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  1. I'm going to skip my awkward introduction to this story and actually put in some necessary lore which might interest people. I hope.
    Panikai, a world that has been at the center of so much in the past, is now going to be the place to begin a story of epic proportions that will encompass more than I can reveal in this little preview. Battles among those above the deities themselves have taken place, between names that have been erased. They ravaged the land, caused the end of multiple civilizations, and were left with nothing to show for it. They gazed upon what they had wrought and were ashamed. So, they disappeared, made a plan, and now only interact with the Blessed. They erased certain information from history, and now, things are starting anew. Dungeons, full of replenishing resources and constantly respawning monsters were created, and most people suspect they were made by the vanished deities. They became the center of civilizations, giving jobs and the necessary resources to rebuild. Now, monsters are overrunning the dungeons in areas without those strong enough to contain them, and the humans are blaming the monster races for it. Organizations are being created, and battles are being fought in the shadows of these new civilizations. Luckily, it is hard for interregional organizations to collaborate their plans of genocide. No spoilers, but below all this subterfuge is something beyond your expectations...

    (Now for some exposition as to what happened in the first rp)

    Schism Academy opened its doors to gifted monsters after multiple world shattering battles between Deities. Now many generations later the headmistress, Glinda Phantoia, opens the academy doors once again to welcome the new generation. The next generation has shown much promise since their arrival. Kheire has already proved himself as the best Craftsman of his generation with his innovative ideas and astounding skills he is sure to revolutionize the industry in the future. Renya has found her niche in deception and has completed one mission involving the assassination of the corrupt noble, Farvette, whom she was previously betrothed to and is awaiting the discovery of his corpse to obtain his inheritance. Vivi has proven to be a wildcard and even if very few things can keep her attention she is always willing to provide aid when the others need it most. The others have yet to find a place but they are steadily growing stronger. Quin, who was orphaned due to his monster origins, has finally obtained revenge for his family’s untimely deaths and overcame his regret. But with this growth comes another group. A group of equally talented individuals handpicked at the top of their class from different dimensions and different schools to join the cream of the crop at Schism Academy.

