Beyond Neptune




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    Light speed travel was the last great Earth discovery. Once the sea of stars was open to them, they flocked out into it like the pilgrims of its early days of civilization. Some seek fortune, others seek solitude, but one thing all intrepid star bound citizens will find is adventure!

    As their expansion spread beyond the Sol system, they discovered they were not alone in the universe. Light speed travel was well known among the sentient races, and their discovery elevated them to the level of these races. Races so ancient, they can recall with clarity, the days Earth was a seething ball of fire and rock, and they now stand among them as part of the Intergalactic Federation of the United Worlds, commonly known as "The Federation."

    The other races are as varied and unique as the animal and plant species of Earth, many bearing features that are almost familiar. Some share the gills of Earth's sea life, the fur of mammalians, even the bipedal features and facial structure of Earth based Humans. Regardless their physical appearance; their lives and struggles, hopes and dreams, even their anatomical makeup, are all one in the same.

    It is from these similarities that comes the one Prime Directive: Never interfere.

    Planets form and collapse, sentient creatures evolve and die, wars, famines, plagues, these are not problems isolated on Earth, and they are not the humans' problems to solve.

    The Federation seeks peace across the galaxy, justice to those who violate the prime directive, and to find new races and worlds to explore, research and perhaps integrate into the Federation

    There are many enemies among the stars. Not all races abide by Federation Law, and though their space is expanding, there is still so much to explore.

    That is why they need more adventurers; the Federation cares not how they came into their uniforms, but only that they uphold the Prime Directive, follow command and treat all other races as though they were from their own planets.

  • PC's :

    ~ Axis Tremain: Anthropomorphic piebald doberman. Born on Earth, picked up as a castaway, current standing Captain of the Concordia
    ~ Dr. Macnamerra: Human doctor of the Concordia.

    ~ Dawn Savoy: Werewolf. Recluse ship engineer.
    ~ Nick: Human. Dawn's fellow recluse.
    ~ Rastel Dubrucker: Human. Scavenger and mineral harvester.

    NPC's :

    ~ Cpl. Matthews: Human, former captain of the Concordia.
    ~ Tish: Human. Captain of the Knossos.
    ~ BG: Human. Captain of the Valiant.
    ~ Boris: Human. Captain of the Atlantis.
    ~ Mira & Tad: Humans. They have names but aren't important enough to be considered more than just the two dorks who didn't make the cut enough to get their own ships. If something goes wrong... it was probably their fault.

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