Beyond Third Rock

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  1. Wyatt Cole followed behind his mother as she rushed into the shuttle. Little was said that could be heard over the clamor of people fighting to have a seat on the next ship out of third Rock. Earth had once been prosperous, the third planet to revolve around the star known as the Sun in the milky way galaxy. Years of abuse from its inhabitants had led to the poisoning of its atmosphere. First there was famine that begun in small areas, spreading slowly like the disease that swept after. Millions dropped dead, wars sprung and devastation followed.

    At only twenty-two years old Wyatt sat, seat belt cinched around his waist as a shuttle carrying a little over two hundred humans lifted off towards their new home. One of many satellite homes with their own atmosphere, hurling through the universe in search of a planet that could be called home once again for the homo sapien species. Their destination was La vedette Navire.

    "What does that even mean?" Wyatt's mother Andrea said to herself reading a pamphlet. His dark eyes shifted towards her and softened.

    "It's french mom, it means star ship." His voice was deep and held a southern accent to it. They had fled the planet from a small town in Texas. Andrea reached over and squeezed her son's hand. For the longest time it had just been them two. His dad had walked out on them when Wyatt had been two.

    "Wy, I'm scared." She said through grit teeth. Wyatt smiled and squeezed her hand back. "I got you mama."

    Within a few more moments the shuttle went into hyperdrive and everyone in the cabin fell asleep. An unknown time later a harsh shake woke Wyatt up. The shuttle had locked into the ship. A flight attendant stood at the front of the cabin and gave instructions for the rows she called out to file slowly towards the front. With the rush of fleeing the planet there was nothing anyone could take except the clothes on their backs.

    "You will step forward in groups of ten into the adjoining lobby where you will be met by attendants with your new clothing and assignments. Next you will be screened for disease. Do not fight any of this process or you will be separated for further decisive measures." Wyatt and his mother were in the first group. And as the attendant had described they followed suit.

    Wyatt stood in a small changing room like area. Like something you'd see on the sci fi channel a beam of light swung around him in a circular motion, searching his body for any disease that he may have. A green light beeped and he stepped forth into a larger room where a large congregation was being formed, all wearing their new outfits, white on white with a bright blue emblem for the star ship on the left sleeve. Wyatt stood waiting by the doorway for his mother, his eyes scanning the room full of confused and nervous faces.

  2. Jane Cabot had walked onto the ship like she had been there before. In which case, luckily for her, she had. She was one of the handful that had been chosen to load up ships with supplies. Her green eyes scanned the room with apprehension. Half of the shuttle inhabitants would be lucky to survive on the new planet. They had made that very clear in orientation...

    Her thoughts drifted towards orientation and she barely suppressed a shudder. Not much was known about this new planet but that it was able to be inhabited by humans. A sigh rolled through her as she felt the familiar shudder of the shuttle docking to the transport ship. The lady said her piece, words she had heard a few times already.

    Jane allowed herself to space out as she was taken through the machines. She was still screened alongside everyone else, having been planetside for weeks to assist in preparation. The last of the first colony to La Vedette Navire boarded the ship. Only six or seven hundred would be taken to the new planet. Until they knew if it was a hospitable environment, no more than that would be allowed.

    She pulled her bright red hair into a ponytail as she entered the large room filled with people. People were milling about, frightened and nervous. Something she recognized as having been her only a month or two prior. Jane moved to stand in the back, straightening her spine and watching the room. It was obvious that some of them would break....unable to handle the pressure of bearing the weight of humanity upon their shoulders.
  3. A very tall and slender woman stood on a stage like platform a the head of the room. A microphone squeaked with feedback before she cleared her throat. "Good morning new citizens of La Vedette Navire.

