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  1. Emma Angelus (open)

    -"Be kind to your teachers now and make sure not to do any mischief. " Dad said, looking down at me, he took his big hand and ruffled my hair.
    -"But you are so kind, so I do not think you will do it either. Come on now, let's go. " He went ahead and I held tight on my father's hand, a woman with a white dress arrived, she had glasses and tacked brown hair. She smiled broadly at us while I hid behind my dad.
    -"Welcome , I did not think you would get here so fast!" The woman looked down at me.
    -"Oooh~, is this your fine girl that is going to begin in our school?" Said the woman and father nodded.
    -"Yes and I hope she gets a good education in this school too, but please, be kind and patient with her, she damaged her brain a little bit in birth and have difficulties understanding words, concentrate and do not talk much at all." The woman nodded at Dad's response.
    -"That's why we have this special school, sir." She said cheerfully, Dad turned to me and bent down, took his hands on my shoulders and said.
    -"Remember what I've told you, Dad will send letters to you every day and remember that I love you." Dad kissed my forehead and I looked up with a sad look.
    -"Papa..." I said weakly, Dad smiled at me and started walking away.
    -"PAPA!" I ran after him but the woman held me, the gates were closed and dad disappeared into the car. Tears went down at my cheeks and I started to cry.
    -"Papa, PAPA!" I tried to take me out of the woman grip while I saw the car go further into the fog and then disappearance altogether. The woman grabbed my arm and pulled me into the large brown building, the fog started to become dense and the trees around began almost lost them too.
    -"Come and I'll show you your room in the attic, you 'll get a new school uniform, be sure not to contaminate it!" The woman continued to pull me up the stairs and I continued to cry.


    The students had gone up from their beds and started eating breakfast, the teachers kept track of what they did and food aunts stood behind the counter and gave the children food. Students from different ages were there, from 10 to more than 15 years. So far, I was the youngest student there, seven and a half years. But the teachers said I was eight years old even though my birthday isn't near yet. The students stared at me and I was getting nervous and scared, one of the teachers pushed me to a table and I sat down. In front of me there was a tray filled with strange food and water aside, it is this kind of thing we "special" children receive? I was still not sure why being "special" is so bad,sure, Iit was harder to me to learn than the others in the class and I can not remember the words or what they all mean. But teachers should surely ensure that you get extra help?
    -" Eat your breakfast now!" Roared one of the teachers and I took up the fork , each bite I took was chewy like gum and the water tasted strange.
    -"To your classroom!" The teachers sent us into the classroom, all stood up at once and began to walk out of the dining room. I looked around anxiously and confused.
    -"Papa..." I want my daddy to come back and pick me up, that this was all a joke and I can go back to my life at home as normal.
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  2. [​IMG]

    Elizabeth Ligam awoke just like any other day. The floorboards creaked on the floor below, the beds squeaked, the boys had been roused. She listened for birds outside the windows, but their morning song was absent. Mournfully she sat up and looked out the window at a gray dreary day even worse than usual. She didn’t feel like singing either.

    “Get up!” came the command, and everyone obeyed. At fifteen she was one of the older girls in school, they all responded automatically, made beds, washed, put on uniforms, all the time stealing whispers and groggy morning greetings. Lizzy left her straight brown hair loose around her shoulders, and bangs drooping over her face. This made easier to hide her eyes during class as she stared vacantly in a daydream when she should be reading a book.

    At breakfast Lizzy waited as a single file line of younger students passed by. Eleven year old Dianne was at the end. Before a teacher could object the younger girl reached out, arms wrapping around her sister. “Did you see the sky this morning? A flat grey nothing from my window.” Lizzy whispered, gently petting her sisters blond hair and rubbing her back. Di winced at her touch and squeezed tighter.
    “It’s fog, I ran out in the garden, the whole way to the gate, and looked back at the house, the walls are the same shade as the fog, it looked like the windows were floating in air.” Di confessed.
    “Precious Di, stay inside, where the teachers will not hurt you.” Lizzy murmured, a sing-song lilt emerging in her voice.
    “They still do…” But her sentence was cut short as they were hurried into breakfast by the next teacher to enter. A new student was presented, and Lizzy thought she looked petrified. The sisters made eye contact across the room and agreed to keep an eye on her.
    “Don’t get her in trouble.” Lizzy mouthed.

