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  1. Beyond The Horizon[​IMG]
    As civilization progressed technology followed. Numerous advancements has been made in every field. The age of ideas and intellect reigned true. Life was not perfect but slowly reaching that ideal. But progress is not exponential nor is it linear. It can decrease and falter. During these times decay sets in. Ideas are lost. People fell into stability and eventually lethargy. The age of ideas soon plundered into depths unknown. But a man named <Jonathon Strange> reached into the abyss and found something new. He discovered something innate in humans. Something ultimately world changing. Strange found humans have the ability to manipulate something called [Domains].

    A domain is a territory that a person has full control over. Within a person's domain they are able to manipulate, matter, acceleration, temperature, density, and direction. These has lead to many unique abilities and even insights into our own physical world. Although the limits of domains are continuously tested, they are completely unique to the individual. People have been found to have a variety of domain sizes, ranging from one meter to even a kilometer. Even the types of domains have been unique. Some domains have easy control of matter, while others can't even reshape a single particle. Domains, however, does not have to conform to the person. Many studies have been conducted to prove that domains can be trained, augmented, and directed towards specific purposes. Domains usually comes in two forms: internal and external. Internal domains are directed towards one's self. The domain itself is concentrated within a person. Internal users are often augmenting their own personal self such as their bodies and mind. External domains are directed beyond a person's body. They affect the world around them and even able to counter other people's domains.

    With the emergence of Domains, the world has not become any safer. In fact, the opposite stands quite true. Groups all around the world has gathered the strongest domain users and begin their fruitless wars for world domination. Many notable groups such as the <Sons of the Eastern Dragon>, and <Knight's Syndicate> has neared this goal. But they were all stopped by <The Order>. The Order is an elite group of domain users, whose main goal is to unite the world under one government, restore balance, and advance Domain research. Strange was one of the major backers of this organization. With ruthless efficiency and advance knowledge of domain powers, they easily destroyed their opponents. The world was now under one rule, The Order.

    Many years passed and things stabilized. Domain research was continuing. The world has reached a new age of domains. The common man lives his life with domain powers aiding in his work, his research, and his society. This does not continue long. Rifts open up all over the world. Cities are swallowed and fragmented. It was as if the world's domain was under attack. Jonathon Strange has disappeared. Something was terribly wrong. The Order tried to track down Strange and found his secret laboratory. Within they found a large rift, but it was contained within a circular structure with foreign crystals lining the edges. The rift was a [Gate], but to where no one knows. The Order knew they had to have to have Strange to stop this phenomenon. They had to create a task force to find Strange beyond this gate. So they set out into the shadows. They sought only the strongest domain users. They knew they had one chance, so every method was taken to secure such a force. This group must be small and deadly.


    Domains had lead to interesting abilities to develop. Although they are bend the laws of physics, they still follow the main these categories: matter, acceleration, density, temperature, and direction. Matter pertains to mass and its formation. Acceleration controls the degree at which particles move. Density is governed by mass within a set volume. Temperature is the excitement of energy in any matter. Direction lies within everything above, controlling the path taken. Below are some of the common classifications for domain users.

    Handcannons - External
    These users extend their domains in straight lines for maximum effect. Holding any object, they can flick and accelerate it into dangerous projectiles. They are very common and usually the main assaulting force. Often called pebble shooters for their fondness for picking up and dispensing rocks. For unknown reasons users of acceleration have difficulty mastering direction. So it will be unlikely seeing any handcannons firing curves shots or shots they track targets. They learn to be accurate without it.

    Flamethrowers - External
    They utilize temperature, matter, and direction to ignite substances, cause combustion and ultimately launch fire and their opponents. They are extremely dangerous and can control their fire like a living being. Their temperature control allows them to not get burned and makes their fuel burn as hotly as it can. Their domains are often described as tendrils of flames, moving and flickering by gravity. They are often used for sieging buildings and wide area extermination.

