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    1.GM Angellass: Asher Void The Nobel Shadow Alchemist, Sloth/ Neulin
    2.Aka~Kitsune: Samantha Hordel, Lust/ Victor Knight
    3.Gladis: Tristan Jaeger
    4. Nocturne997: Envy/ Zed Vienna
    5. Bolour Kardia: Deliora Akisu - Metallica., Greed/Reiko Yama
    6. Undying Curiosity: William Cambell
    7. Jhuton:Pride/ Gremory Lione, Adisson Edris
    8. Akashi:Wrath/ Noah
    9.Co-GM Nevvy: Gluttony/ Candy Walker, Crix Masterson The Railgun Alchemist

    If your characters name is is green, it is a humunculi. If your name is red, you have died.
    If your character has died, you may make a new character on the discussion thread.

    2114: five years into The Island Conflict.

    Menima and Raziya have been sister nations since their founding, back in 1320. At that time, a King and his wife gave birth to twin sons, each wanting to be ruler. When the King passed, rather than have his sons feud, he split his nation in two, naming each half after the other. Raziya was ruled by the younger of the two twins, Mennia. Menima was ruled by the elder, Raziel. For centuries, the two countries have been friendly towards one another, building a thriving economy between the two. To this day, the countries are ruled by the same blood lines.

    To the south, Menima had built up a reputation for it's fine mineral deposits off of it's eastern shore, while on the west it produced some of the finest metal products in the world. Their schools have made an impact on the world at large, rulers all the way from Molydean having sent their children to study there. To the north, Raziya processed these products, refining them and distributing them. The rich soil and warm temperatures year round allowed the people to farm and provide food for those to the south. Their art had been heavily influenced by the people of Danbachi and Creta, and though rare, was considered to be some of the best in the world.

    As such, it took the world by surprise when the flames of war broke out. It started when the North yielded a poor harvest. For the first time in ages, Raziya struggled to feed it's own people-- even with the plentiful ocean around them. The fish evaded their nets, and their crops were dwarfed at best. Refusing to allow her people to starve, the reigning King closed off food trade with the South and sent his soldiers to stock pile any food they could find-- distributing it evenly among his people until the famine passed.

    Needless to say, with their primary food source refusing to do trade, the south quickly fell into disorder. People began to panic. Raids broke out, and the nation of Mnemia threatened to collapse upon itself. Until their Queen took charge. She offered food to all who joined the armed forces, and free education in her University to the children of anyone enlisted. Fleets of ships were built and sent to fish, capturing enough to sustain the army as it grew-- and an anger washed over the people like wild fire. The North, the Queen said, had abandoned them. Raziya had betrayed them and shown their true colors as selfish and ruthless people. She called for revenge.

    The famine kept on, even into today. Crops still refuse to grow-- and many farms had been burned, and farmers killed. The sandy ground of the Island had been stained with blood, and it only seemed to be getting worse with each passing day, as the boarder of Menima stretched farther and farther north.

    Other Nations got involved only six months ago. Troops from as far Xing had been sent to help either the North and South. Raziya was dying, their king gone into hiding. Amestrian soldiers came to help-- though in doing so prompted their own neighbors to the north, the people of Drechma, to support the south.

    And so, our story begins...


    Asher frowned, watching the sun set with a mix of awe and frustration. It was beautiful, watching the light play off the clouds. The sand in the air from the Southern breeze carried dust from the Eastern Desert- giving the sunset an even more otherworldly glow, like someone set the sky itself ablaze. Yet, while the view was amazing, he couldn't help but dread what it meant. Another night in a war zone.

    He glanced back to the family huddled behind him, the mother carefully measuring out rice to serve to him and the rest of his squad. While they had brought the rice by the boat load, it never seemed to be enough to really help. He shifted, uncomfortable in the blue uniform of State Alchemist. Finally, he shook off the outer coat, hanging it on the porch post beside him along with his hat. He simply had to look away from the woman.

    He knew what she had lost. How the night before she had plead with him, like he were some sort of God to bring her son back to life. He felt the pit of his stomach churn as he remembered hearing the woman cry herself to sleep when he denied her request. And yet, she still offered her home to him and his comrades.

    He watched the still smouldering field before standing up, rubbing his eyes to stop them from watering-- thanks to watching the sun too intensely, he would claim. He just wanted to help.​
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  2. º○•○º○•○º Samantha Hordel º○•○º○•○º​

    Chalk ran across the dirt as it finished off the circle, the white resting brightly upon the earth as yellow stared with the usual untamed joy. Peering up she sat back on her legs as she pointed towards the centre of the array, smile bright upon her features as she motioned for him to step into it. "Just stay there so I can heal you." Samantha knew full well that her home was currently battling the south, her being from Raziya, but she couldnt ignore the young male that had been injured. Part of the south or not.