    “To your classroom!” barked a teacher and so, just like always, the students stood and left.

    Dianne hurried to the new girl’s table, avoiding eye contact with the nearest teacher still hovering about. The stranger was upset, but every child missed something, the girl was fortunate to have a Papa to miss.
    “Good morning. I will be in your class, I think.” Dianne said with a warm smile and reached out offering to hold hands with the girl. It was always nicer to have a friend than a teacher “I’m Di, come with me. I’ll help you.”
  3. I looked at the older girl, reaching out her hand to me and I accepted. A little bit nervous though I walked to the classroom with a shaking hand. Everyone is much more larger in her eyes, adults or just older than her, no one was 8 years old other than me. The old grumpy woman had told me that and so, it seemed to be true. The girls and the boys got seperated, the boys went upstrais and the girls went straight through the hall and everyone got seperated depending on age and rank. The ranking system is to see whenever you can go outside and be accepted or if you'll stay even longer or go to another school. If you're good or bad, and those who are good, they get it a little better but not much and those who are bad, well. It's hard to say since you don't hear much from them. I've only knew about this rank untill now when everyone was going to go to different rooms but since I'm new and no one knows about my rank yet, I had to start at the lowest level of the rank to see if I'm able to go up in the rank. I didn't understand much but I think I got it when the old woman told me, but I still don't understand much. A teacher, a middle-aged scary-looking woman that had almost white hair screamed at me and the others to go inside our classroom, scared, I started to cry a little. The woman however didn't care and then told the others in another rank to "hurry up".

    I, together with others around the age I'm, but 2 or 3 years older, sat quiet on their benches. Luckily the bench for me was in the right height to see everything but this new place was scary. I don't want to be here. I kept thinking to myself before the scary-looking woman got inside the classroom and hit her table with a weird looking stick.
    -"Okay, class. I'm Mrs. Aundry Rover. And remember to call me by my last name, Rover! Got that!" She said in anger and everyone said "yes" except me who didn't understand what was going on.
    -"Okay, I'll call up the names of you and then you'll answer yes! But first! Say hello to a new member in the class! Emma Angelus, come forward." She said and when I wasn't fast enough she hit the table, screaming at me to hurry up and so I did in panic and went to her and then turned to the class.
    -"This is Emma Angelus, she has just arrived yesterday and will start in this class today. I except everyone to welcome her and don't do anything stupid now!" She called out to everyone and as before, eveyone said "Yes, Mrs. Rover."