    "I am Commander Natalie Logan. I know you are all worried and confused, slightly delirious from the shuttle up here. It is a lot to take in. Unfortunately things are pretty fast paced up here. There are newcomer informationals being handed out now. Unlike third rock where everything is printed on paper made from the death of your trees, You simply insert the chip into the bracelet given to you with your new clothing. Once within the slot the chip is broken down and all the information can be viewed at any time. Simply press the button and it shall be portrayed holographically as such" As she spoke attendants around the room showed step by step how to access the information.

    "These bracelets function in a million and one ways. It is a tracker, also lets us check on the vitals of all of our residents, it is a communicator, a map... all the other functions are also in the informational. The most important of all is the rules that will be adhered to. Unlike third rock with its leniency, we will not allow deviation from the rules." Her voice was crisp and when her ice blue gaze fell on Wyatt he felt the hair at the back of his neck rise.

    As commander Logan continued her speech Wyatt realized that his mother had not joined the congregation. He turned to look at the wall where a doorway had once been, it seemed to be sealed now. His hands pressed against the wall.

    "Where's my mom?" he said aloud to no one in particular. Commander Logan's eyes focused on him at once.

    "Young man step away from the wall please and do not disrupt the orientation process."

    Wyatt pressed againt the wall harder. "Where's my mom!" he said louder. Panic rising in his chest. Commander Logan looked to two different officials standing at the doorways. She nodded her head in Wyatt's direction and at once they began marching his way.

    "Mom! Mom!" Wyatt said shoving his shoulder up agaist the wall oblivious that the whispers around him were because everyone was staring and the officials were closing in.
  4. Jane shook her head as one of the attendants circled to her. She lifted her wrist, flashing her bracelet at him. She had been through this a dozen times already and the proceedings seemed stale. There was no livelyhood with it now. Any sense of excitement was quickly squashed. Mentally she reviewed the rules that needed to be followed while she was aboard the ship. She winced as she thought over what the different punishments were for each crime.

    None of them sounded appealing to her.

    Her eyes were pierced by Commander Logan's and she bravely gazed into them. As ice cold as they were, they were no match for Jane's fathers.

    It was both a blessing and a curse that he was the reason she was on this ship.

    Shouting caught her attention, her interest piqued. Usually any sign of resistance was taken care of before they were allowed into the room. Jane marched forward, people stepping out of her way automatically at her commanding presence. One of the only things she was grateful to her father for passing onto her. "Hey, he doesn't know any better..." She called harshly. She knew what the punishment was. But, she also couldn't sit by and watch him panic.

    Jane knew his mother probably had been terminated. Something the higher ups found a "humane" way to deal with disease and illness. If she was lucky, she was sent to the clinic where she would be treated until she was cured. "Seriously...." She shoved her way past people until she reached the young man's side. "Calm down or you'll get yourself punished...and me alongside you." She growled, trying to snap him out of his dismay.
  5. Wyatt's dark eyes shifted over to a young woman who had appeared beside him. He staggered back away from her.

    "Where's my mom?" he asked his voice a mixture of panic and rage.

    "Young man come with us." An official stated a hand settling on Wyatt's shoulder. Out of instinct Wyatt reacted, his hand taking the officials and twisting it in a way that snapped his wrist, the sound of the bone crunching seemed to echo in the room. Shudders filled the silence then as Wyatt landed a few more calculated blows and dropped the man onto his back with a thud. A gun was pulled then and pressed right to the underside of Wyatt's chin, the silence the filled with harsh inhales. Wyatt raised his hands his dark eyes glued to the girl standing a foot away from him.

    "Where is my mom?" he asked in an eerie slow monotone, his chest heaving with his labored breathing. Commander Logan signaled an attendant to take over orientation as she made her way towards the small collection of citizens, her stiletto heels clicking on the floor. She waved her wrist infront of the wall and the door that Wyatt had been pushing instantly opened. She motioned and both Jane and Wyatt were shoved into the next room, officials with the commander's guard waited in the adjoining room, the door shutting with a hiss and Natalie's eyes piercing Wyatt's.

    She nodded and her right hand, Officer Johns snatched Wyatt's hand."

