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  1. I am wondering if anyone would be interested in this idea.

    For thousands of years humans have been warring with demons. At times it seemed that the humans would win and others it seemed like the demons would be winning this war. But that all changed when a group of humans and demon combined together, severing a different master. A being simply called The Immortal. And if this being is summoned, then it won't even matter who is winning any more. This being wants to destroy the entire world. Very large bands of humans have been sent to destroy this being, but all have failed. So the humans turn to the demons, and it seems that none want to help them. Except for a few...

    I am going to use demon characters for this. But half demons are also welcome.
  2. So we would be playing the people sent to kill the Immortal?
  3. Yes we would be
  4. This sounds fun, at least to me haha. Of course I'd love to see some more details, like setting, time period, the type of characters allowed to be played as (I know you mentioned demons and half breeds but would people be able to play human as well?), the extent of abilities such as weapons allowed or not allowed, is it solely power based if demon, what would be OP and what wouldn't be, how often would there be battles, etc. Just details like that I'd like to see or know about, but I'm interested in this so far.
  5. lol Well since there would be interaction between humans and demon kind, of course you could play as humans. And well with weapons it would really matter what type, how big or how many. I'm leaving that to the player's imagination. Like for instance my one character is going to be using a sword plus a bo staff that has some magical properties. Back to the human thing, well if they were coming along on this adventure, they will need some sort of protection from the hazards, because a lot of demons and other demonic like creatures will be trying to stop them. Time period is rather modern. And the setting will be a fantasy world of course. And the demons will be using powers besides weapons. And there will be plenty of battles but they won't all happen at once.

    I hope this helps some. If you need any more details just ask xD
  6. Ah yes that's helpful thanks .3. Haha I'm excited now
  7. lol so you think this should be a 1X1 or should we make this a group?
  8. Hmm, good question. If there are going to be lots of battles it might be better to have more people to get variety in said battles, mix it up fighting different people instead of making different characters run by the same people.

    It also might be nice getting more people in here without having to run too many multiple characters.
  9. lol true, true. I myself am going to be playing to characters. And if we couldn't get anyone else to join, I could take care of NPCs as well. I am used to playing multiple characters at once. xD
  10. Haha I don't know how you do it, I can barely handle two characters without them ending up the same because it's me controlling them. If need be I could make two but I'm afraid they'd be just cookie cutter characters (the same character basically)
  11. lol xD It's fine that you want to play one character. I've been role playing for many years and that is how I've roled played for a long time. And We'll just have to wait then lol. But are you looking for roleplays? Because I think I have an idea you may like, where you only have to play one character. If you would like I can PM you with the idea.
Thread Status:
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