    The first class in the lowest rank have ended and just in those 40 minutes or so, more than 6 in the class have been beaten for behaving badly or said anything wrong, including myself who didn't say much out of confuse. When I didn't understand what the others where saying, she yelled. When I stammered she yelled, was I really such a bad child? Do papa think so of me too? I started to think to myself and looked around the corridor. It was empty until Mrs. Rover came.
    -"Emma! Go out and play, it's recess now and I don't want children like you to be running around here!" She said and hit me on the back.
    -"Out, now!" She then took my arm and dragged me outside the door and I saw the other children play from my class plus some of the boys. Mrs. Rover stood on watch by the door and screamed at the other children and off I went somwhere. I found a rock under my foot and looked at it and then picked it up while examine it. I then throw it towards the school's wall that was build on bricks and then picked it up and threw it again and again until the recess would end.
    Soon the school ground would be filled with the older children whom would have their recess. I kept throwing and picking up the rock again and again and kept ignoring the other children laughing or screaming at me.
    -"Weirdo! What are ya' doin' with that rock?!" One would yell or other similar things but I kept throwing it against the wall. But then I felt someone behinde me and turned.
  4. "Let go of me you, two-bit pieces of crap!" I shouted as I kicked and fought to get away from the teacher.'Great...' I thought as another teacher came running up to help the first. How did I always get in this position. I guess this is what I get for being that girl. 5"9', shoulder length black hair, gauged ears, combat boots, the whole nine yards. I some how ripped my black tank top in the fight and the trips on my pants must have gotten yanked off. Out of the corner of my eye I can see the new girl throwing a rock at the wall, then i see her.'oh crap!' I thought to myself 'She doesn't know to avoid her! I have to help her!'. with that thought i redouble my effort to get away from the teachers as the "queen" approaches her next victim.......
  5. An older girl with pretty hair and eyes and much more taller than me stood before my eyes, I looked up in wonder. I didn't know what to do when facing new people, nor what to say since I haven't done that in a while now. The girl started to smile and looked at my rock.
    -"Having fun?" She asked and bow down a bit to get to her own lenght. I just nodded.
    -"What's your name?" She then asked and I of course, answered.
    -"E-Emma Angelus." I said a bit nervous and the girl kept smiling her gentle smile and then took my rock.
    -"You know what? You don't need this, girls like you shouldn't play with rocks." She said.
    -"We.. shouldn't?" I asked and she nodded.
    -"Heey... you know what would be fun?" She then asked, she seemed to be a nice girl but her way of speaking was a little suspicious. But maybe she talks in that way?
    -"Here, let me show you!" She then said before letting me answer and took my hand, throwing away my rock. I, whom didn't know what to do, simply followed.
  6. I finally manage to back free and sprint toward toward the girl. I just manage to slide in between the new girl and the queen."Not this time, Alyssa" I hiss,crouching down"not this one". Alyssa glares at me, and I stand up standing taller then her. I make sure the new girl is behind me. I can see teachers rushing toward us, but I'm not going to run. This girl is different I can feel it. She needs to be protected." Back down Alyssa, you don't want this fight. Plus you don't want to mar that pretty face do you?" I smirk watching her face twist in anger....
  7. She started to make a weird face and her eyes really glared at her.
    -"Hmph." She tossed her hair over her shoulder.
    -"I was only going to show this girl around, relax." Alyssa, as her name was. Started to turn around and walked towards her friends that stood in a small group mixed with boys and girls while I looked at the new person standing infront of me. And then the teachers came.
    -"Now you do as you're told! Come here!" One said in anger.
    -"Don't make us drag you to the principal's office!" The other said and took a grip around her arm, I however didn't even get touched. They just tossed me away since I was in their way. I could see how the others glared at us and I could hear someone say scared.
    -"The principal's office?!" The guy said it like it was something really bad, like a scary room you shouldn't go to. Was the principal really that bad? Emma hasn't even visitid him yet. The others near them started to chat and it started to get a bit fussy on the school yard.
    -"Now come with us!" The teacher then said, helping the other.
  8. Di would have liked to go play with Emma at recess, but she was still in trouble for going outside earlier that morning. She was forced to stay in an unused classroom with a few others. They spent the first ten minutes prying the window open a few inches before it jammed, they were still stuck. When the older students were released for recess Lizzy stood by the window and talked to Di who told her about class and about Emma Angelus, who cried and stammered. She would have a hard time here.

    The shouting of teachers drew their attention away from each other.
    “Lizzy you have to go help Emma.” Di urged, but the older girl shook her head.
    “Just wait, if I went now I’d get in trouble too.”
    “In the name of Bethany go help that girl!” Di shouted, calling on their close bond as sisters. Lizzy stared at her wide eyed, it was really that important to her? Then she would do it, and the next moment she rushed across the school yard, getting to Emma before anyone else could.

