Beyond: Two Souls Roleplay, anybody? (SPOILERS)

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  1. I looove Beyond: Two Souls. I mean the game coulda had more gameplay and stuff, but I loooove the story, and the endings just trigger my imagination. If that doesn't sound really horribly cliched. Anyway, as much as I loved the game, it felt like.... It felt complete but I wanted to know what happened after that ending. It was like a teaser and we all know there isn't going to be a sequel...

    Anyway, I was just wondering if anybody would want to do a Beyond: Two Souls roleplay, be it a 1x1 or a group roleplay. I don't care if it picks one ending as canon (Zoey ending where Jodie is her entity, ending where Zoey has an entity and is working with Jodie, etc. because I assume that either way Jodie is working with Zoey to fight the bad entities) or if the roleplay just makes up an ending or whatnot, although I assume with a 1v1, one person could play Zoey and one could play Jodie, or maybe a small group roleplay would be like, Zoey, Jodie, and Aiden and/or Zoey's entity, although I'm not sure how playing the entities would work (it seems like they are just like ghosts or spirits and have just as much of a life of sorts). Or perhaps with a group it could be like a group of people with entities at the DPA or Zoey/Jodie could find a bunch of people with entities or something. I dunno.

    It's also mentioned in the beginning of the Black Sun chapter that they can link entities to human soldiers (idk how and it sounds kind of stupid like why send Jodie to Kazikstan or whatever if they have other soldiers to do it) so maybe that can be a plot point.

    If anyone is interested lemme know ^^
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  2. Hmm, this definitely catches my eye o-o *digs back into beyond: two souls lore section of brain*
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