Beyond Our Kind

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  1. Many years ago a scientist named Dr. Leeroy created a genetic compound made for reanimating dead cells. For example if you had a stroke, you would have been able to move again or if you were in a wheelchair you would have been able to stand once more. Leeroy couldn't test on live subjects but he could test on the dead. He was amazed on how such a small dosage was capable of. The dead could come back to life! Destroying the body once more he introduced his latest creation to the government. Within months they were able to change the gene into a chemical compound, helping disabled people all over the world. They called it the R-Cure.
    However, over time the R-Cure became unstable, anyone that was given the cure was slowly transformed into hideous alien-like creatures that craved human flesh. Thus renaming the R-Cure, the R-Virus.
    With his reputation ruined and no money coming in Dr. Leeroy committed suicide, leaving behind his encrypted notes.
    For years scientists tried to decipher Leeroys writing but had no luck. Leaving human kind to fend for themselves against the monsters.
    Twenty years after the creation of the R-Virus people have been struggling to survive. They have learned to not trust easily and to always be aware of your surroundings.

    During those years civilization was slowly being rebuilt at several districts within different cities. In the small district of Omara people strive and have learned to slowly trust each other carefully.
    Among those people was a young girl, about 18 or so, her name was Lydia. Adventerous and loving, she spent years practicing Parkour and how to defend yourself.

    Lydia was sitting up in a tree playing with her long jet black hair completely bored.
  2. It was finally the day, the day Rosalyn was waiting for in forever.
    Rosalyn stood at the gate her long blond hair in a pony tail waiting for her training partner.

    " where is this guy? or girl? or person?...."
    she sighed as she leaned against the wall, eyeing the people going around.
    A mother and farther were taking there child for a walk, she could tell by the tone in there voice, they were explaining the dangers of the mutated things.
    scolding her as they mentioned once again they are NOT human and to stay away.

    Rosalyn rolled her eyes at the parents foolish choice of words.

    " what about people?"
    she thought to herself with frustration of the thought.

    " why don't they tell there child, the monsters in this world is us?"

    she reached behind her head and rubbed her neck, as she imagined how great it would finally be to be out there with her partner.
    along with all the other rangers.

    " uggg i swear if he/she makes me miss training, i will NOT be responsible for what i do"

    she yawned to herself, as she waited at the gate.
    the burning sun beating down on the top of her head.
    slumping down hugged her knees to her chest, slowly slipping off to sleep.
  3. Lydia looked up, beyond the brick wall that protected this city was a vibrant green forest just sitting there, waiting to be discovered. With a sigh she sat up on the branch and looked at the time, "shit!" she yelled and ran, she needed to meet up with her partner.
  4. Rosalyn snored as drool dripped down her mouth, her body sprawled out on the ground.
    people had to step over her, many people thought she was dead.
    couple of kids would come by every so often and poke her with sticks.
    she never thought that she'd fall asleep but Rosalyn wasn't one for just standing around.
    she needed to either do something or take a nap.
    she was lazy but the thought of getting some action, made her alert and ready to go.
    well......not right at this moment that is, once she wakes up.
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