    She had never thought very highly of that rebellious girl who was always getting herself into a bind, but after seeing her stand up to Alyssa, decided she might be alright. Lizzy crouched down beside the youngest girl. “Emma. Come away from them. We don’t want to get in trouble. I’m Di’s sister, Lizzy. Let’s go over by the younger kids, okay?” They ought to get as far from Alyssa’s group as possible.
  9. I got a bit suprised when another girl came to her, saying her name is Lizzy. So much is happening at the moment so it's not weird for being confused but I did as I was told and walked away. I followed Lizzy while looking back to the other girl who've helped me. The boys and the other girls, watched as the surroinding got nosier and then it happened. The door opened and everyone got quiet, it was like everyone knew who it was but I, confused looked at who it was.
    -"The schoolguard!" Someone said in panic and people started to whisper to each others. I turned to Lizzy.
    -"Who is he?" I asked, looking at the man, slowly walking to the teachers and the girl who is making a big fuss.

    The school's guard (open)

    He slowly walked towards the teachers and as soon they got a glanse at him they let the girl go. He fixed his glove and looked at the girl with scary yellow eyes and an evil aura surronding him, he was very different indeed. Cold and calm. He didn't look so brittish neither, perhaps he was from another country?
    -"I see that the troublemaker is on the run once again." He said with a deep voice and coldly stared at the teachers.
    -"Go away, I'll take care of this." He commanded the teachers and off they went. He then glared empty at the girl.
    -"I think that the principal will be very happy to see you... again." He took a grip of the girls arm so she wouldn't run away and then looked at Emma and Lizzy.
    -"You're the new girl, aren't you?" He asked and looked at me, I got startled and nodded.
    -"I want you to come to the principal's office as well, follow me. Please." He said in a not very nice tone. I looked at Lizzy and then the others watching. Should I? I thought. But if I didn't the scary man would probably grip my arm as well and scream at me and I didn't want that considering how scary he is. I nodded and went to him a little nervous as he held out his arm to take her with him.
  10. “That’s the schoolguard. No one gets away from him. They say he’s a monster, not human at least. Some of us think he can use magic. That’s why you really don’t want to get into trouble. Even the teachers are afraid of him.” Lizzy answered gravely.

    The whispers around them were full of fanciful tales and rumors most students doubted, but were too afraid not to believe. “I heard he destroyed a classroom to punish a teacher who crossed him.” “He can see into your soul, know if you are lying or not.” “He burned a boy’s bed and he had to sleep on the floor for a year.” “My first year he beat a girl named Megan for talking back, it was so bad she never even spoke again and had to be sent home without a cure.” “Trent Jacobs three years ago got frozen in place.” “I heard that, like he was put in a trance.” “Remember when he took that Ryan kid from the auditorium? Did you ever see him again?” “No, they probably ate him.”

    Lizzy knew better than to believe everything she heard, but when the school guard turned to look at them she believed every word could be horribly true. But what could they do? With a sorrowful look at the little girl Lizzy forced a smile. “Be brave Emma.”

    Lizzy knew once they left, it would take a few moments for the chill to wear off, then everyone would go back to their normal miserable lives. From here, by the little kids, she could sneak away without being noticed. The back hallway behind the kitchen would be empty and most of the teachers were busy, she could get into the conference room next to the principal’s office and at least listen through a vent to what happened. Then she would know the truth herself, instead of waiting for rumors.
  11. That all to familiar voice was all I heard before I'm being dragged back to the principals office again. And with that the new girl too. As we are being marched down the hall I motion for the new girl to come up beside me. Mr. Hothead glares at me but I ignore him. I look back at the girl again holding my hand out for her to take it."Hi I'm grace nightingale nice to meet you"...........
  12. I took out my hand to her, holding it a little longer than expected.
    -"E-Emma Angelus." I stuttered and then the school guard talked to someone and opened the door to the principal's office. The room was quite small, the walls white, light brown floor and a brown desk. A brittish flag hanging by the wall but it was pretty small to be seen but if you watched enough you could see it beside all the different arts of landscapes and a paper with words on it. The school guard let go of us both and walked to the side where behinde him was a bookshelf in black wood.
    -"Mr Henry." The guard said and I turned to the table once again where a young man stood and was about to take off his jacket, he reminded me a little of my father but much more younger in the face. But his eyes, where much more scary looking. Like they could kill.