    Beyond Your Expectations (Info)
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  2. Kheire begins work on a new project, a weapon that can be used by Vivi at long range that doesn't depend on her arm strength and ability to throw. At first, he thought about creating something like a bow, but after consulting a good friend of his, who also happens to be his supplier of most solid crafting materials, a seed was planted in his mind. If he could create an energy powered pistol that uses her glyph magic and flame bursts as a catalyst, he could create a weapon similar to the crude flintlock pistols of the current age. Only this could use a greater variety of ammunition, would be easier to reload, have greater effects, and possibly even better range. She could easily wield one in each hand, considering only her energy would be required to reload, and he could possibly use a core or few to minimize energy consumption. He will require sturdy materials for the frame, but that should be easy enough to come by since his supplier gave him the idea and would know what he needs. "Soon... I shall revolutionize ranged combat... MuahahahaHAHA-" He stops mid-sentence, sneezing like a kitten after accidently inhaling eraser shavings from the design blueprints laid out in front of him. "Oops. Bless me." He blushes and ducks his head, returning to work.
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  3. Vivi was hyperly running around the dorm, bored as ever with the constant training and studying people did. It was starting to get boring with the same routine, and she wanted to do something different. 'I wonder if kheire is up for a good game...' she thought to herself, bursting into kheire's room and tackling him. "KHEEEIIRRREEEEEE!" She yelled loudly, looking at a few metals that looked valuable for a few seconds before looking away. "IM BOOOOOORREEEDD!" she continued her yelling.
  4. Kheire squeaks, startled by the sudden intrusion. His hair is a mess, as he has been working on Vivi's new gun. He looks up at her from the floor after being tackled. "Hello to you too. How can I help your boredom? I would be glad to assist you in your search for entertainment." His fuzzy antennae wiggle atop his head, matching his happy expression. "Maybe you're hungry? Maybe Honey is hungry? Have you fed and watered her? Have you bathed her? If not, you definitely should. It would be good for her, you two could bond. It would also give me time to finish my newest invention, which I am sure you will love." He smiles brightly.
  5. Pouting at the accusations of not taking care of her pet, vivi whined loudly, "are you suggesting I don't bond enough with my cat!? I'm always bathing, eating, playing and sleeping with Honey! She just wants some her time!"
  6. Renya knocked down one of her golems, pushing it back with her rapier until it toppled into a jagged heap of clay. She sighed, wiping sweat from her brow. It would be faster if I just focused on my magic. She shook her head, no, her battle with Vivi had proven she couldn't just rely on her soldiers. She could try borrowing some anatomy books from the academy library to improve the fatality rate, but those were reserved for people with Healer classes. Surely the brunette could just borrow some from Vivi? The nekomata never seemed to use them anyways. Yeah, that sounded like a good idea.
  7. Vivi went back to her room after a while, fussing around with her runic magic, bombs, and healer items, trying to see what she could make with them. She had a few ideas but the face that she needed to make them useful in battle was the problem. She gave a sigh and captured her items in her pens, putting them in her secret area that was hidden in her court room. Vivi pulled out leather that she stole from Kheire next, making them into a special belt to hold her bombs under her clothes. She looked at an extra bottle that roled in that held pheonix tear, grabbing it and pouring some into red paint to spray on a runic auto bomb. "Hm...a burn healer bomb...that should work! I should go grab Renya to test it out!" Vivi chirped happily, running towards the library.
  8. The brunette entered VIvi's room and picked a book from one of the nekomata's bookshelves, which was built into the witness's stand, surrounded by other mismatched furniture. Renya sat in a pile of stuffed animals across from Vivi's 'court room' which in reality looked like a small child's fort. Skimming through the textbook and stopping to read the occasional diagram, she completely accepted the fact that she would have to deal with the annoying cat girl's hugs and resigned herself to that fate. Renya copied some of the more descriptive images onto paper and rolled them up in neat scrolls before continuing to flip through the pages.
  9. Vivi wondered around the library before sighing and going back to the dorms to mope around in her room. 'Its so lonely here...' She thought to herself as she entered her room, not noticing Renya as she started muttering recipes for healer spells, grabbing some potions from her pens and mixing unicorn hair with another pheonix tear and a 1/3 of an inch of a trolls tooth. "Mix together in a hot temperature, stir at a slow level until mushy, then freeze..." she muttered to herself as she lit up a small fire over the little potion cup in her hand, still not noticing Renya.
  10. Kheire was luckily able to get a few of Vivi's runic circle designs from her during her fussing and has nearly finished his new creation. All that needs to be done at this point is to give them to Vivi and convey just how strong of flame blast she should use to propel the projectile without trashing the gun. Using a runic circle for minor energy shaping was a brilliant idea on his part, even if he wouldn't admit it. He attributes his success in this project to his friend Walker, whose help was instrumental in its success. Maybe he should visit him soon... He snaps out of his thoughts after arriving at Vivi's door, knocking a couple times. "May I enter? I finished that project I was working on..."
  11. "Ya, sure! Just dont get to close to me! I can not have this exploding!" Vivi said in a loud enough voice for Kheire to hear. She was working on a new healing potion that would cure medium deep wounds to small cuts in a matter of seconds, and that called for a lot of sulfur and gun powder. Mixing with a tip of a bats wing, the process would explode if more than 1 body heat got too close.
  12. "I will try to be careful and just set them inside, okay? Tell me if they are to your liking, I am going to continue playing around with this new idea. I am thinking of capitalizing on it and seeing how far I can take it. I am going to make a weapon of my own and see if I can make a variation for use by normal energy users. Mind bringing by some of your notes on your inherent runic circles for me? I might be able to use some of them in alchemy along with my new weapon line. I will also set up a shop in the commercial district after creating a more commonly usable variant. If you have any problems or questions, tell me. I would be happy to maintain or improve yours whenever you need." He says all this while in the doorway after setting the dual pistols down and notes on how they work. He waves to Renya, considering altering her rapier later to improve its ranged capabilities with water.
  13. Vivi nodded quickly, still concetrating as she through Kheire a pen containing 3 stacks of 3 inch papers on runic abillities and 2 4 inch books full of the history of them, the notes containing some different ideas on the runic magic and how you could alter it. "Y-ya ya, go nuts, keep em if you want..." she sliced into the mix a bit of vampire eye, saying sorry to quin under breath.
  14. Renya absentmindedly waved back, snapping the medical book closed to make her presence known, the brunette reached for her canvas shoulder bag and pulled out one of the newly drawn scrolls. The parchment unfurled neatly and the selkie groped for her pigments, preparing to add notes and a color key to her diagrams. "Do you really need to concentrate that much to make a fucking potion?"
  15. Vivi snorted. "Um, excuse me. yes if it has so much shit that can explode with one wrong move. Now toss me a bit of wood from the bench next to you, lets say...hmm...a pinch of it. The materials are made of cherry wood and I need to to pacify the potion enough to contain." She said while her eyes flicked between the potion and Renya, making sure the fire does not get too low or too high. "And I fucked repeat, stay where you are and just toss it." She thought for a moment. "Wait. I need you here actually. Ill pay you whatever you need if you can help me make a new type of bomb set. You can have access to everything in my room, I just need your plant knowledge and your abillity to go under water for a long period of time."
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  16. The selkie cocked her brow, "Normally you would like things that explode." Renya picked at the bench until a small piece splintered off. She threw the small wood shard at the nekomata, examining the closed anatomy book as she did so. "When was the last time you touched your books? This one is still covered in dust."
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  17. "Havent in a while, never got to reading it." She said as she added the splinter of cherry wood slowly, giving a sigh of relief as it puffed a red cloud before all boiling stopped. "Now are you up to the idea of you working for me for a while? I need some stuff from the nearby river but its too far below for me to get myself."
  18. Renya nodded, of course, Vivi didn't turn to see, "Sure. I can get to any river in the forest in 40 minutes or less. What do you need?" The selkie gathered her items, sorted them into her bag, and smoothed out any wrinkles in her skirt. "While I'm out there do you want me to get anything else from the forest?" The forest of magical beasts behind the academy was large and included multiple controlled training grounds that served as makeshift dungeons alongside the free-roaming beasts.
  19. Humming to herself and moving a bit from the potion to stretch. "In the bottom of the river, there should be green glowing coral. Give me about one branch of it and make sure you dont touch it for long, use sand or seaweed to cover your hands with. In the forest, find and kill a deformed turtle and take its liver. Then go to a weeping willow tree and shed of the bark until you get to the soft part, give me 2 sliver slices of it. If you can, soak them in the river. If not, I can do it." She went through her mental list twice, making sure she didnt forget anything.
  20. Meanwhile, Kheire has been working on creating designs easier for the general populace to use while keeping them difficult to modify, as well as acquiring a patent for his new line of inventions. He has been working on his own personal set of guns as well, seeing just how versatile he can make them. With the help of his supplier, he has been mass producing them almost through using his bandages, alchemical circles, wires, branches, etc. to create the parts and assemble them quickly. After gaining a patent, he has put the first design on the market, which is currently selling fast.