But once more she looked at Tadashi and Hiro hoping to come. She even caught on to what the others must be doing and soon joined in on seeming to pout in order to go with everyone. Tadashi and Hiro couldn't out vote three against two. When the group headed down the stairs and asked about borrowing the car. Cass two didn't out vote the group and soon gave in. It seemed Cass thought if they all went then perhaps they would be out of trouble and Zanna figured part of her giving in was the fact that her adopted sons gave he puppy eyes.

    As soon as the group made it out the cafe Zero sprinted for the car and called shot gun. Right when she gave a sigh it seemed Bunny volunteered to be in the middle. Relieved she gave a nod and got in the back on the left opposite of Hiro and got in the back on the left opposite of Hiro.

    Not long after they had set off Zero asked Zero where it was they were meant to go. Zanna wondered if Tadashi must have an alternative planned.
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    After hearing Hiro's explanation of where the bot fight was Bunny looked out the window, brow furrowing as she watched the scenery pass by. The areas bot fights usually took place in were generally distinct. They were almost always in high-crime areas which were often marked by trash, broken windows, run-down buildings and sometimes a suspicious figure or two. Their current surroundings looked nothing like that, and actually seemed to be getting nicer the farther they drove. That was when it clicked for Bunny.

    Quickly turning her head from the window and relaxing her expression she tried not to give Hiro any hints, knowing how much the teen would protest if he knew what was going on. Bunny hadn't figured out whee Tadashi was taking Hiro exactly but it wasn't to the bot fight. She wasn't sure where they were going but she still felt a small wash of relief. She'd trailed along with Hiro to a bot fight once or twice before and she hated them. The scared her, the aura of the places overwhelmingly dangerous and oppressive. It was still better than letting him go alone though.

    "We're here." Upon hearing Tadashi speak, the car lurching slightly as he put it in park, Bunny got out of the car after Hiro. She looked up at the large, impressive building and though she wasn't able to place it at first it was quickly identified for her. Tadashi's university.

    "Don't worry, I just need to grab a few things." Tadashi excused the visit. Though Bunny wasn't sure exactly why they had come here she was sure that that excuse was a complete lie. The older boy was definitely up to something and there was a reason he had brought Hiro something. Some sort of point he wanted to make or something he wanted to show his brother. whatever it was Bunny didn't doubt it was for the young genius' own good.

    Turning to look at Hiro she noticed a pout on his face. Though she giggled about this at first she was quick to tease him, copying his expression with a somewhat dramatic jut of her lower lip and a pair of puppy-dog eyes.

    The moment he had heard Hiro's directions Zero knew exactly what was going on. He gave a small hum to acknowledge his brother's answer and continued looking outside with a smirk. The older twin almost laughed when he realized just where they were going - Tadashi's school. Both Hiro and Zero had graduated early, ingenious brains allowing them to speed through their grades with ease. Ever since then Tadashi had been pushing the two to try and do more with their lives, though Hiro more so considering the path he'd begun to take. He'd suggested his university multiple times feeling that the two would love it but neither one had ever really shown much interest in the offer.

    Once they reached the school, a huge building that was kept spectacularly clean for a school campus, Zero hopped out of the car and fell into step beside Zanna. He'd been to the universit before but had never gone past the foyer. They had only been quick stops to pick up Tadashi when he hadn't been able to use the car and his bike was in need of repairs none of the brothers had gotten around to. The inside would be as new to Zero as it was to Hiro, and though the proud teen would never admit it he was actually kind of interested to see all the tech they had here. Surely they had some pretty advanced stuff, being one of the most advanced universities in the country.

    "I wonder what kinda stuff Tadashi's building." Zero let some of his thoughts slip to Zanna, speaking quietly as not to let Tadashi or Hiro hear. He didn't need the teasing from the latter and he wasn't about to try and boost the ego of the former. As his younger brother it was Zero's job to be an antagonist more than anything, generally speaking. A little playful sibling rivalry kept things much ore fun.

    Walking into the building behind Zanna with his younger sibling and his best friend behind him Zero let himself look around. The foyer was recognizable to the teen but they had made a lot of advancements since the last time they'd been here. The school was ever-progressing, continuing to grow to fit the increasing talent and demand.
  6. After a time Hiro finally decided to look out the side window instead of trying to see ahead where they must be going if it wasn't the right location of his destined bot fight. He knew the scenery wasn't right but that didn't really bother him perhaps Tadashi knew a better way to go. The thing that bugged him was his twins question, however, on where they were meant to be headed for the fight. Thinking on it he felt Tadashi had drove them a bit farther than he planned. But why that would be Hiro couldn't quit place a figure on it. He wondered what exactly Tadashi may be up to.

