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A great war is over. The gods are dead. The world begins anew...

The gods and the land were one and the same, but now the gods have fallen, and the former inhabitants band together to build themselves a new home within the shattered remains of their world. Freed from the demands of their old gods, they begin to look outwards and wonder - what lies beyond that seemingly endless ocean?

Beyond Bionis is a freeform play-by-post forum RP based on the JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles. Set after the end of the game, join the former inhabitants of the Bionis as they carve out their destinies in this new world!

* Magitech fantasy - we have airships, a race of mechanical people and magic crystals!
* Open, collaborative world with a plot focused on exploration - work together to decide what our characters will find next!
* No word count!
* No knowledge of canon necessary - all the information you need is on the site!
* Plenty of open canons, and lots of space for OCs!