    "You so much as twitch boy I'll pull this trigger." The official holding the gun to him sneered. Wyatt's defiant gaze held his.

    "There is no need for that violence Officer Harper, remove your gun." Commander Logan said in a sleek voice. She waved her wrist above his and his bio was displayed.

    "Cole, Wyatt. Twenty-two years old, aboard from Texas. By all means, spare me all the reading and tell me where you learned to defend yourself that way?" She asked her head cocked in interest. Wyatt yanked his hand from Officer Johns and rubbed at his wrist.

    "I'm a marine ma'am." he said, his southern drawl even more apparent with the last word. Officer Logan nodded her head. "You've been reassigned. To keep you from a harsher punishment you will accept the position of scavenger. Part of an elite group that will be heading out ahead of the colony to see if planets are suitable. You will begin training in the morning."

    Wyatt narrowed his gaze. "Ma'am I just got here, all I want is to know where my mother is."

    Natalie eyed her right hand who leaned in to whisper something to her. She nodded and straightened her blazer jacket. "She is being evaluated for admission to la vedette navire. The scan picked up on some anomalies. She is in the clinic."

    "I want to see her." Wyatt said as he watched all the officials fall in a line behind commander Logan heading back into the congregation.

    "You will do no such thing. The clinic is full of disease we will not let into the colony."

    "With all due respects I don't give two shits for this colony. I won't be a scavenger I will do nothing until I see my mama." Wyatt said. Commander Logan stepped towards him until only a few inches separated them.

    "I am not your ma'am, I am your commander and I make the rules here. Your first night in your new home will be spent in the brig with your new friend here and tomorrow, you both will begin scavenger training. Good night Mr. Cole." Her eyes met both Wyatt's and Jane's before they all disappeared, Officer Johns pointing to the door on the far right.

    "After you." he said with a smirk.
  6. Jane knew the second the man snapped the officer's wrist she was done for. "Shit..." she muttered under her breath, watching as he knocked them backwards. There was no way for her to escape from anything this man dragged her into. This would not please her father at all and she knew Commander Logan would enjoy punishing her to the fullest. Her eyes held the man's for a moment, pity tracing lines in her face before she snapped to attention.

    Commander Logan was soon in front of her, motioning to officers. Jane was pushed into a room, nearly falling flat on her face and she knew that had been done on purpose. Back on earth she would have merely snapped back and kicked him in the crotch. Aboard the ship, that could get her killed.

    Her eyes narrowed, closing with a soft groan escaping her lips as she heard him speak. She heard the word scavenger thrown about and she winced. The boy would never find out about his mother if he went planetside that way. She opened her mouth to speak, but slammed it shut.

    "Brig?" She gasped, fury filling her features. "I'll take the punishment for both of us, if that's what you want. I know you're out to get me Commander, so just let this guy go."

    It was no use shouting after her, the woman was already gone. Jane glared at Officer Johns, scowl creasing her lips. "Yeah, I'm on to you, too, pal." She put hands on her hips before looking at Wyatt. The scowl was wiped from her face, replaced with pity once again before she marched towards the brig. She knew she couldn't be mad at him, not for doing the same thing she would have done.
  7. Wyatt walked behind the woman who led the way. They were put into an elevator and sometime later reached their destination. Officer Johns waited for the cell block to be opened before he shoved the two into the cell. Wyatt tried to keep himself from falling but his body collided with the young woman's and they toppled onto the ground. The cell slammed shut and just like that they were completely alone with little light to distiguish anything.

    "I'm sorry." Wyatt mumbled as he stood up at once, without asking permission his hands wrapped around her hips and lifted her up onto her feet. He removed them at once and stepped back. He scratched the hair at the back of his head as he walked the perimeter of the cell. "What did you get yourself into Wy?" he said to himself. Nothing was making sense. All he wanted was to find his mother. He activated his wristband and searched her name, a wristband had not been activated for her. He couldn't even call her.

