Beware the Genie in the Bottle

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  1. Beware the beautifully ornate jewel encrusted bottle you encounter for inside could be your greatest blessing or the most horrendous curse.

    Engraved on the bottle is a warning,
    Rub the bottle and you shall see
    the one that will grant your wishes three.
    But take heed, this warning to thee
    Beware of the one you set free.
    Take caution with the wish you desire
    for the circumstances could be dire.

    Here's the basic plot (we can fine tune it together):
    Your character finds a beautiful bottle (could be modern day as in an antique shop or could be some time in history as in a desert. We can discuss together). Enamored with its mystique, he takes it home. In cleaning the dust off it, the bottle opens and in a dark puff of smoke emerges the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. She explains to him that she is now his genie and will grant him three wishes. Be careful what you wish for might not be what you thought. Be careful with saying the words, "I wish" in any context around just might get what you asked for.

    Now here's my request:
    1. Seeking a male character
    2. Please post at least once a day. I understand life happens, just communicate with me. I'm quite understanding. If you can post more than once a day...I would love you all the more.
    3. I would like a minimum of two paragraphs. I know sometimes we get writer's block but I feel one paragraph really doesn't carry the story along. I don't want to feel like I have to scramble to think of what to write next. Help me guide the story, don't leave it all up to me. I have been known to thrown down 9 paragraphs when I feel really inspired but have also done only one when I lacked muse.
    4. Please check your spelling and grammar. I'm not a Nazi about it but it really irks me when you do not have a proper grasp of the English language. Please double check before hitting Reply.
    5. This is the Libertine section of course so please expect some sexual scenes. More plot than sex but still some sex.

    Sound interesting? Then PM me or just reply to this thread.
  2. this sounds really cool. The idea is original to me to rp, but not too original that I haven't seen, read, or encountered the plot idea before. If your still searching then i believe I can be a good partner for you.
  3. Still looking? Won't be able to do much until after Thanksgiving, but you've got my interest.
  4. @Quiet One sure! PM Me. I'll be pretty much MIA until after Thanksgiving as well but we can definitely get something rolling.
  5. Hey, could I do one? This seems really unique and I would love to do this! But...when you describe it as being "sex scenes", how detailed? Other than that, seems like a really cool idea and I'd be honored to do this RP.
  6. @NeonMasterz I tend to be detailed in my sex scenes. I like to see what's happening, know what the characters are feeling, what they are saying, etc. You can check out some of my RPs if you want an idea. I believe the sex scenes are recent in a few of them. Check it out and see if this is a good fit for you. If you're still interested, shoot me a PM! :)
  7. Ok, not taking anymore requests for this thread. Unless you want to RP about something else, otherwise this one is closed.