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  1. Beyond the Ether
    This a paranormal jump-in roleplay for anyone to join. Beyond the Ether is set in a world where death is not the end. The way in which you die affects how you come back as a spirit. For example someone who burnt to death may have control over fire. These people are then born again into a world set 'beyond the ether'. The roleplay will take place at an academy designed to teach the teenagers of this world how to combat dark spirits. Romance is fine, keep it decent not just full blown sex scenes. Violence is again fine but bear in mind that god roleplaying/ power playing will be adressed as is seen fit and dealt with. Although there are no rules about joining, if you don't listen to the post moderators, you may be forced to leave. Maximum of three characters please.
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  2. [​IMG]

    What was his life even like?

    A tall, leanly muscular young man stood, seemingly in the air, his arms crossed across his chest. Arcing blue and white lightning and electricity arced off of his feet and legs, seemingly the source of his apathetic floating. Sighing, the teen turned his stormy, black and silver eyes towards the sky, his stoic frown turning into a scowl as a powerful, thunderous flash of lightning striked through the clear blue air.
  3. Irithia sat in a chair, her thumbs twitching here and there idly. Long hair poured gently over her small shoulders as large, pale blue orbs blankly scanned around the room she was in. Even in life the girl was never really the sociable type, that certainly hadn't changed afterwards. She was usually left to herself, and while curious about other people, She didn't seem to mind all too much. Especially now, mind occupied with trying to figure out all that had, and all that was happening, well, it left little time to worry about other things that seems so small in comparison now.

  4. [​IMG]
    Cesar was rolling a rock in his one hand, staring at it intently with a harsh gaze. He crushed it within his grasp and then put it back together into a star. He grumbled to himself. He was a rather scary lookin' guy, but as his eyes landed on a feminine figure sitting in a chair, he walked over. Stomping, a strong, cold block of metal erupted from the ground and a makeshift table. He sat down in front of her. "Hello there!" He said in a friendly tone. "Ah, found you, baker."

    [​IMG] Darla's heels clicked, eyes landed on Cesar sitting with some girl. She put her hands on her hips. "Ah, there you are, baker." She said walking over. "Where is my damn pastries?" Cesar shook his head, grinning. "What, did you forget you left them at home?" Darla blinked, realization hitting her. "Mmoh yes. I see. Who's this one?" "I'm trying to figure that out."
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    Anji was spray-painting a wall on the backside of the academy by herself, getting light headed on the sticky black aerosol. Her grim expression was contoured by dark lipstick and two dark eyes dusted by snake green eyeshadow. Blowing the the bangs out of her pale eyes, she grimaced up at the concrete wall. "I go through all the trouble of off-ing myself, to end up back at school!"

    She thought hanging herself in a closet was going to be the last straw. The final blow, from existing. Waking up in the afterlife, let alone at an academy that echoed the atmosphere of high school, wasn't part of her planned demise...

    "Whatever," she grumbled under her breathe. Anji tossed the spraycan back in her coffin-shaped purse, rubbing her throat consciously. "Time to bounce," and took off down the main corridor, zipping up her sadistic, buckled black jacket. A cloth facemask was folded down around her neck, sparing folks from seeing her immortally bruised throat. She flicked her forked tongue over her lips in the hallway, venomously glaring at her fellow "students" as she walked past them.
  6. "Anji!" Called a teacher simply known as Spirit. "Why can I smell spraypaint?" Spirit was a ethereal being, with a darkened skull floating above a gaseous body, with detached limbs to match. He was an imposing being, even if not for his physical presences, but for the aura of arcane existence that seemed to emanate from him. He was the closest thing to a Dark Spirit that most people ever witnessed until they went out on patrols. He glared at Anji and beckoned her overr.
  7. The twiddling thumbs and idle drumming feet were halted as a man approached and took, or rather, made a seat in front of her. He looked strong, and definitely a good bit taller than herself. She lifted her eyes to meet his gaze through the dark, wispy bangs strewn gracefully down her face. Her small nose and shy lips twitched lightly as the two spoke to each other. Her small, curved frame sat slightly more upright as she went to speak, "My name is Irithia." She responded simply, grayish blue eyes focused solely on the man now. It was the first time anyone, male or female, had approached her since she'd been here. Once idle hands were now still on the cold desk before her.
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  8. Pain, suffering, betrayal. These emotions emanated from the small girl. Her long dark hair covering most of her face. Her piercing white eyes filled with anger and hatred, yet somehow a calmness was released from them ; a pains motivation stifled by self control. As others passed her in the hall ways they turned their heads, scared to talk to the "new girl" who hadn't said a word since her arrival two weeks ago. Today was different however, today she walked down the corridors showing her true self for the first time. Her true beauty now open for the world to see. Behind that matte black hair was a face only comparable to an angel, her hair flowed down her head reaching the mid-point of her back, she no longer seemed to hold any anger or hatred. If she did she was doing a very good job of hiding it. As she walked through the door and sat down into her seat she seemed a different person. She could finally start anew.
  9. Seeing Angel sitting in the classroom alone, Spirit motioned for Anji to come in with him and entered the classroom.
  10. Angel noted the entrance of Spirit, her teacher, and Anji. Angel had always "liked" Anji as much as she could like someone. She wondered what the problem was, Anji did have a reputation for getting in trouble. "Is there a problem sir? Do you need me to leave the room?" Angels eyes lit up at the sight of Spirit, he was the closest thing Angel had ever had to a proper role model, though most of her emotion was still clouded by hatred and pain.
  11. "No no, stay where you are please Angel" Replied Spirit, in his elusive yet gravely voice. "Anji and you are good friends, correct?" He asked, waiting for her to arrive.
  12. Anji squarely met the gaze of Spirit on his call for her to follow him. He didn't seem to over react on his part, so her sarcasm was withheld from responding. There were few entities in this realm that grabbed the scruff of her attitude problem, but the little punk knew better than to play bitchy with this teacher. He was the closest idea of death she had encountered, visually speaking anyway. A glowering skull immersed in its self-sustaining flames, speaking in a voice that brooded forth from invisible depths? No one had time to cross that evil.

