Beware of Candle-Smack; we're going to need more rope! And latex! (1x1, plots, MxM, FxF)

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  1. Here’s my thread. Schedule’s a bit erratic depending on coursework, errands and whether I’m feeling it. It’s unlikely that I’ll ever be interested in heterosexual pairings, but I do enjoy male/male and female/female. Don’t expect daily replies, even if they do happen from time to time. Sometimes I have more free time on my hands and no headache to ruin it.

    Don’t Dream Too Hard
    Modern, Fantasy, Band, Crossdressing / Exposure to Crossdressing, Supernatural, Violence, Awkward, Dark

    Sujiko’s life is pretty okay. He doesn’t make a large amount of money playing lead guitar in the pubs, but rent is cheap with two flatmates to split bills with. He’s not likely to make it big in the music industry because he doesn’t do love songs, but that’s okay: he likes privacy and free time more than money anyway. His band mates have their own problems, one of them being a werewolf without a pack, but they’re pretty cool about Sujiko’s fashion habits and don’t mind him wearing a skirt and corset in their presence or on stage. His boyfriend isn’t even that clingy, which is a good thing. Still, he’s complacent in a time when things are about to change.

    Plot 1: A manager gets the group a record deal, causing the group to go on tour while Sujiko is forced out of his comfort zone and away from his muse. Furthermore, the manager keeps trying to convince the group to change their look.

    Plot 2: Tensions are rising within the supernatural part of the community, and the band’s lead singer Adrian is being targeted by the local packs, as well as the vampire coven. Naturally, this puts the entire group in danger, and the only person in the band with any meaningful means of protection is Adrian himself. They could move to a different city or go on tour, forcing the entire band to start over as far as finding a home goes, or they could try to tough it out and fix the conflicts with the local community.

    Adrian: 28 years old, a bit rough around the edges, thinks of the band as his pack, protective, socially dominant but in denial about his sexuality; is picky about who he’ll let into his circle of friends, often requiring dire circumstances.

    Sujiko: 21 years old, kind, kinky, a little bit lonely, socially not very dominant, but is nearly impossible to frighten or intimidate, even when severely outclassed; can only truly bond with somebody through some mixture of art, skirts and dresses.

    Openings: werewolf hunter (Adrian and Sujiko), pack-based werewolf (Adrian), band mate (Adrian and Sujiko), witch (Adrian and Sujiko), fan (Sujiko), rival group (Adrian), anthro-pet (Sujiko), storywriter (Sujiko)

    Secretive Pursuits
    Medieval, Fantasy, Magic, Religious Themes, Monsters, Possible Dubious Consent, Stockholm?

    The kingdom’s really gone to hell in recent days. Ever since King Harlaus “The Fat” took the throne, taxes have increased and the markets have turned sour. Furthermore, the bordering kingdoms have been getting hungry, and all they’ve needed to excuse their raiding parties is a weak border, and with the current economic situation, that’s an easy thing to create.

    But, this story isn’t about nobles. This is the story of a young magus in pursuit of arcane secrets. The magus doesn’t have any lofty goals like setting the kingdom right again, rescuing people from dragons, or marrying into nobility. S/he just wants to pursue the arcane and not die, which is becoming increasingly difficult with bandits and invaders on the offensive, the king issuing a draft for all able-bodied warriors, and the church believing that matters of the arcane go against the holy doctrine.

    Background: A magus is a spellcaster who can focus their energy into a weapon, on top of considerable spellpower derived from studying the arcane. A familiar acts as an amplifier for such energy, and is summoned through a binding ritual for such purposes. But, it takes more than the ritual to enhance one’s power: it takes compatibility between caster and familiar to form the proper mind-link, and that isn’t always a guarantee. In this case, it’s something of a stretch: something about the ritual went wrong, as a commoner wouldn’t have access to tutors or libraries, and instead of a common beast being called through the ritual, something much more humanoid was bound to the caster.

    Openings: I can play either role, of either gender. However, if you want to be the familiar, I will expect you to also play as minor characters and act as a DM of sorts, as the familiar is kind of “stuck” following the magus. If I’m playing the familiar, I’ll do the same.

