Beyond the Heavenly Gates

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The final seal had been broken, Lucifer had been freed. The angels, such as Zachariah....Uriel and Raphael all had a part to play in Sam Winchester freeing the devil. Order needed to be restored in Heaven. Anna was the first angel to realize that her orders were simply not coming from God anymore, Castiel was the second. She was the first angel to go by her gut instinct and do the right thing. Castiel followed her shortly after, although Anna had gotten killed by Michael for trying to kill Sam Winchester. Castiel continued to follow the Winchesters until the end, and for that he was rewarded.

Sam Winchester freed Lucifer, but he also put Lucifer back in the pit. He lost his life in doing so. Dean, too devastated to continue hunting, had made a promise. He had promised his brother that he would live a normal 'apple pie' life. The angels are aware of this promise and had helped lead Dean to it. However, Castiel knew that Sam Winchester was needed on Earth, and it was within his orders to bring him back.

Now that Castiel knew where his orders were coming from, he was not afraid to follow them. He brought Sam back from Hell so that Earth would have its 'hero' again. He gave Sam a job to do, and that job is to watch over the humans he had protected. For that, he would need help from his brother Dean.

Meanwhile in Heaven, Castiel is working hard to restore it. Most of the angels do not know what to do with themselves. Being that they were never really sure of their orders, Castiel had a lot of work on his hands. He was the new 'Michael' the one in charge. The one everyone feared now.

The angels are being given assignments by Castiel and God himself. So far things seem to be getting back to normal in Heaven ;however, there are always a few that disobey. Those few can cause problems for the entire planet....

The angels who went against the Winchesters are still trying to take over Earth, which is another reason why Sam was needed. Castiel is not only dealing with that, but the angels in Heaven as well. Of course he always wonders who God will send to help him...



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