    Mr Henry (open)

    -"Yes, what is it?" He asked in almost a deep tone as the guard but much more smoother and somewhat colder. Beside him was a cup of coffee that he took up and drank. The guard cleared his throat, it seemed that he was nervous.
    -"Well, I've Grace Nightingale with me and-" Before he could speak up the principal sighed like he already knew. The principal's hair was messy and he looked tired, it seemed that he've had a very bad day.
    -"Again?" He said a bit more threatening and sighed once again.
    -"I've had a very bad day... and you know how I'm in bad days, Albin." He then glared at the guard and he started to stutter himself by the principal's death-glare, I was very scared myself.
    -"Yes..." He could only say. The principal then glared at me but in a much more different way.
    -"Are you Angelu's daughter?" He asked me and I stuttered confused a "y-yes". He got quiet and then looked at the guard.
    -"Take Grace outside... I will teach her a lesson or two later." And so the guard did, he took a grip of Grace's arm and almost dragged her outside and me, I looked at Grace in a desperate need of help. But she couldn't do anything, not with that guard around. He turned to the scary principal, almost looking like my dad, while he hang up his jacket and sat down.
    -"Come here." He then said and I did, but it was hard with shaky legs.


    The guard whom is called Albin stood by the door, guarding Grace so she wouldn't run away. It was quiet but the woman writing on the machine did her work like always. The clock on the wall started to get louder and the tense aura grew bigger. Albin would now and then look at Grace to see that she didn't do anything stupid. After a moment that seemed like a lifetime, Emma got outside the door. The principal called out for Albin och he toog a grip at Grace's arm again.
    -"Come here." He said in an angry tone while I saw her go into that scary room once again.
    -"Grace..." I said in a low tone, hoping that she would be alright.
  13. The conference room idea proved to be a complete failure. The principal’s office was too well insulated to hear normal talking. Neither of the girls were screaming, the principal wasn’t shouting, so there was no way of knowing what was happening on the other side of the wall. His door opened, and then there was silence again. She crawled on the floor and poked her head around the corner, there stood Grace and the school guard, Lizzy pulled her head back holding her breath and hoping not to get caught. When the door opened again she risked another look. Grace was back in the office, Lizzy didn’t particularly want to hear what punishment would be inflicted on her. Emma on the other hand was now visible, with no one but the secretary to watch her. Lizzy stood up carefully and put on a confident act as she walked into the office.

    “Mrs. Rover is looking for Emma Angelus. Is she finished now or should I wait for her?” she lied to the secretary. The teen smiled at Emma, she had survived at least and did not appear much worse than she had before. Hopefully now that she had met the principal, she would not have to interact with him for weeks, months if she was lucky. But none of the students here seemed very lucky.
  14. The old woman who kept on writing like never before just looked down, with her round glasses.
    -"Alright, escort her. I'm a bussy woman right now." She said and didn't even make a glance, I looked over at Lizzy and walked towards her.
    -"Were did you come from?" I asked and then looked back at the room, hoping that Grace where okay. The principal looked very scary but he was actually nice, or he is only nice to very young children. I didn't know but to me he was a nice man like papa but no one could even compare to him. Now I looked down, started to get the thoughts of papa again and sighed while gripping my shirt in thought and then looked at Lizzy.
    -"Is she going to be alright?" I asked Lizzy.
  15. Lizzy waited until they were out of earshot before answering either of her questions, slipping into a vacant classroom just down the hall.
    "I was hiding in the conference room to try and find out what the principal and guard would do to you. I'm starting to worry about you kid. But i couldn't hear anything while you were in there. Grace...well...she's tough. We will stay here and if she comes out soon, we can ask her, she might even tell you what they did. I doubt she would open up to me." Though, honestly Lizzy had never tired to talk to Grace about anything, she didn't seem to want people snooping around in her personal life like that.
    "I know the principal is terrifying, but if you don't do anything too bad you won't have to deal with him, just the teachers. You will get used to school here soon. Everyone gets in trouble for something. But at least you already have people looking out for you." Lizzy said trying to reassure her that life here could be bearable. They waited for Grace to be released for what seemed a very long time.
  16. After what seemed like hell, manage to get away. I collapse in the floor of the hall not wanting to move. I can still feel the sting of the blows and the blood running down my lip. I can't feel my left arm from the elbow down, broken." This school sucks.. " I manage to say to myself as I lay there. I can feel the bruises darkening just like I can't thing of that now. As I try to pull myself down the hallway, only rewarded by a sharp pain that makes me shout. The way his hands on me......I feel tears beginning to run down my face. I manage to curse only to myself before the world goes dark...........
  17. When I heard someone collapse and turned around I saw that it was Grace, in panic and confusion I ran to her, shaking her a little weakly on her arms.
    -"Grace? What happened? Grace!" I said and started to panic even more, tears coming down my cheeks. I've never been in a situation like this and it scared me, is it going to be like this a lot? Then the steps of highheels echoed through the hall, a woman with blond hair and white clothes started to trotting to them.
    -"Oh, again?" The woman said, kneeling down and feeling Grace's body and then looked at us both.
    -"Would you please come with me to the nurse's office?" She then said and lifted Grace up, strong she was even though she looked a little weak. She seemed to be the school's nurse, a very nice lady compared to Mrs. Rover.