    Open Ended Adventure
    Insert tags here

    Grab a pathfinder book, dig into the point-buy section, and create a first-level character (20 stat points). Want to be in a thieves’ den? Cool, make something stealthy or skillful. Want to be a mercenary with a harem? Awesome, be charismatic and useful. Just don’t go expecting a full-party adventure, because if I’m controlling most of the party as well as the enemies, I’d basically be playing with myself, and there are better ways to do that.

    Medieval, Slavery, Abuse, Slice of Life

    Taxes, death, war, disease… Slavery is just another fact of life. Criminals carry out their sentences by being worked to death, prisoners of war are treated marginally better should they survive interrogation, and sometimes unlucky travelers are given to the marketplace as “unruly bandits” to collect on a small bounty. Whatever your origin, you’re likely doomed to a life of servitude.

    Your stay in the city wasn’t long, however. A farmer bought you, intending to use your help on his land in a far off little town too small for its own flesh market. Escape isn’t the best choice, even if it’s possible without the farmland being surrounded by walls: there are hunters out there, and no respectable blacksmith will remove the steel shackles from your body, or sell you a weapon. Still, there must be another way… Right?

    Open-ended: your goal can be whatever you want. Freedom, fulfillment, somebody to hold onto… Just don’t expect the first or last ones to be easy: slaves have nothing to offer as a partner but trouble with their owners, and are often believed to be plotting just to use free peoples’ wealth to gain their freedom back. Remember, you aren’t an adventurer. If you were an adventurer, you would have found some way out of this mess long before you were purchased.

    Never Understood the Princess Hype / Grasping for Warmth
    Realistic, School-based, Intolerance, Kink, Awkward, Slice of Life, Romance, Secrecy, Dorky

    Emily Fowler has always been on top of her class, to the point that she could have graduated early if she so wished, but a year of only mild amounts of studying was too nice a lure for her, and her parents were placated with the excuse that she would be preparing herself for university in the meantime. Her real goal is to have fun with life this year, and she’s been spending a lot of time doing so: museums, theatre productions, swimming, nerd conventions… She wants to soak up as much entertainment as she can before the school year ends, yet she also wants to share it with somebody. The problem is, the only guys who share her interests are kind of creepy, and the guys who don’t are just boring.

    Collin LaRoche is very tired. He transferred in for his senior year, and hasn’t bothered making any friends. At lunch, he picks a random table and group of people, though he rarely speaks with any of them, apart from trading his milk for an orange whenever that’s in the cafeteria. He looks like he belongs in a metal band, though admittedly he has no musical talent. When he’s in school, he’s trying his best not to fall asleep. The moment he gets home, he collapses into bed. When he awakens that night, he does homework, plays video games, or browses the internet. When he’s coherent in the daylight, there are only two people he pays much attention to: a nerdy girl who’s more social than him, and a disturbingly pretty guy who might be the only person attentive enough to notice something might be wrong, or maybe the only one to show any concern.

    There’s a Ren Faire in November. They aren’t planning on going together, but they’re sort-of friends. The fun part will be seeing who they’re with when they do cross paths.

    Openings: Other students, no instructors. Emily could feasibly bump into people from other schools on a regular basis, but Collin’s stuck with the people in his own school and local area. If you’re planning on being “the pretty guy,” be open / encouraging of skirts. Both of these are going to have their cute moments, and they’re also going to have their sad, funny and disturbing moments. But no rape for this one. Or most of my roleplays, for that matter. <,<

    The Missing Prince
    Excuse Plot, Fetish Fuel, Nightmare Fuel, Dungeon Crawler, Roguelike, Smutty

    They’ve said that nobody who enters The Temple of Corrupted Dreams ever returns, which begs the question of how this temple got its name, and furthermore, who started the rumour that The Chalice of Immortality was hidden within. That said, King Albert has decreed that the one to return to him with the chalice shall have his firstborn daughter’s hand in marriage. He doesn’t control the land in which this temple resides, but it is a serious offer.

    Naturally, Prince Taaru (and perhaps more importantly, The Codex of Infinite Wisdom) has gone missing, and his own father has posted a reward for the return of Taaru and the Codex. There’s no proof that Taaru has ventured into The Temple of Corrupted Dreams, but as the seventh in line to the throne, he certainly has a motive for doing so.