    Shockers - External
    They utilize direction to create electricity. Their control of direction allows them to charge up the electrons in any mater and make them flow any direction they wish. They are capable of running currents through almost anything and are able to fling lightning bolts through the air. Their domains are shaped like running currents, splitting off, and reforming into larger ones. They are often used as engineers.

    Absolutes - External
    They are unique in their ability to control domains. They utilize direction mainly. They mastered the art of cancellation and countering. Their domains are giant spheres where they maintain absolute control. They specialize in countering other domains. In an Absolute's field of control, no fires are started, no currents are on, and no projectiles are moving. They control their field. However this does not apply to internal domains. Much research has been done but no reasons has been found for why external domain fields have hard times overpowering internal domain fields. Perhaps one's own sense of territory always defeats intrusion. Absolutes however are extremely rare and difficult train and requires immense willpower. They are often used as kidnappers and assassins.

    Floaters - Internal
    These users uses the domain in their bodies to control direction. Gravity means nothing to a floater as the direction of the gravitational field is countered. They still follow Newton's first law and will continue to move in the direction they choose unless something is stopping them such as air resistance or objects. They usually carry propulsion devices to give them thrust and utilizing their innate control of direction, they can fly anywhere at high speeds. Floaters are often used as scouts.

    Crawlers - Internal
    Crawlers are named after their tendency to climb on the sides of buildings. They utilize their domains to change the densities throughout their bodies for varieties of uses. With extremely dense finger tips they can pierce through most materials and climb. By increasing their densities they can even block projectiles. By decreasing it they can land from high heights due to lower weight forces. Their attacks are extremely dangerous when dense. They are often reckless, rushing straight into battle. They can be easily dispatched if shot in a non dense area. No crawlers can make their entire body dense, only parts. Skilled crawlers are able fight efficiently using minimum density control. They are often used as enforcers.

    Shades - Internal
    Shades are extremely dangerous and masters of their internal domains. They have complete control over their personal matter, direction, and density. This combination allows them to go through objects such as walls or doors. Their movement is not limited to going through but traveling freely through objects. They often carry melee weapons and are used as assassins. They are hard to kill as they can travel through the ground and slice your legs. But once solid they are easily dispatched. Skilled shades can solidify parts of their bodies instead of their whole.

    Flickers - Internal
    Flickers are tricky users. They are called flickers because their movements look like flickers. They utilize acceleration on their own bodies. They can literally accelerate their particles fast enough to move through space in a blink and decelerate quickly enough for a stop. But as with most acceleration types they cannot control direction well. So the direction they are moving is the direction they are flickering to. They've learned to adapt by using simple motions and flickering at the right moments. They make excellent fighters in close combat as they can easily close any distances. Their abilities can be extremely dangerous. Moving at high speeds, they can slam into objects causing gruesome messes. Scouting is also something easily done by a flicker with their ability to move great distances in jumps. The best flickers can blink in and out perfectly striking and escaping before the opponent knows what happens.

    Overclockers - Internal
    They are a unique type of domain user. Overclockers utilize direction and acceleration in their brains. Their domain seems to specialize in their nerve cells and brain. They utilize their control of direction and acceleration to speed up their thought processes and perform calculations and analysis at extreme speeds. It is theorized that Jonathon Strange is an overclocker, but he shows no usual signs. Overclockers are useful for research, development and engineering. Some overclockers are known to have extremely quick reactions as they can perceive time at a different rate. But for obvious reasons overclockers get tired quickly. They are usually not found in the front lines.