    After a time keeping quiet thinking why the area seemed familiar he slowly began to pick up on where they must be headed. The others by know all seemed in key on the exact location. Till they seemed to near it even more. Hiro looked at the group then back to the window silently. He couldn't believe it seemed Tadashi was taking them to the school. He finally realized it though when it truthfully was to late to argue or say anything. 'If only I where in the front.' He thought.

    Hiro listened to Tadashi tell them all to wait. He then stepped out after the others. "Why are we here?" He asked his older brother. He wanted to know why Tadashi brought them to Tadashi's school. Hiro knew just as well as Zero on how Tadashi often tried to push the two into joining the school. Because of Hiro's hobby of late it seemed more him than his twin.

    Then hearing Tadashi tell why Hiro gave a questioning look but gave a nod. "Alright but please hurry I don't want to miss the fight." He stated. Hiro figured Tadashi had a different reason for them being here than to just grab a few things. Perhaps a new idea to try and convince the twins to sign up and join the school. Hiro also figured his brother might end up trying to stall long enough for the bot fight to end. Hiro was going to try and not let that happen.

    Hiro had put on a pout before his brother left then noticed Bunny soon began to tease him. He didn't do anything for a moment but soon he had to say something. "Hey what is it?" He asked hoping to get her to stop while they walked toward the foyer then would probable wait for Tadashi to grab what he needed.


    Zanna listened to Hiro answer where they where meant to go. She then looked out the window and it didn't take her but a moment to acknowledge that Tadashi must not plan on them going at all. The excitement of the bot fight did always perk her interest but when they got there she always seemed uneasy just like the others. Even if it was her passing the areas in the day rather than night. Looking at the window she gave a smirk but then went back to appearing board in hopes Hiro wouldn't catch on. She just wasn't sure the exact place they were headed other that it wasn't a bot fight.

    Once they arrived Zanna quickly had a guess where they were. Tadashi's school campus. It was obviously a school and she knew the twins had graduated early but didn't think either where going here. Not yet it sounded at least by Tadashi when she would every once in a while pick up on a piece of the conversation before they where brought to an end at her arrival. She got out and soon her and Zero where stepping in pace with the other. The place seemed huge to Zanna and she was curious on what lied inside.

    Zanna heard Zero quietly whisper. She glanced at him but not enough to let the brothers know. She picked up enough when the conversations they had where brought to a whisper was to not share much with the brothers. She figured it had to do something with the sibling relationship. "Yeah. I think we may be about to find out though." She whispered back hoping to not draw Hiro or Tadashi at the two's conversation.

    Stepping inside the Foyer behind Tadashi Zanna let her eyes wonder taking in the appearance. One thought came to her mind. "Wow" She whispered not toward anyone really.
  7. [​IMG]

    "Oh, nothing pouty." Bunny grinned as Hiro finally responded to her teasing, dramatic fake pout forming into a cheeky grin. He was fun to tease but Bunny didn't doubt that he felt the same way about her, considering how much he teased her too.

    Bunny's attention was soon drawn from Hiro to her surroundings as they began to walk through the halls of the university. The colours, decor and architecture of the building made it look almost futuristic. The halls were rounded at the top and mny of the windows into classrooms were shut with thin metal curtains, ones that likely slid back into the walls at the touch of a button. The building was likely filled with inventions and the more modern of technology and it was hard not to be amazed at their surroundings. Bunny especially was interested in the building, one far advanced from her own grungy high school. It was well maintained and it was obvious that staff and student alike took pride in going here.

    "Welcome to the lab." Tadashi spoke up suddenly, stopping at one of the closed doors at the left wing of the school. Nodding in thanks to the older boy as he held the door open for them Bunny walked in, dark eyes widening even more as she entered the room. Solid metal walls surrounded the area, large tools hanging from some of the walls. There were sections in the room that seemed somewhat separate, half-build experiments resting in them along with everything needed to finish them clamied by those who worked in the room.