    And you, dear adventurer, are in for a real treat. You could be set for life, and have immortality to boot. But, do you have what it takes?

    Openings: Pathfinder, same rules as the open-ended adventure, 200 gold to start with. What will follow is a tale of depravity, horror, and corruption. If you’ve got hard limits, they’re probably going to be violated, though I’m not going to get gross on you. Inspired by a certain flash game.

    Lost Forever
    Modern, Fetish Fuel, Harem, Kinktastic

    You haven’t seen your best friend in years, but by chance you made contact the other day. This friend obviously recognized you, blushed, and fled, but you trailed them. You followed this old friend of yours to a house, one that was gated. You couldn’t get in, and you didn’t see your friend again, but something about that house keeps drawing you back. You’ve seen people walk up to the house in nothing but shorts and t-shirts, hit the buzzer, and walk inside, but you’ve never seen them leave.

    Do you really want to see your old friend that badly? Whatever’s going on here looks dangerously suspicious…

    Openings: Describe your character, then describe your friend. This isn’t nearly as depraved as The Missing Prince, but it’s going to be unsettling.

    Important Notes

    I don’t do smut… Well, not often. These have the possibility of turning graphic, some much more likely than others, but I’m not interested in sex without character development leading there. Fetishy things, I’m much more casual about, but I don’t do BDSM in an ownership context without the submissive giving their consent for such ownership, and never as a “before the opening” plot device, and never as the only thing going on in the story.

    If you want masters and servants, have a main plot ready, and be willing to do more than wait for “master” to get home. I’m not against these roleplays. I enjoy the hell out of them, but monotonous plots are monotonous, just as shy, completely broken, lost-without-somebody-telling-them-what-to-do submissives and abusive, control freak, always-on-top-alpha dominants are boring. If you want to be on the bottom end of things, I will be expecting initiative, charm, and actions on your part.

    For character races, I’m open to humanoids, monsters, humanoids with animal-ears, therians, and basically anything that isn’t undead, angelic, demonic or quadruped.

    Also, I only do 1x1 plays in private messages on here.
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  2. Pairings

    Humanoid x Nonhuman (monstrous, not monstrous, furre, hybridized-human, whatever)
    Land-owner x Unintentional Trespasser (scavenger-type)
    Tribal x Tribal
    Tribal x Monster
    Hunter x Shepherd
    Traveling Hunter x Songstress (gender unspecified; I just like the word 'Songstress')
    Submissive-type x Submissive-type
    Swimmer x Theatre Enthusiast
    Pet x "Pet-Sitter"

    Themes I Enjoy

    "If it's you it's okay"
    Rivalries gone soft
    Shyness, and the overcoming thereof
    Characters overcoming tragedies and grudges
    Actions that have an impact on the world around them
    Personality traits beyond dominance and submission
    Motivations that aren't about sex
    Difficult decisions
    Plot twists / surprises​
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  5. After next week, I'm going to organize my private roleplays a bit so I can actually stop neglecting them. Some are getting dropped, and it's entirely my fault. It kind of helps that I have a schedule now, but I'm foolishly planning to get into new stuff too.


    Monday: Faunna, Fox - Busiest day of my class schedule, but cutesy fluff isn't difficult to respond to.
    Tuesday: Songstress Sonata - class lightens up a bit; this'll be easier once I get the intro done.
    Wednesday: Witch and Familiar, "Stay off the furniture!" - More free time to play with; will probably need it for one of these.
    Thursday: The Jaguar's Paw - Been neglecting this, need to stop doing that.
    Friday: Malkuthe In Space - Exactly what it sounds like.
    Saturday: Warmth
    Sunday: Tribal Stories

    I'll still try to reply to the shorter ones throughout the week and especially on weekends, but I'm not planning to sacrifice my studies for it. Courseload's beyond what counts for "full time student," so I'm still probably going to slip up.
  6. I have an interesting role play idea, if youbcsre to pm me to hear it and maybe we might be able to role play together.
  7. Hi i'm interested in a roleplay with you.

    Maybe we can mix some things up hmm + Experimentations + Plot twists / surprises? C: