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    This is a repeat thread, for those among you who seemed interested in the Beyond Brotherhood thread that filled up rather quickly. ^_^


    It's been over two full centuries since Ed and Al had their adventure. In that time, a cultural reformation sealed away much of the historical record of the events that really transpired. Under Mustangs leadership many documents were falsified or destroyed to insure order and in an attempt to prevent history from repeating itself in Amestria. Technology has advanced to our level of modern technology-- the progress slowed by the micromanaging government.

    Sadly, humans are greedy-- and eventually along the way someone managed to summon yet another 'dwarf in a flask', though this time on a different area of the map.

    Our story will take place over the great sea in one of the unnamed nations; we're accepting any ideas! As I said, it has been about 200 years between Ed's time and our roleplay. Modern time technology with perhaps a flash of an old fashioned feel. So, rather than only steam trains, wire phones and morse code, our characters will have access to our mid 1970's technology.

    The next major world heroes!
    1.GM Angellass: Asher Void The Nobel Shadow Alchemist

    We will be playing on an entirely different nation. Your ideas and input will help form the Where on this post. A second war of extermination has started-- think world war two, concentration camps and everything. Alchemy is not widely known and practiced here, though it does occur in rare instances. Alchihistory is unknown-- pretty much not even looked into in anyway, unless you are playing a character form Xing-- which you are more than welcome to do!

    Who are the target people of this war?
    What is our country named?
    What geographical infrastructure does our nation have?
    Anything else you have in mind. ^_^

    1. You may play an alchemist, though none of our characters, to start at least, will have viewed the truth. All Alchemists must use a circle at the start of our role play in order to preform alchemy.​
    2. DO NOT GOD MODE. If you get tossed into a gas chamber, or plunked into ice cold water, you better hold your breath, or your character will need CPR.​
    3. You can die in this roleplay-- and if you do so you may make a new character to introduce.​
    4. If you are going to try and kill a character, discuss it here first-- no killing other players characters without their permission!​
    5. If you know Alchemy or Alchistory, you must choose an area of study. Do you work with stone matter? How about fire, water, or air? What area of research is your character interested in and how is their alchemy effected by it?​
    6. You will write in THIRD PERSON, PAST TENSE. Here is an example: "The boy jumped to catch the ball, but he missed." [BCOLOR=#800000]NOT: "John jumps and misses the ball." or "I jumped to catch the ball and missed."[/BCOLOR]​
    7. Be fun. If you want your character to be super awesome with photographic memory and amazing mathematics skills, cool. But you better have a good flaw in mind as well to make them realistic.​
    8. Make a Character Bio.​
    Here is a basic format, though you can use your own:

    Perks: (Alchemy, automail, photographic memory ect)
    Flaws: (Athmatic, automail, trick knee, ect)
    Area of focus (Alchemist or Alchistorian):
    BG story:
    Personal items:​

    Please feel free to submit more than one character bio!​
  2. Name: Asher Void; Nobel Shadow Alchemist
    Age: 25
    Appearance: 6 foot tall, long black hair, blue eyes. He often wears a hat.
    Perks: Alchemy, Automail spine, Linguist.
    Flaws: Automail spine, sever fish allergy, limited flexibility and mobility.
    Personality: Asher is a casual man, with a soft spot for any damsel in distress. To those who don't know him he might seem careless, but to those who do, he is a very cautious man who chooses his words carefully before speaking.
    Area of Alchemic focus: He researches the physicality of light and absence of it. Pretty much black Astral-physics, which he uses in his alchemy. Black holes, lasers, ect.
    BG story: Asher had his spine broken in three places as a teenager in a train wreck that ought to have killed him. Instead, he survived, having his spine removed and replaced with Automail. It is visible and rests half out of his skin, thus leaving it vulnerable and liable to be damaged-- which could at any point it's broken, leave his limbs useless. He wears a hat to cover the top of his head, where the false spine attaches to his skull, looking like three metal prongs along his hair. His title comes from these prongs, that make his shadow look as though he were wearing a crown.
    Personal items: Black book/ diary, a necklace with a single freshwater pearl.
  3. I'm a bit confused by this. So, is this basically the other FMA RP, but for different people? It's confusing to see two FMA RPs get put up by the same person that seem to have the exact same ideas for both.
  4. oohh.. though I've never watched full metal achelmist, this looks awesome! may I join? I'd have to do some research first.. :]
  5. @Thundor ; Yes it is. I had a few people PM me asking me to put it up. It's the same idea, but the rp will be different based on the players and how we shape the world, conflict, and of course our characters.

    @Sepdemonium; I would recommend watching the first few episodes of FMA Brotherhood, and then read up on a general synopsis. So long as you understand how the world of Alchemy functions, you should be fine. I don't want you spoiling the series for yourself!
  6. okay! I'll make it my special anime task :]
  7. I'm thinking either an ice and snow alchemist who uses the water molecules in the air and freezes them, or an electric alchemist (electricity is just the movement of electrons. Electrons are everywhere, etc.) Can't decide which, but I'll decide last minute I'm sure.

  8. Name: Selara Radan
    Age: 24
    Appearance: 5”9, silver blonde hair, green eyes. Wears glasses and casual clothing. In combat, she often changes to prescription safety goggles, so that it's harder to knock her glasses off.
    Perks: Alchemy, hand-to-hand combat
    Flaws: Asthmatic, severe astigmatism to the point that she is effectively blind without her glasses. Allergic to contacts, and still trying to find a solution to
    Personality: She can be rude and sarcastic, even callous. She has often been known to have “the tact of a sledgehammer.” But she has a soft spot for the weak and innocent, and she tries very hard to protect others.
    Area of focus: Ice Alchemy, though she is capable of other forms. To this date she knows nothing of Alkahestry besides the fact that it exists. Her alchemic circles are tatooed into her hands, though she usually wears gloves to hide them.
    BG story: [I will fill this in later.]
    Personal items: Black leather gloves, a single necklace that bears her Ice Alchemy circle on both sides.

    So, it looks like you got everyone who was interested in the first round. I apologize for taking so long on my character, and I understand if I've sort of missed the boat, seeing as how this thread hasn't really gotten anyone else. It would be awesome if you would let me know if you have some openings for a Chapter 2, or if anyone drops their spot overtime, but I won't ask you to accommodate me, especially when I've taken this long.
  9. I love her. ^_^ Has anyone else got a Character idea?
  10. I'm glad you liked her!

    Sadly, looks like this one won't work out. But that's ok. I'll save the idea for another RP sometime. :-)
  11. Sorry! :( If you want to do a one on one rp let me know.
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