    Shapers - External/Internal
    These individuals can be quite dangerous. They come in a variety of forms.
    Flesh Shaper - Internal
    These people are truly inhuman. They possess control over matter, direction, and density. They can reshape their bodies into horrifying things. Their main weapons are usually bones that protrude outwards becoming spikes, or blades. These people often lose their sense of humanity and become senseless murdering machines. They will eat to gain more matter for their cruel self shaping. Those rare enough to have control often become shapeshifters and spies. They are extremely difficult to kill as their domains gives them regenerating powers. These types are usually hunted by The Order without mercy.
    Flesh Doctor - External
    They have the ability to control the flesh and bodies of others in the same manner as a flesh shaper. This allows them to become excellent healers and medics. But some flesh doctors are known to be as crazy as flesh shapers. They can create monstrosities rivaling the most fearsome of the flesh shapers. However, their abilities as healers, make them sought after especially since they can cure almost any disease for they restore bodies to their full potential. It is unknown why flesh doctors can bypass domains of other's when Absolutes cannot.
    Tin Men - External
    They are the shapers of matter itself. Tin Men got their name for wearing metal armors which they shape and reshape at will. They are efficient killers and very difficult opponents. Any object in their hands can become weapons. They often become builders and engineers, but will fight in the front lines as heavy duty assault squads. Tin Men's equipment often ranges from close range blades, to variety of firearms, because they can make these from anything at will. Their abilities to transform base elements to other types by rearranging elemental composition. They are the ultimate supply line for any able bodied army.

    These are however the types of domain users located and categorized. There are many new and unknown types out there.

    Target Dossier (character sheet)
    Name: The name of the target.
    Codename: Codename issued by <The Order>
    Age: Targets age.
    Appearance: Target's appearance (Can be a picture).
    Domain ability: Does target fall under any of the classifications? Target's domain ability. External/Internal. Which physical forces manipulated. Shape of domain. (Be creative)
    Equipment: What does the target usually carry? Does the target incorporate their equipment with their domain abilities?
    Personality: What is the target's behavior like?
    Background: Target's history. Criminal charges? Family? Member of factions?
    Willingness to serve: Targets willingness to serve <The Order> What weaknesses to exploit. How will we turn them to the mission.
    Encounter Report: This reports contains <The Order's> encounter to secure the aid of the target whether by target's volunteering, capture, blackmail, or deception. (Pretty much a introduction of your character and roleplay style)
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  2. Name: Reyim Lance
    Codename: Absolute Zero, Black Dog(nickname)
    Age: 23
    Appearance: Dark hair cut short. Reyim has dark brown eyes that almost seems black in the dark. He wears glasses and goggles in combat. He often wears The Order's specialist uniforms, black military suits with many pockets and gear. His uniform bears the symbol of a dog with chains. When he is not in duty, he wears mainly jeans and a shirt.
    Domain ability: Reyim is an Absolute. Order bred and trained from childhood. He is one of the strongest absolutes in The Order. He is known to stop handcannon's shot from point blank range. Even the fiercest shocker couldn't pull carry a single charge. He also carries a hidden talent, told by only the highest ranking. Leyim is also an overclocker, but what he accelerate is his own powers. To break the boundary of absolute into true control. He is able to stop internal abilities but with much effort and extreme pain. The Order has gave him the codename because of this power. His domain is a sphere like most absolutes, but its size is unknown. He has been known to extend as far as 20 meters.
    Equipment: He carries twin pistols and knives. Reyim is also a researcher of The Order and carries a scientific kit with him at all times. Within the kit is all the necessary things for domain measurement, and analysis.
    Personality: He is extremely serious and fulfills his duties with his life. Reyim hardly shows mercy and is often called a machine due to his cold emotionless nature. But under all that he is struggling with his role as soldier and scientist. His innermost desire is to be free. To shatter the chains that bind him and run. But his experience and situation overpowers that emotion every time.
    Background: Taken at a young age to serve The Order, Reyim does not know his parents. His only remembrance was a part of a chain. He doesn't know why, but this chain somehow reminded him of his parents. When of age he began his training. It was certainly hell. The Order does not keep weaklings. Death was a common occurrence to new recruits. But Reyim persevered. He woke up, ran, fought, and killed. This cycle repeated itself over and over. When cultivating his domain abilities, the instructors were amazed to realize the power of control he carried. A true master of his domain. They would engage him in continuously more difficult training experiments with live fire. Lightning, fire, and projectiles were launched at him and he did not die. Many times he faltered and was burned, or injured, but he continued to survive.