    Grace, me and Lizzy where now in the Nurse's office, not knowing if more would come to check on them. The woman, calling herself Mrs. Anny Levander, or Mrs. Levander for short. Stood ready with her supplies and walked towards Grace. Putting some patches here and there. Mrs. Levander sighed.
    -"If only the principal and everyone could be more gentle... it wouldn't be like this." She then turned to us.
    -"Did he have... one of his bad days?" Mrs. Levander asked. I looked at Lizzy and then at her.
    -"Well, he did say that he had one. What about it?" I asked in curiousity. He did seem like the devil himself with that death-glare but when they where alone, he didn't do anything wrong, just asked about her dad. The nurse sighed and glared at Grace.
    -"He... Well, to get this straight. He can be very mean when he have bad days and not many wants to meet him then. But when he doesn't have bad days, he can actually be very nice." She said with a small smile that dissapeared right after.
    -"Did you meet him as well?" I nodded to her question.
    -"Well, he didn't do anything to you, did he?" She looked at me with gentle green eyes and I shaked my head.
    -"He only asked about my father, nothing more."
    -"Oh..." She would reply.
  18. I did know how I got to the nurse's station, but I didn't care. The pain was gone except for the throb in my arm. I looked over seeing Emma and Lizzy sitting beside the bed I'm in."hey"I manage to say. I see them look up. As I look back at the ceiling I see Mrs. Levander or mom to me." Mom" I look at her and see the hurt in her eyes. I'm forced to look away or I will start to cry again. I can't break down in front of people.......
  19. Mrs. Levander turned to us.
    -"It seems like she'll make it. It's nothing too serious. But I would like it if you two could go back to class. Don't worry, I'll take care of her." She said with a gentle smile and her blonde hair that was made in a ponytail shone brightly with her it.
    -"Oh, don't you two worry! I'll take care of her!" She then said when she probably saw our wondering faces, or atleast mine.

    When they've walked out of the room she turned to Grace, she wasn't in an all too bad state. It could've been much worse in days like these. She sighs.
    -"Don't worry, it'll get better soon. You just need some rest and you've to stop getting into fights all the time, haven't I told you already?"
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  20. Lizzy smiled a little when Grace called the nurse Mom. So that's how she could be so determined, why this place couldn't break her day after day, like Lizzy had Di, Grace had one person who cared. And now there was Emma too.

    Reluctantly the pair left for class. Mrs. Levander said Mr. Henry wasn't always mean, but Lizzy didn't believe a word. She bet on good days he would still be worse than the teachers. Emma was the only one she'd ever heard of walking out of that office without at least being threatened.
    "He really just asked how your Dad is doing? Does he even know your Dad?" She asked Emma in the hallway.
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