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    Fantasy • Fairies • Kidnapping • Travel

    The brutal battle of humans and faekind ended with a bargain - the arranged marriage of the Chief's beloved daughter to the King of Elfland.

    It was the day of the wedding festival and all were about to witness the girl cross the forbidden border between this world and the next to meet with her betrothed. The skies were grey; but no one could of anticipated what followed.

    The storm that came whipped through the landscape with a fury that toppled cottages and ripped trees from their roots, snatching the Chief's daughter right up into the sky.

    Those who watched could only assume this was how the elf King had sent for his bride, but they could not be more wrong.

    Your character has been stolen by the Stormchaser, a rogue fae who swears no allegiance to the Elf King and who's decided to keep you. Living deep in the depths of fairyland with a band of ragtag fairie rogues, you have no idea how to get back, let alone how to escape. Fairyland is not kind to wandering humans, and the Stormchaser seems to have taken too much of a liking to you to willingly let you leave. Humans are rare creatures in these parts, after all.

    Meanwhile, tension is rising between the two Kingdoms. The Elf King is demanding his bride while the Chief swears he saw her get taken by magic. He believes the King's demands to be a fairy trick for more humans and considering returning to war. But the Elf King is suspicious. He wonders if one of his own has stolen his human bride and has sent out the Wild Hunt for her return.

    I am looking for a creative partner to play the female human - I'm looking for someone who is less passive more active when it comes to creating events IC, someone who's willing to jump right in and help push the plot along together with me ~

    Please note I have a limited amount of time till the end of april, but after that I have oodles spare time, so I might be a little slow for the first couple weeks :-)

    I'd like this to be a jump-in plan as we go type RP for the above reason. I post a few paragraphs on average and I'm looking for someone in that zone~

    PLEASE NOTE these aren't modern fairies - this the old school folktale kind of all different types, creeds and sizes.​
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    Still looking~
  3. This sound incredible! I would love to do this idea with you, if you'd have me!
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