    As he stepped into her array she nodded at her enemy before pressing her hands down to the array, letting the white lines burst with a eery glow as the alchemy took effect. Slowly the wounds began to close, the crimsom leaking from the deep cuts cease as the process continued. Eventually she pulled her hands away, dragging herself to her feet as she stared at the southern soldier. "Ive closed the wounds but you still need to be careful..." she pointed out as she spun around to grab her bag. The soldier was wide eyed as he stared at the place where deep lines once marred his skin. "Thanks doctor..." was the raspy response from the Mneria soldier.

    Walking back over to him she reached up, patting his shoulder before using her foot to smudge the lines of her previous alchemy. Luckily her mind refused to forget what it took note of so she easily made the array without revealing the small book that held many useful sketches and information. Adjusting her bag she looked ahead where the border was, the feeling of warmth made her smile peacefully. "Your welcome! Though, please dont tell anyone on your side about me. I dont really feel like getting captured or killed. " she added, turning as she scratched her cheek. "Though...I cant blame you if you did report me..well...I have to go Mr.Soldier!" once again she was to kind to even try and threaten him because she attempted to understand. It was his job after all.

    There was also the fact that she should be able to cross before soldiers could catch her.

    With a soft yawn she waved goodbye, running her fingers through blonde locks as she shook her head. Samantha had no time to sleep and her eyes were slightly blurred from exhaustion but she had to pass the border where she would be secure. The soldier now out of sight caused the doctor put her arms above her head, stretching as she looked at the area she was in. "I was further in than I thought..." she murmured, frowning as she crossed her arms. "But I needed that plant...gah." she threw her arms up as she continued on her path, steps heavier. "Stupid useless war...people just die..." always the one to oppose killing, Samantha stilled placed blame on both sides. Mneria and Raziya.​
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  3. Adisson woke from another nightmare. He looked at the clock on the nightstand by his bed. It was about 7:00 p.m. "Seems about right," he said to himself. He could always count on his nightmares to wake him promptly. He got out of the bed groggily and wiped a hand down his face. Their was no sound coming from the outside city, which was to be expected with soundproof walls. Adisson pulled his two handguns from under his pillow and went to a part of the wall completely covered with curtain. He parted it to reveal a large glass wall, from which he had a view of downtown Menima. He'd pretty much gone unscathed since the beginning of the war. His area of specialty relegated him to nothing more than the occasional investigator, while the soldiers fired the big guns. His salary,though, hadn't changed, and as a high ranking officer, he had available a steady supply of food while his countrymen went hungry. He didn't dwell on those thoughts, he'd worked for his meal, the others hadn't. He finally closed the curtain to his 5 story apartment home and went to work sorting files.
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  4. Envy sits in the top of a clock tower, watching the city. The people all passed by, going about their lives, almost as if no war was happening at all. It was strange, that so much calamity was possible without affecting the inner populations way of acting. "So much to do. So much to do. Can we just go down there already? I'm bored as heck." He exclaimed, looking at Pride and Wrath.
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  5. Pride looked at his younger sibling. "It is not yet time for us to make our move, not nearly time. Please attempt to contain yourself until told otherwise. It simply wouldn't do for the Menimians to discover our existence at this time. We've not sunk our influence deep enough into the Raziyann government. In due time you will have your bloodshed, Envy." Pride walked off into the shadows of the clock tower. He wasn't one to stick around the other Homunculi very long after giving an order. He preferred Mother's company, when he wasn't on stage pretending to be an adorable little piano prodigy. He could feel the soldiers out on the battlefield dying at a higher rate. The war was escalating. Soon enough it would be a prime opportunity for the homunculus to move out of the shadows and into the bloodshed.
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  6. ●○•º Victor Knight º•○●

    Located within a dark room that was illuminated by roaring flames a certain homunculus stood, soaring red creating a orange hue to his usually untainted white hair and glow to piercing red eyes. Fingers, clad in grey gloves shifted the frames up the bridge of his nose and he ignored the ash that drifted to the ground tauntingly, the last remaining piece of evidence to his previous crime. The human became boring, hence the bloodied room was previously filled with pained screams and fruitless beggining.

    Victor huffed, dragging his hair back as the flames vanished with the distinctive whisp of black as the homunculus was left in complete darkness. With a small frown the youngest turned upon his heels to escape the small home and onto the streets. His usual white dress shirt was stained with red at its hem, his clothes as usual were dishevelled. With a roll of his eyes, Lust shoved his hands into his pockets before headig off to find his 'darling siblings', knowing full well some would find his usual activities an annoyance.