    "Oh, Angel, We are just aliens from the same space pod aren't we? I don't know though. Do you even remember how you died?" She shrewdly joked to angel, testing to see if it was a soft subject for the other girl to bring up. "who wants to know, Spirit?"
  13. "Irithia?" Cesar repeated.

    Darla looking back and forth between Cesar and this Iri girl, tapping her foot and pouting. Cesar was just staring dreamily at Irithia.... For like the longest. "What the hell are you doing Baker."

    "You're really pretty, ya know..." Cesar mumbled after awhile, leaning in. Darla face palmed herself. Suddenly slamming her hands onto the table, she got into her friend's face. "HEY! Stop being creepy and CONVERSE NORMALLY! YOU CAN'T LIKE A GIRL AFTER TWO SECONDS!" She grumbled and shook her head.

    Cesar shrugged. "You don't know that Darla! Love at first sight exists!" "Ugh, don't listen to him. He's only messing with your feelings because he's just a stupid baker." She whispered the next part. "And he likes to use bread as a adult toy- UUGH!" She was suddenly jabbed in her side, curling up. "a-and is a v-violent guy...."
  14. Angel visibly winced. "I prefer not to talk about my death." Angel set her piercing gaze onto Anji. Her eyes began to glow softly. Angel could now see Anji's confusion at the letters Angel knew she would be able to see before her. "ΔΞζΩχφ⊗Ξ". The letters slowly shifted and formed into understandable words. "Do not cross me Anji, you mention my death again and you will be finding out if there is another world after this." Angel's eyes cleared to their normal white. She then turned to Spirit "So what is this about Sir?"
  15. "Ladies, ladies! Stop it now" Groaned Spirit. He had become fed up of childish bickering near the start of this eternity and still had little tolerance for pathetic squabbles. " Now Anji, how about you tell me why you smell of spraypaint?" He growled, his patience running thin.
  16. It was probably almost time for class, the boy thought to himself. Flipping the coin up into the air one last time the boy got to his feet. Walking over to the fire escape he heard the sound of others below in a class room. Laughing slightly at the comments made by one he slowly made his way down the stairs to the top floor. "i wonder who the new kids are" he said to himself
  17. Iri simply blinked in astonishment and surprise. Just a second ago he was saying hello, and now a very bold compliment? Her eyes squinted for a moment and then returned to their regular state as she replied, "Thank y-" or at least, She tried to reply, but was interrupted by the girl with him slamming her hands down and firmly scolding the man. Her mouth remained open for a moment but closed just as her eyes widened at the sound of love at first sight exiting the man's throat.

    She was left rather speechless after the mess of a conversation that had just occurred. Should she remain quiet? Or, maybe just be polite? She supposed the latter might be better. "It's n-nice to meet you two.." She stammered a little as she wondered how things would go from here. She tilted her head softly to the side, long dark strands following her motions. She gently brushed some of it away from her porcelain-like face with a small, cold hand.
  18. "Spray paint!?" Angel shot up out of her seat. "We are in the fucking afterlife at a school teaching us to use magical power to fight DEMONS and you are spending your free time defacing random walls!?!?!?" The sudden burst of emotion seemed to surprise the other two. It even surprised Angel herself. Almost ashamed Angel sat down and started blushing. "sorry Sir..." Angel's eyes almost seemed to dim. As if the negative emotions drained her power.
  19. A tremble in Anji's gaze was from a gut's intuition that Angel wasn't playing patty-cake with her on this. The ouija board reading that went on from her eyes made the short buzzed hair stand up from her neck. Anji was an abrasive individual from first glance, buzzed head, black bangs cut like a razor across her forhead, piercings galor like a kinky voodoo doll. The fork tongue flicked over her dark lips though, as she absently answered their mentor. "Listen, you know I got jokes, Mr. Spirit. but that wall wasn't me. The paint is for my uh.. Art class."

    Which they clearly were not about to start studying. Art was a reflection of life itself. Life.

    When Angel flipped on her, it was a shot from the left field. Anji stood up on the heels of her stoic black boots, longer fingernails dancing in the air with her energetic hands. "what?! Who's demons? Ours?! I didn't sign up to become some... Web weaving, string slinging, spiderwoman WITHOUT the custome!"

    It was true. Anji was a web weaver. Long silken threads become nets, intricate designs to be created to embezzle different types of evil entities. And she felt like woman, knitting furiously from her green claws, driven madly by the patterns she had nightmares and visions over. The ones her teachers tried to provoke in her classes.
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