    "This is such bull shit!" He shouted loudly at the hoverig camera that flew around the different cells on guard. His voice bounced around in an echo.
  8. Jane marched with head held high, her eyes attempting to pierce holes into the Officer's suit. She was shoved into the cell, barely managing to catch herself from falling. Just as she found her feet, she lost them again as she was crushed under Wyatt's weight. She groaned, trying to adjust her eyes to the darkness.

    A few moments passed before her hips were grabbed and she was pulled to her feet. She had reached out to slap Wyatt when she realized he had merely helped her. Her hand closed into a fist and she walked in the opposite direction of him. Jane decided to watch him for a few moments, green eyes taking him in. "Be glad your mother's still in the clinic." She spoke up, shifting to stand defensively. Wyatt put her on edge and she worried he would snap on her.

    With a scowl she wondered if that's why they were lumped together in the same cell. If he snapped and took her out then there went everyone's problems. She sighed in disgust and moved to readjust her ponytail. "I get that you don't understand how it is up here, but you've got to calm down. If you snap they'll terminate you rather than have you risk a colony."
  9. Wyatt growled under his breath and stood at the opposite side of the cell from her.

    "I don't give two shits what all you space folk do around here. I'd rather be stuck back on Earth and have my mom than be up here living under a damn dictator. She's all I've ever had and I'll be damned if I never get the chance to see her again because some pompous floozy with a title says so. I'm gonna see my mama." Wyatt was affirming more to himself than to Jane, it gave him a sense of security however false it may be. Silence ensued then and it was a while before he said anything else.

    "I'm Wyatt. Sorry for putting my hands on you, I could see it in your face you were about to beat me good." A crooked smile spread across his face. "I sure hope that's not what they were hoping would happen, I get they want a colony but I'm not ready for no repopulation."
  10. Jane possessed the decency to blush. She turned her face away, not wanting him to see it. "Look, I don't want to be up here any more than you do. But I also don't want to be back there...." Her scowl deepened. She shook her head, dispersing the unfinished sentence. "There is only one way to get to see family. That is by being good at your job. By climbing the ranks and becoming respected. That's how these things work." She moved to press her back into the corner, eyes scanning the cell as she paused.

    She flicked her wrist, pulling her band to life. She moved deft and practiced fingers over it, trying to pull up anyone's name to call. "They were just hoping you would kill -" the second her finger pressed the button to call her father, she collapsed to the floor. A shockwave of electricity passed through her body and she bit her lip bloody to keep from screaming. Jane stilled a few moments later, eyes closed in exhaustion. "Little harsh...." She whispered, her body still pressed into the floor.
  11. Wyatt couldn't fight back the smile that spread watching her fight off a blush. His dark eyes made out her face in the little light they had. She was beautiful but she didn't believe so, he could tell. She also had been through hardship, she was a tough person, a hard person due to her past. He wondered what all she'd been through, how she knew so much. He watched her move through the hologram until she doubled over and fell. He raced towards her not knowing what had happened. Lifting her up off the ground he held her to his chest as he moved towards the bench. He cradled her body until lowering her onto the bench.

    "Third Rock's shitty air seems like cake compared to being zapped without any warning and watched, heard at every second. We're herded cattle, only a matter of time before the slaughter." he said to himself as he laid her down. He brushed the hair from her face and stepped back.

    "Figure if you were able to you'd sock my jaw for that one." he said with a chuckle. "What the hell did you do to piss them off so bad anyhow?"
  12. Jane cringed at the touch as she was lifted. She knew it wasn't an Officer due to the soft rumble of country twang. Her face relaxed slightly under his fingers as he brushed her hair back before she grimaced. As soon as she had recovered enough from being stunned, she looked at him. "I tried to call someone to get me out of here. I forgot about their damn rules."