    "How tiresome..."​
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  7. [BCOLOR=#2c04de]Deliora Akisu|Metallica[/BCOLOR]

    Del watched the scene below from where she sat high up in a tree, the shadows it cast mostly concealing her from unfriendly eyes. The large tree was located in Raziya just a yard from the border. She watched as a blonde woman(Samantha) healed an injured Menima soldier, she recognized the girl as a Raziyan, yet she didnt seem to care about sides. 'Interesting...' When the blonde started making her way back to the border she could tell by her sluggish movements exhaustion was weighing heavy on her. When she was about a meter out from the border Deliora spotted an enemy sniper in the bushes a ways behind the Raziyan.

    Her crystal azure eyes narrow on the enemy, taking a deep breath she drops from the branch she'd been sitting on. She was wearing a dark blood red cloak was the hood pulled up concealing her snow white hair. It fluttered slightly as she fell through the air to land expertly on her feet, as soon as her feet hit the ground she sprinted forward over the border toward the girl. The sniper must of noticed her because the gun barrel moved slightly from where she spotted it 'Crap!' Clapping her gloved hands together an electric current passes through them signaling a transmutation at the same time she shouts toward the blonde.

    "Get down!" Del slides to a stop behind the girl at the same time a shot fires off, what use to be her automail hand/forearm was now a thick metal shield about 1 1/2 ft round. Holding up the shield the bullet bounces off it protecting both of them as Del stands between the sniper and the blonde.
  8. N O A H, #3366ff Standing on top of the clock tower, Wrath, or also known as Noah, was leaning against the ledge, tilting his head backwards, gazing at the humans, from the corner of his violet eyes, with a small touch of red. With his quiet demeanor for now, his expression showed no emotion. His eyes narrowed down. An annoying feeling was starting to spark in his mind. The peaceful life of the humans down below was not accepted by him, but he was also a man of patience, and knew when he had to act. Listening in on Pride and the contained feelings of Envy who was eager to kill and slaughter the humans, his attention did not divert from the view before him.

    Once Pride lectured Envy and ventured off into the darkness, Noah spoke up. "Being Envy and all.. If you're that eager to slaughter the humans, how about you start by having one human kill another?.." Trying to suggest an idea where he wouldn't have to directly be involved, it would atleast be for amusement.

    Pushing himself away from the ledge, he ran his hand through his lengthy but purple blue hair. Fluttering with the wind, he continued. "Make sure you don't do anything foolish.." Taking a small pause, he turned around, facing the exit. His role as a human amongst the people in the city was well known. People knew him as Noah, which was his other identity amongst the humans.

    "We'll have to continue our sightseeing later.. Envy.." Noah finished, before disappearing, leaving only his younger sibling at the clock tower.

    Noah was going to meet one of his puppets to extract the information he had gotten for the said month, and possibly act if neccessary. Things are only just starting.
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  9. Greed, red

    Reiko twirled his cane around with one finger, balancing the piece of wood and metal with mindless ease as he walked down the crowded street. He was wearing his usual mask ((the one in his pic)) that seemed to give him a mysterious air making people more attracted to him rather than stay away, mostly young girls. 'Humans are so odd....But there is one thing we have in common...' his scarlet eyes roam over the busy street stopping on a small crowd standing around a man playing a dice game 'Greed....' grinning darkly he makes his way toward the crowd but stop in his tracks.

    Reiko felt the presence of Noah near by, 'Whats stickler doing round here?' his curiosity winning out over his gambling urge he vanishes into the shadows traveling to where he felt Noah's presence
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  10. [Eh, sure, I'll do a name tag] Envy
    "Sounds good to me. Better than sitting in this damned thing all day." Envy jumped down from the tower and walked into the street out of an alleyway. After walking for a bit he noticed a few men standing around a bar, they were all drunk. "Hehe... Easy." Envy listened to one of each of the men's voices, and as he passed by, he talked like the men and made them "insult each other" Soon, the drunken men threw down into a sort of bar brawl. One of them broke his bottle and used it as a weapon. Another picked up a stool from inside and threw it at the one he thought insulted him. It wasn't long before nearly the entire bar was going at it. "Humans...Pfft. Prey to their own creations and stupidity. Alcohol, I don't see the appeal. Dulls ones senses. Makes you easy to fool." He walked away, listening to all the men hurl insults and beat each other. He heard a few screams and plenty of gasps. Sounds like the first kill, Envy smirked. "I'll bet it was the one with the bottle stabbing another." He looked behind him and sure enough, there was a body on the ground with a bottle impaled in his chest. "Heh... Knew it." He walked away and found himself in a marketplace, surrounded by greedy merchants and not-so-careful buyers.
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  11. "Tell me about it." a feminine voice droned beside Victor. Sloth waved down to her brother from her perch atop a small shop balcony. "I was told to come find you." She said, resting her chin in her hand. "So, since I've found you does this mean I get to stop running around this God forsaken city?"