    When finally nothing was able to harm him, he was enlisted at the extremely young age of 14. He continued to fight and serve The Order. He culled rebels throughout the world. With other absolute's, he took down and brought in numerous high level domain users. During one of these missions, he distinguished himself by killing one of the most notorious flesh shapers in history, Jack of blades. This vicious creature murdered many with his crafted body fully of blades. His body mass reached humongous levels and he was the size of buildings. Reyim was the only survivor of his squad when he faced this monster. It was then he learned to access a new portion of his domain. One that commanded his own brain. With this power he stopped the creature's abilities to regenerate and cut off his head. After this point he was promoted and given a special rank in The Order, serving only the elite members. Reyim was now known as Absolute Zero, Black Dog of The Order. His dog with chains symbolized his new position. Many years continued and he served The Order as a specialist. But one of his more unknown tasks for The Order was research. He excelled in domain research and often followed Strange. He knows almost all the theories concerning the topic. If he could feel some type of happiness is his yearning to learn more, especially about domains. But his duty to The Order has many times thwarted his ideas and forced him to hide his true desires.
    Willingness to serve: He has utter loyalty in The Order and will follow instructions. But there is no perfect soldier. He is kept under much scrutiny by the higher echelons.
    Encounter Report:
    The world was in disarray because of the rifts. The Order had not choice to find Strange. They have chosen someone to lead the squad. Someone capable, yet will still follow orders. Reyim was the one they chose. He will lead, but he is not the only one of caliber. There are many across the world that must be persuaded to join. The Order has sent squads throughout to seek them out.

    Reyim laughs bitterly when he reads his orders. Leading men and women from all over the world in a slim chance to find Strange beyond the [Gate]. It was utter nonsense, but it was his orders and he followed them to the letter. There was one thing that interested him, Strange and what lies beyond the gate. He idolized Johnathon Strange. Domain research has always been Reyim's passion and to follow after such a great man into a strange new world would be utterly delightful. He looked at the newsfeeds. There was even more chaos. Another city swallowed and another one shattered. That makes fourteen. What a terrible age we live in. He remembered the training, the torture he went through. I still wonder about them. Who were they? He holds up a chain. It reflects light from several monitors, making it seem like a colorful thread. Will I ever know? He sighed. No point in thinking about that. He looked at his order once more. This time he grins. "Who will they bring to me. Hopefully they aren't as pathetic as most order scum are. His fire for The Order has slowly accumulated ever since he was first capable of thought. They are not my people. They are not my home. They are only oppression. Only control. But soon... I will have control. I must find Strange first. He is the key.
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  3. Name: Leah O´Connor
    Codename: Swallow
    Age: 25
    Domain ability: Floating, internal, direction (Do the internals need domain shape? Hope not....)

    Equipment: Small but surprisingly powerful propeller and a pocket knife, as well as a small kitchen knife on her belt.

    Personality: A cheerful worrywart. She doesn't hide her emotions. Easy to get along with, but becomes chatty, and possibly a bit irritating when nervous. She can keep her cool when in a tight spot, waiting is when she worries the most. It might take some time to gain her trust, but once you do, she'll trust you with her life. Absolutely loves flying more than anything else, except maybe her baby brother.

    Background: Her parent's died in an accident when she was 15 years old, and after that she has been taking care of her little brother who´s three years younger than her. She didn't want rely on someone else's help, so she has been working on her own to support her brother. Mainly using her floating ability she has worked as a courier, sometimes not so legally. Her brother fell sick a couple of years ago, and the disease is incurable by usual methods. A flesh doctor might be able to save his life, so Lea is working for <The Order> to help him. Loves her brother deeply, because his the only family she has left.
    Willingness to serve: Serves <The Order> only for the sake of her little brother, but loyal.