    "Watch out!" Bunny let out a small squeak as a female voice suddenly cut into her thoughs, followed almost immediately by someone on a bike zooming past her. Bunny barely missed a collision that would have been doubtlessly quite painful, jumping back into Hiro as the girl zoomed by.

    "Guys, this is Gogo." Tadashi introduced them all to the short haired girl. Gogo turned her head to them and quirked a brow, blowing a bubble with a somewhat unimpressed face. The girl didn't seem mean-spirited or in any way unkind but she didn't exactly seem friendly either and Bunny found herself sticking close to Hiro, too shy to be comfortable around this new person.


    Zero grinned at Zanna as she looked around in awe. Though he would admit that the building was pretty cool, the whole of the decor screaming technologically advanced -something Zero was always interested in, sharing the passion for robotics that both his brothers seemed to have- he couldn't help but chuckle a little at the way his friend's eyes bulged in awe, neck surely straining as her head continued to turn so she could take in all her surroundings. Her amazement was kind of cute in a way, though Zero tried to shake off this thought shortly after it had come up. He usually didn't mind thinking such things but those thought and feeling had been coming up more and more when he was with Zanna and it was beginning to worry him a little. They were just best friends... right?

    Zero was grateful for the distraction of Tadashi telling them they'd found the place they needed to go, quickly following behind the others into the lab. This was where his amazement really came in. The equipment in here was highly advanced, things he could only ever have dreamed of owning or using. The experiments that were scattered about the room, some seemingly attended by those who were building them, looked to be highly advanced and intuitive in design, materials used in an almost genius manner to achieve working results. Though Zero would have to look more closely at the projects to see exactly what was used and how they were being built they were interesting enough to make him want to do so. Maybe Tadashi's school wasn't as lame as the wild-haired teen had written it off as - there was some pretty advanced stuff here. It wasn't often that Zero saw people able to create things that actually caught his interest or even began to touch on his level of intellect so this was rather surprising to him

  8. Hiro couldn't help but let his pout seem like a small grin trying to appear at Bunny's next comment. He tried to keep the grin hidden though. Hiro wouldn't admit it but he didn't mind the teasing being he often could get back at Bunny even if it wasn't always immediate.

    Soon as Hiro finally seemed to notice there new surroundings of where he hadn't been before with his brother Tadashi he seemed to keep walking and his thoughts quit trying to find a way to get back at Bunny's last tease. It surprised Hiro of how much technology the school seemed to really have. Way more than where him and Zero use to go. He had a feeling there was differently more here to come. "Wow" He whispered under his breath not able to say much more than to continue to look around.

    Hiro then stopped when Tadashi did and heard him mention the lab. Looking around his eyes were wide. Hiro could see all the projects in the room making him even more amazed and stare in awe. "The lab." Hiro had repeated once more silently.

    Hiro listened to his brother as he introduced them to one of his friends Gogo was this girl's name. "Nice to meet you." Hiro said to the girl. He noticed Bunny seemed to stay a bit closer to him but he didn't seem to mind understanding she was shy around people at times. He actually thought actually thought her standing so close was rather nice but then he rubbed his neck as if ignoring such a thought. He wouldn't admit it but every once in a while more lately in the past he really appreciated Bunny's worry and wanting to make sure he would be safe even thought she could be shy. As he got more involved into the bot fights he had thought this way a lot but would sake it off this time they weren't in danger for sure and it was hard to ignore but eventually Hiro had managed to put the thought aside.


    Zanna let herself look around trying to see as much as she could of this amazing school Tadashi went to. Why Zero and Hiro didn't go here she couldn't tell by looking at the school. It seemed to have many of the two's interest. At one point she realized Zero was watching her looking and felt her checks almost grow red at the feeling of being watched. Why she wasn't sure they were just best friend's right? Then again every now and again when he would look at her she felt her face almost grow warm and she figured a threat of blushing was there but had been able to push it aside and ignore it. Zanna made herself think perhaps he was just looking where she stood the same time she had gone to look on his side.

    Zanna was grateful when they had reached where Tadashi wished to go. When Tadashi spoke not only did he pull Zanna from her thoughts but made the faint threat of blush subside. Zanna was amazed of the building itself but not as much as the lab. All the different equipment it seemed the college students could use amazed her. She listened to Tadashi introduce someone but was quiet her eyes still wondering like before it seemed. Seeing this room she wondered what Zero must now think of his older brothers school.
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