    Neulin wore her hair back in a bandanna, her golden eyes looking down with mild curiosity at Lust. Where had he come from that she hadn't been able to find him sooner? Not that she cared-- other than for the thought that she might have been finished sooner and been relaxing by now had he not been hiding.
  12. Candy walked down the street, having spotted more than one of her siblings along the way. Unlike the ones that seemed to enjoy killing the humans left and right whom they believed to be inferior, she saw it differently. The humans, though frail, were not something to be exterminated. After all, they made such wonderful things. Crushing them would eliminate all the good things they had to offer. Being so numerous, they could put out so much more than the homunculi could, wonderful books filled with knowledge discovered and shared between them but most of all, the wonderful stories that they wrote. In fact, she had just been in a library not ten minutes before, netting herself an extra large bag of reading material to last her for the week. The others could sate their desires as they pleased but she personally found it all unnecessarily destructive.

    "They're going to break something again, aren't they?" she asked herself. It was pointless, though. She already knew the answer.
  13. ●○•º Victor Knight º•○●

    A voice snapped him from his thoughts as his ruby glaze slid upon his sister, causing a slight quirk to his lips, hands shoved into pockets as for a moment he stared. Eventually he sighed, grinning at her before shrugging, once again continuing to walk down the street like nothing happened. "Fetch me huh?" He trailed off as he let white locks cover his sight, leaving the common black frames visible but the normally vivid eyes gone. "Wrath will probably not be happy with what I, why do I need to be fetched?" He asked, pausing once more before turning to Sloth. He was genuinly curious after all.

    Though it didnt stop him smirking, idly shifting the frames once more as he hummed. "Not like I will tell them what I was doing. Though humans will probably ruin my secrecy."He added, groaning in annoyance. "I honestly dont see why we dont get rid of them now." The homunculus named Lust huffed, currently being bored, as he looked around at the houses with distaste, fingers clenching. "Are we meeting with the others? If its not important I would like to go find something to do...:​
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  14. º•○●○•º Samantha Hordel º•○●○•º

    To say the least, Samantha was exhausted. Her limbs felt sluggish and her eyes were narrowed despite their normal look of enthusiam, her chest heaved but not in a lack of air but a deep yawn that made her whole body shift. It was in her walks that she had pulled the dark blue cloack over her, if only to hide the features that would supposedly mark her as one from Raziya. Hands dragged it in closer as blue looked curiously from under the hoods shadows, golden locks still escaping to fall down her shoulders. While she was exhausted she was enjoying herself in some small way so when a shout interupted her she squeaked, eyes wide as she obeyed with little hesitation, dropping to the ground.

    The tell tale of alchemy brightened the air as her eyes shifted upon its source, a cloaked figure, with curiousity. It was quick but eventually a metal shield was the force stopping a bullet to her brain. Samantha gaped at the sight before her, a lack of belief forming in her heart as she pulled herself to her knees, sitting upon them as she stared at her saviour. "Why..." she was trying to understand why this person stood between her and a death she didnt even know was coming. Though it wasnt long before her usual accomidating personality returned and she once again held a smile. Though it was plagued by her exhaustion. "Thank you!" She called out over the sound as she slowly slid to her feet, adjusting her bag as she frowned. "I Didnt think that I would get caught this quick...." she added uncertainly before shaking her head. "I cant blame them, I am from their enemies lands I guess..." Blue shifted upon the one with the red coat and currently using this or her auto mail as a shield. Her head tilted and worry appeared in her eyes. " we get out of this..." Samantha was far from a fighter, being more like the type to freeze up, which was why her shock had made her words stutter slightly, hands clenching the material of her cloak in worry. Even if she were to run they had spotted them after all.​
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  15. N O A H, #3366ff
    Walking down an alley, it did not take long before he felt the presence of another sibling, Greed. Stopping in his tracks, he uttered. "Greed, what are you doing here?" He asked him a question, waiting for him to reveal himself. After a few moments, once Greed appeared before him, he turned around, gazing upon his fellow kind.