    Encounter Report: They suddenly approached Lea as she was waiting for her brother from checkout in the hospital. Two men with black jackets and jeans on, not really something you would expect from <The Orders> recruiters. Lea didn't believe them as they introduced themselves as a part of <The Order>, but the men convinced her. They seemed to know everything about her little brother's condition and her background, and offered a job to help. Lea didn't want to accept it first, but <The Order> basically did rule everything, so she finally gave in after her brother was hospitalized again.

    Hope this is fine :) Oh, and can I like bounce of walls to change my direction? I's fine if I can't, but I just think it would be more practical.
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  4. Name: Alex Weaver
    Codename: Bishop
    Age: 26
    He's about five foot ten, medium build, with brown eyes and lightly tanned skin. His hair is dark brown, cropped short, with a slight widows peak. He has an oval face with a strong nose.
    Domain ability: Crawler type, which is internal, and he plays around with density. He typically uses his domain powers to climb buildings and other structures, and hasn't really had the need to use them in full on combat yet. He definitely hasn't tried to, either.
    Equipment: He always carries a lighter, even though he doesn't smoke. If asked about it, he'll simply tell you that they're useful things to have around. Other than that, he keeps a large survival knife. Just in case.
    Personality: He's a pessimist, and a bit of a loner. He's very flirty when it comes to the opposite sex, although he usually doesn't mean it. It's his way of breaking the ice or merely dealing with others. Thievery is something he's very prone to do, although he'll likely control himself while working with <The Order>.
    Background: Alex never really had a family. Not one he was close to, anyway. He grew up in a fairly normal household, just his parents and himself, but the boy's penchant for kleptomania and consistent breaking of the rules led to a rift forming between him and his parents. He left home as soon as he was able and made a life and a name for himself on the streets. His talent for manipulating his own density and climbing buildings made him an excellent thief, especially when dealing with higher end apartments and penthouses. He was caught by police while on a job and was locked up.
    Willingness to serve: He's only in <The Order> to have his name cleared. His loyalty goes no further than that, although if he misbehaves, adding years onto his jail time is the recommended punishment.
    Encounter Report: "Mr. Alexander Weaver, correct?" the agent asks after taking her seat. The man across from her chuckles softly. "Straight to business, huh? I like that in a woman." His expression becomes a more serious one as he leans forward and tilts his head slightly. "Look, lady, if you're hear to offer your lawyering services or anything like that, I'd appreciate it if you left. Hoping for a visit from my sister this week and you're just wasting my time." The agent smiles softly in response, then leans forward as well and folds her hands. "I am aware that you have no family, Mr. Weaver, and unless you want to continue rotting in this hole, you would listen to my offer." She explains that she's with <The Order> and tells him that he's been selected for recruitment. Work with them, and they'll make him a free man. Alex doesn't really have any option but to agree.
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  5. Yeah you can bounce off walls. Since bouncing off walls is way to change your direction. Good idea too. I was thinking too much of open areas and not really in urban areas where you can utilize that ability properly as well.

    Also I've updated the character sheet to show personality.
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  9. So um is this thing still gonna keep rolling? Cause Lev has one.

    Name: Ravi Kapur

    Codename: Transient Tiger

    Age: 23 years

    Appearance: [[​IMG]

    Domain ability: [Classification|Flicker] - [Domain|Internal] - [Manipulation|Self-Acceleration] - [Domain Shape|Wings approx. 9 feet/3 meter span upon shoulder blades]

    Equipment: Brass Knuckles, kept for increased power with punches, higher likelihood of tissue damaging and bone fracturing. Also commonly found on his person is a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

    Personality: Ravi is considered to be very easygoing and friendly in casual, everyday functions, but he is quick to panic and become overwhelmed when even a single smidgen of stress creeps up. He's generally optimistic, but prone to assume the worst when something goes amiss.