    Her face flushed as she felt static pop along her skin. She carefully moved a hand to pass over her head, chuckling as she felt her hair had frizzed up. She dared not sit up yet, choosing to glare at the wristband instead. "I would have done more than sock you. I would have kicked your ass. Just be glad that that's illegal up here." She scoffed, shaking her head. "There are so many things you don't even many things here that can get you killed. Although, I suppose you can get away with fucking whatever girl you wanted. Something most guys sign onto this bloody ship for in the first place."

    Jane sat up gingerly, body rippling as her muscles finally uncoiled long enough to protest. Her green eyes searched until she found the surveillance robot circling. "I know you bastards heard me!"

    She turned to shoot a sly grin towards Wyatt. "Sorry, name's Jane." She moved hands to automatically smooth her hair down. A move that had been formed habitually. "What I did isn't the problem here, Wyatt. It's who I am that's the issue. But, don't you worry about ship politics. I'm in the same boat as you now."

    She sighed, rubbing her eyes. "Thank the way....for you know...." She motioned to the corner where she had collapsed, blushing and turning away from him.
  13. Wyatt watched her, completely interested with her reactions. For such a hard ass, he liked the way the color pink filled her cheeks. He shook his head and kept his thoughts to himself. He rested his head back against the wall of the cell, he was seated on the ground, legs outstretched and crossed at the ankles. His arms crossed at his chest, he unwound them to hold a hand out to her.

    "Nice to meet you Jane." He shook her hand when she outstretched hers and crossed his arms once more. "I'm not gonna bother with the rules, I skimmed it until I saw there's over a hundred pages worth. I'm going to assume everything is as it would be in the marines. You're nothing more than a number. I'm interested though in knowing... what exactly are we training for? This scavenger position... seems like a death mission to me. Do people come back from the surface of these new planets?" His dark eyes strayed over her face but came back to her eyes every few seconds.
  14. Jane shook his hand, gingerly stretching as far as she was able. Her eyes scanned the room for exits, scowling when they met with the hovering robot. She rubbed her thighs, turning eyes to glance at him before glancing away just as quickly. "Hundred pages worth of horse shit...that's what it is. The only friend i managed to make up here that wasn't influenced by daddy...she's in the clinic...she was raped in the quarters assigned to her. The guy that did it? Oh he got off scotch free by quoting the damn colonists rule about procreation."

    She stood, rubbing her lower back and checking herself over for any injuries from the fall. "Scavengers are first feet on the surface. I've known two that have come back....but they were in body bags. We will be lucky to land in a place we can survive. I'll be honest with you." She felt her shoulder twinge in more than just the usual stiffness from being stunned. She pulled up her wristband, watching words scroll across the hologram. She frowned and gave an angry snort before moving to the notice of sustained injury. "We are being trained to conquer a piece of land. To exterminate deadly life and make way for our own idiotic species to RUIN ANOTHER PLANET!" She shouted the last words at the robot, angry that it seemed to be flying around and providing no assistance.

    "I know you want to punish me again...just turn me into fresh meat for whatever planet you choose to dump me on." She put a hand on the cell bars, gripping it with white knuckles. "Hit me with your best shot, bastards. It can't be any worse than this hell hole." Rarely did Jane allow pain to cloud her judgement, but her wristband would provide her with no information. It finally turned black, being disabled by a higher power. She couldn't even run a full bio injury report on herself to see if her brain had been fried. Her hair stood up on end once again and she let loose an angry growl. "Our best chance for survival is to be the toughest bitch on the planet now." She looked at Wyatt, hand moving to rest on her hip. "I just hope I get stranded with you. At least you won't make a pass at me." She wiped her nose, sighing.
  15. Wyatt listened to every word. The last comment made him chuckle. It was clear that she did not see herself as others did. He nodded his head softly. "Ma'am yes ma'am, wouldn't want you kicking my ass." he said the last words in a joking tone. He rose a brow at her. "Though I must say, I wouldn't mind you trying. Seems you can hold your own. You just got fried and you're already back on your feet. You'd make one hell of a sparring partner. I mean if I was some tiny not trained fella." Wyatt said with a smirk. "Don't think you can handle all this." he said waving to all of him.

    His smile faded quickly though and he shook his head. The thought that men signed up simply to repopulate, just to sow their seed even to those unwilling disgusted him. He liked sex as much as the next man in his prime but to come up here just for fucks made him sick to be a man. "Have you been able to see your friend? If my mom is sick I don't want to be sent out onto a surface without even saying goodbye. There has to be something I can do, some way I can tell her goodbye." He shifted and stood up just as the robot stopped in front of the cell. In its weird preset voice it called out his name. "Cole, Wyatt. Step forward, hands behind your back. Cabot, Jane hands through bars, interlaced outside of cell."

    Wyatt looked over to her and watched her comply, a band extended from the wristband and cinched around her other wrist, immediately creating handcuffs. He wasn't sure if leaving the cell would lead to never seeing her or not. The cell door opened and he stepped forward looking at Jane as he went. "If this is goodbye you should know, I'd definitely make a move." He knew she'd remember what she'd said to him and he smiled thinking if he were to die that would be great last words. He smiled to himself and followed the robot into the next room, once the door opened a blinding light filled the brig for only a mere few seconds, what it took for Wyatt to step into the next room.

    Officer Johns was standing there, and a woman in a lab coat and thick glasses. "Mr. Cole, due to unusual circumstances, Commander Logan has graciously extended an overlooking of the rules for just this once."

    Wyatt followed after her without asking another word fearing he'd mess up seeing his mother. He was led through a variety of doorways and up two floors before they reached the sliding doors. He was forced to dress in what looked like a futuristic hazmat suit. The sustainability of the colony depended on it, the doctor continued to repeat whenever he'd argue the stupidity of the suit. A few more doorways and he was standing at the foot of a medical bed. He ran towards his mother and wrapped his arms around her. She was sitting on the edge of the bed. A robot hovered above her displaying her vitals and the results of all the tests that had been ran so far.

    "What is going on mama? Why are you in here?" Wyatt asked quickly. Andrea hugged her son, fresh tears bursting from her eyes.

    "Honey, calm down and listen to me. You have no life back home in Texas, baby you can't survive at Earth." She coughed. It was then that Wyatt realized that his mother had been coughing for a few months now. She had lost weight considerably and looking at her sunken eyes all the pieces came together. His eyes darted to the robot above his mother's head. The cancer had begun in her lungs and spread to her brain and bones, stage four.

    "Mom... no mom please." Wyatt couldn't hold back the tears. He ripped the top half of the suit off and wrapped his arms around his mom as he sobbed. He ignored the yells from the doctor that he was going to get contaminated and when officer Johns tried to pry him from his mother he simply fought to get away and held her tight.

    "It's god damn cancer it's not fucking contagious!" Wyatt shouted. Andrea cried too wiping the tears away from her son's face.

    "It'll be okay sweetheart, they're going to give me a pill that will take away all the pain and I'll go peacefully." she said softly.

    "Mama please, don't leave me." Wyatt sobbed harder. He held her for what seemed like an hour before the doctor returned into the room with a small purple pill laying on a tray next to a cup of water. She placed it on the bedside table and walked to the opposite side of the room, her fingers clicking at the keyboard of the computer. Andrea said her goodbye to her son then. Running her fingers through his hair, kissing his forehead repeatedly. She took her necklace off, his second dog tag and took her ring off, the one she had received from her own mother when she had turned sixteen. She let the ring slide onto the chain and placed it around his neck. Her hand rested on his chest.

    "I'll always be right here baby." She said and took the pill. Wyatt held his mother then, his tears falling onto her face. He rocked wish his now deceased mother in his arms until Officer Johns walked up to him.

    "It's time to go back for lockdown Cole. Let's wrap it up." His voice was cold. At least when Wyatt looked at the doctor she showed such remorse, her eyes watered from the exchange between him and his mother. He laid her down on the bed, kissing her forehead and positioning her well before following officer Johns back to the brig. On the way there Commander Logan greeted the men.

    "That was good hospitality, allowing you the chance to see your mother before termination. I only hope that you will extend your gratitude by performing well for us out as a scavenger. Rules will not be bent ever again Mr. Cole. I suggest you take a likig to la verdette navire and its rules. Remember it is only a flick of the wrist away." Her smile made him want to lash out but he knew that would certainly mean his death. He merely glared at her through red puffy eyes. Once back in the brig the sound of the cell slamming shut and the darkness that surrounded them helped him ease, she wouldn't see his face. He slid down the wall and stared off into the silence. For the first time in his life, he was completely alone.
  16. Jane held out her wrists, allowing the robot to keep her still until Wyatt had left. As soon as he was gone someone else appeared in his place. "I heard you were in lock down."

    Janes eyes searched the darkened until they found the man standing just outside her reach beyond the cell bars. "Father..." She tried to keep the anger from her voice. "Yeah well now I'm headed for scavenging..."

    Her father nodded, no sign of emotion crossing his face. "At least I've made sure you've been paired with a good partner. They were going to stick you Lyle." Jane shuddered at the thought of being stuck with the forty year old pervert.

    "So that's why you're here huh?" Jane spat in his direction, fighting back tears as a minor shockwave or electricity dropped nearly dropped her to her knees. "The amazing savior. The amazing captain here to send us to the stars." She growled, rolling her eyes. "Don't worry, I'll be a good little girl."

    Her father stepped forward, reaching through the bars towards her face. She jerked back, looking away from him. "I came to say goodbye, Jane."

    "Well it's said." She ignored how his hand retreated to grab the bar with white knuckles. "I'm headed off to die....not that you've ever cared." She tugged at the restraints, trying to retreat to the cell. "Just let me die with some peace will you?!"

    Her father shot her a sad smile before walking away. "I love you. Guess I should have done a better job of showing it." And just like that he was gone.

    The robot released her restraints and Jane managed a few steps before she collapsed in the corner. The metal walls were refreshingly cool against her red and burning wrists. She lay there, her anger with her father growing until she screamed.

    The screaming must have caused the guards to trigger something because the robot started beeping crankily. "Jane Cabot, if you refuse to comply you shall be sedated." That only made Jane laugh until tears rolled down her face.

    "Do it then! You all suck!" She quieted anyway, afraid of the things they could do to her in sedation. She heard shoes on the floor and felt the presence of someone else joining her. She stayed silent, not wanting to talk to the man that had suddenly been partnered with her.
  17. wyatt stayed quiet until the pounding of his heart no longer echoed in his mind. He looked over. To where jane had been laying. He stood with a gruff noise and walked over to where she was.

    "Hey, are you okay? You're awfully quiet." He said lowering to his haunches. He noticed the tears and frowned. He reached out and wiped at one. " not trying to be forward but i sure dont like seeing girls cry."
  18. Jane hadn't realized she was crying until she felt his hand brush away a tear. She blinked furiously, wiping at her eyes. "Fine." She avoided his gaze, shivering as the cold started to permeate the thing suit they had been given.

    "they're just making it clear where I stand now. No matter what happens tomorrow don't get involved." She sat up, sighing. "They'll make your life hell if you do."
  19. Wyatt had so much on his mind, unanswered questions. He wanted to know what she meant about tomorow but he knew himself. He was already involved. He saw her shiverying and moved to sit beside her. He didnt saya anything if she'd fight him off so be it but comfort came from silence. He wrapped an arom around her shoulders and stared off outside thencell, mentally counting how many times the robot flew by.
  20. Jane flinched away from Wyatt before forcing herself to freeze. She did need the warmth and she knew she would never be able to sleep with the cold. "I'm sorry. It's my fault you didn't at least get a blanket." She frowned, sighing.

    "My father told me we will be paired for planet side. So at least there's that." She tried to laugh, but it merely turned into a wry chuckle.
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