    "If its nothing important, you might as well tag along or get back to your business, Reiko." He finished, standing there, with no humans around. His violet eyes sparkled for a second. His demeanor was serious. Noah had something important to intend to.
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  16. Addison was puzzled as he poured over his files in the dark room. "This is a strange pattern," he commented to himself. For the past hour and a half he'd sat at his table examining a strange pattern of occurrences. "So, many of the special operatives who have been sent into Raziya turn up burned or minced. Someone is obviously getting information on our operatives. And their strange deaths is another matter." He looked blankly out into the darkness for a moment as he thought. "Is this some new form of alchemy? Is Raziya improving their alchemy?" What was most puzzling of all was the information that was leaking from Raziya to him. Several unexplained deaths, which were poorly investigated by the Raziyan government, and even covered up in some instances. "If my info is to be trusted, these civilian deaths are oddly reminiscent of the Menimian operatives' deaths. So judging from all this evidence, their is a reckless group of persons, possibly alchemists, who are working under the Raziyan government killing our operatives. These persons are not driven by patriotism as they kill their own countrymen, but they are probably important to the Raziyan government since their is no penalty being incurred on the persons committing these rash murders." Addison was fairly certain his thesis was correct. But their was only one way to prove it. More investigation. He would need Menima to get him into Raziya.
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  17. Asher abandoned his seat on the porch and called back over his shoulder that he as going to do a quick sweep of the area before venturing off. Going off solo was typically considered a no-no, especially in a war zone... Though, no one seemed to have the heart to stop him. His friends simply nodded, allowing him to wander off. Everyone needed alone time every now and again, and if anyone could take care of themselves, Asher could.

    He walked around the old farm house, headed for the barn as he put his gloves on. Alchemical circles were embroidered into the cloth, allowing for him to use a basic light manipulation blast at will. For anything more complex, he would need a few seconds to prepare. He frowned, rubbing his hands in an attempt to get the feeling back into them. Everyone once in a while they did this, going all pins and needles. One of the drawbacks of automail. Still, it was a fair trade off. A little numbness and discomfort for mobility?

    He reached the barn and was greeted by the baying of horses and a deep bellow of one of the bovines. The farm was near the boarder, he recalled, and out of caution drew his pistol as he entered the barn. Perhaps he was paranoid? Be that as it may-- it didn't mean he was wrong to be hesitant.
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  18. Reiko$Greed, red

    Reiko smirked behind his mask as he stepped out of the shadows with his cane against his shoulders his hands resting lazily on the ends. "I was just wondering what Wrath was doing in the slums, gonna get your hands dirty old man?" He asks sarcastically his scarlet eyes flashing with curiosity and bloodlust.

    Slicking back his medium length
    light blonde hair with his black gloved hand he ignores Noah's show of power. "Only if you promise it will be fun~" he responds coyly to his tag along comment. Suddenly in a blur of movement Greed tosses his cane high into the air before cracking his knuckles, catching it smoothly right before it hits the ground. "Who will we be having fun with tonight, brother?"
  19. N O A H, #3366ff
    Noah stood there, gazing at his brother. "I am just passing by. Being here is nothing but a trivial matter. But, I am surprised you didn't stumble upon Envy or Pride." A small smile came across his face, scanning the area around him, being in the slums and all.

    His eyes narrowed down. Noticing poor people against the wall. Beggars and homeless people. It was nothing but a disgusting sight. 'Pathetic.. Humans are so... Pathetic..' He murmured in his thoughts, before diverting his attention back towards Reiko.

    "Is it these slums you enjoy so much?..." He asked, before he started to approach him. "These humans.. Who basically dont exist. These humans, who are considered worse than even ants?.." As he approached his brother, he stopped in his tracks.

    A small sigh left his mouth, remembering what he actually intended on doing. "I have some information to extract, Reiko.. Unless you would want to?" He posed a question. Seconds later, he turned around, facing the exit of the alley way. "Would that suffice your need to have some fun? Or would you rather stay here, among these unsightly humans?"
  20. Pride sat in the backseat of the car while his chaperon drove him to his house, or at least what she believed was his house. She was a blonde girl who could have been no more than 23. Pride despised her overly-happy and hyper attitude toward life, but of course, Gremory was completely infatuated with this girl. She glanced at him in the back seat and smiled. Gremory smiled back. "Sooooo..." she began. "How was your little tour of the clock tower Grem? I'm sure that tall guy, Noah was it, showed you everything there was to see. Though I can't imagine that was much." Gremory smiled at her. "I had a great view from the top. I could see most of Raziya from up there. It was really cool." "That's great," she chirped back. Gremory sank back into his seat. When the time comes, he thought. This girl will be the first to die.
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