    Background: Ravi is without any criminal background, though he is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, specializing in boxing. At the age of 12, he joined a boxing club at the whims of his friends who all joined the same time as he did. Though his friends became uninterested in the martial art and slowly stopped going to the club after only a few months, Ravi continued, finding that rigorous training and the support of the boxing coaches and senior students helped him to maintain focus and calm at high tension moments. For years, Ravi continued boxing until he rose the ranks of his clubs and won amateur tournaments. He slowly became more popular, locals flocking to the ring when the name Ravi Kapur the Tiger appeared in an advertisement for another tournament. Like a tiger, Ravi watched his opponents carefully, pursuing, evading, parrying, weakening until he went in for the kill.

    Ravi's power to use his domain, an internally directed self-acceleration, otherwise dubbed "Flickering," didn't manifest itself fully until the highlight of his short-lived amateur career. At what was almost a decisive blow to himself, Ravi pulled off a counterattack--energized with the speed of being a Flicker. His retaliation won him the match and gasps from the crowd. According to tournament rules, the use of his domain, though unintentional, disqualified him from the match. Leaving the ring without the title of champion and a belt for proof, Ravi was approached by scouts for the Order who saw the potential in Ravi's fleet footwork and deft handicraft.

    Immediately, Ravi declined. Without title and belt and with dejected spirit Ravi swore to himself he wouldn't box and he wouldn't ever try to use his Domain skills. He found a job as an employee in his father's bookstore. There with his only living family member, he spent the next year in dutiful work and heavy lifting activities. This all changed when two local gangs with ferocious Domain users began a midday turf war that killed many gang members and a civilian--including Ravi's father from a stray Handcannon's shot to the head. Infuriated, Ravi used his Flickering powers and his boxing prowess to incapacitate nearly half of both gangs.

    Ravi lost his only living parent and family member, leaving him alone in the world to fend for himself. After a month of cleaning up what was left of his father's livelihood, he sold the business, liquidated his house that was too much to pay for himself alone, and landed odd jobs here and there. Sometimes, he'd live as a vagrant, and other times he'd hide within the nooks and crannies of the bookstore his family previously owned. Ravi eventually ended a month later at the headquarters of the Order to apply for training where was quickly accepted upon recognition from the scouts who requested his enlistment before. There, he quickly ascended the ranks and finally perfected his talent with his Domain. 3 years had passed since the tournament, death of his father, and he found himself ready for fieldwork--but more importantly, dispatching any and all rebellious gang members...permanently.

    Willingness to serve: He quickly learned his place in the hierarchy and slowly rose the ranks and became a well known trainee. Ravi is very willing to serve the Order, though if any gangs ever cross his path by purpose or by happenstance, he's willing to delay a mission or defy direct commands to put miscreants to immediate death.

    Encounter Report:

    [Scout Priscilla Burrows Report of Trainee 01322, Ravi Kapur. Codename Transient Tiger. Live commentary log. Initiating video file playback.]
    "ARE YOU READY FOR AN ALL OUT SLUG FEEEEEESSSSST?! This is not only a fight between fighters but reputation! See which boxing club pumps out the best warrior! Fighting for Flynn Boxing Club, Ravi Kapur the Tiger! And in this corner, hailing from Armstrong's Strong Arm Gym, Logan McIntire the Wild!"

    <<Ravi takes his place in one corner and Logan in the opposite. Neither combatant shows any signs of External or Internal Domain use. Keith, are you sure this isn't just another one of your entertainment sideshows? You remember we're looking for new recruits, right? Wha--fine, yeah, they're just gonna punch each other 'til they're unrecognizable anyways. Yes, Keith I hear the bell. I'm watching. I said I'm watching!>>

    "Round 1."

    <<Oh wow, that Logan guy just charged forward. He's not the subtle type...>> --16 minutes, 3 seconds reported unrecorded, resuming video file playback-- <<Oh my god, Ravi's already staggering? It's fourth round now and Ravi's staggering. Logan, many feet away, closes and--what?>>


    <<Why yes, I did see that, Keith. I was about to ask you the same thing. This boy's a Flicker.>>

    [End Report of Scout Priscilla Burrows Report of Trainee 01322, Ravi Kapur. Codename Transient Tiger. System Shutting Down.]
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