between Vampiress Angel and Unisus

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  1. Another thought of her brother floated through her mind as she laid in the back seat of a car her bed away from home. Her and her friend were on the run and they were not able to stay and sleep somewhere for long. They were lucky to get even a few minutes rest until they heard a moan from a zombie which meant more zombies were on the way. It had been about two weeks since the breakout and she had not seen her twin brother since the day it happened. The twins had watched a lot of zombie movies and played a lot of games at least she knew something about these creatures. But this was not a game nor they were a movie these things were different and faster. Turning on her side she looked at the back of the car that she now called home. A tear slid down her cheek as she though that her brother might be dead moments later her stomach growled letting her know she was hungry. "We need to get more supplies." Their supplies were slowing down and they would soon need to get to a grocery store to get more food.
  2. The second human that occupied the front passenger seat groaned her annoyance. She had only met this other girl a few days ago, but they clicked because well they shared one key want. The will to survive.

    Jessi's attire was of questionable taste, or so her parents would say. The girl was completely goth. Her clothes right now were very plain, but they were still black. Her hair was black but the roots had begin to show the sign of her true color, blonde. It was tied back hastily into a ponytail and it curled into nearly perfect ringlets. Her nose was pierced and each ear had too many piercings to count. She carried a black cloth purse which usually held much more food, but now only a bag of skittles were left.

    She munched on a few herself and offered the bag to the girl in the backseat. "Its all I have left." She scratched her arm and suddenly felt dirty. She obtained her current clothes from a newly made zombie she killed in defense the other day. Her previous clothes were in tatters and very dirty she could hardly stand them anymore. She was still not able to bathe either, which made her feel even dirtier.

    "We can try my house again now that I have the glock," She patted her purse where the gun was held as she spoke. "We can get in easy, even easier if they have moved on since then, its highly likely."
  3. When she saw the bag being handed to her she sat up in the back of the car and looked towards her. Taking the bag she popped a few into her mouth yes this was sugar but it wasn't healthy for them. "What about a grocery store? That way we could get a lot of items and there may be no zombies in there. If there was there would be only a few." She leaned back wishing that they had some pop for caffeine she was very tired right now. Caffeine always kept her awake but now she had none and she was working on very little sleep. Maybe there was a grocery store with some clothes in it and they would need to find some place to have a quick shower. Maybe if they go to Jessi's house then maybe they could have a shower there it wasn't that far of a drive.
  4. "We can go to the grocery store, but it will be more crowded than a simple house. We may come across a few more survivers, and again come across more zombies." She tucked the small bag of skittles back into her purse after fishing out a few more. "We can go to both. It won't be night for a while."
  5. "That's true. But we need more supplies and I'm running out of girl stuff." She smirked and then sat up more in the car knowing they would be leaving soon. "Can we go to your house and have a shower? We can get some clean clothes to." She said smiling and climbing into the front seat of the car not wanting to get out of the car just yet.
  6. "Of course, you drive. Last time I did I hit a zombie." Jessi cackled, the annoying kind of cackle that would make someone cringe. She turned to grab the seat belt and buckle herself. She remembered a day or two ago when the seat belts was broken, even before that was when she hit a zombie, she had almost gone through the wind shield because of the lack of the restraint. The car had been unable to start after the incident, it was how she found this other girl actually. She had seen Jessi run over the zombie, completely thinking she did it on purpose.
  7. Laughing at the cackle she put the key into the ignition noticing they need gas sometime soon. At least her friends house would be high up and hard to get into so that was a good thing. "Maybe we can spend a night there after going to the store. Your place is not easy to get into right?" She put her seat belt on as well and looked over to her friend sitting in the passenger seat. She started driving heading towards the grocery store that was very clsoe to her house so they wouldn't have long to travel afterward. The grocerystore also had gas so that was good as long as the gas wasn't already gone.