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    There was no castle in the world that was as magnificent as King James' castle.

    From the majestic landscape filled with trees blessed with plump, luscious fruits, flowers of various sorts sprinkled with the colours of the rainbow, and the fertilising bees and insects that tended to them -- it was only second rate compared to the acropolis it cradled. Made from the finest materials, it was tailored by the finest architects and engineers that dedicated their hearts and souls all the way back to the first king -- his forefather, the victor of the early wars, and conqueror of the land.

    Putting the allure aside, the King James also possessed the finest military in the continent. Disciplined, well-trained and well-armed, these men were the men that earned him the allies he had earned. Having the reputation of having a conquered land, his kingdom boasted the finest army money can afford -- allowing them to conquer any land they choose. They were feared, and they were fearless.

    James mused these thoughts quietly as he leaned on his pedestal, it was quite an arrogant thing to think about -- yet the epiphany always pleased him. He liked power, and the he loved how he was powerful. Here he sat, on a throne made of gold and stone -- a seat where his father and generations prior of his bloodline had settled. This was the place where they thought, mused, and ruled. But today, today he was not that man -- today he was a father, and it was a very happy day. His son will come home soon, and one day, he will sit in this very throne where he will muse, ponder, and rule.

    "My Lord." A dark haired man greeted with a smile that crinkled under his beard. He donned an all-white attire, accompanied with a black velvet coat with a collar made of bear fur and black leather boots. He was quite a handsome man, middle-aged but charming. From his attire and appearance, there was no doubt that he was a noble -- a rather expensive one too.

    "Ah, Duke of Cornwall. Fancy seeing you here!" The King chirped in a rather jovial tone that took the Duke by surprise, his King was a stern man -- not a happy old goof. He raised his jeweled hand to cue the man to rise from this bow -- which he did so, keeping a confused look in his face.

    "You seem rather... Cheerful." the Duke inquired subtly, hoping to get an answer from his complimentary remark. His King seemed rather off, and it was not a normality in his eyes.

    "Yes. Yes I am." The King answered with no hesitance, combing his greying beard thoughtfully, "My son is coming home."
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    Cera Lee was walking around town under the shade of the shops. She heard the Kings son was coming home, and she'd have the honor of guarding him. She made her way to the castle and inside, going to the throne room to greet the King. "Your majesty" she bowed.
  3. The Duke and the King's conversation were paused momentarily to acknowledge the newcomer, who, made his face brightened in the same vibrance as it did at the mention of his son. "Cera." He spoke in a soft tone, greeting the young woman who was bowing before them. She was a type of lady who was as dark as this castle was vibrant -- long black hair, an all black garb, and accompanied by an enticing yet mysterious aura. Elegant, but intriguing.

    "And who might this young maiden be?" the Duke of Cornwall pried, circling her with the utmost curiosity. How could a maiden of this sort be familiar with his King? Unbeknownst to him, she was essential to the King's new guest.

    "She will be appointed as my son's personal guard!" James boasted haughtily, much to the Duke's surprise. First a son that he never knew existed, and now a female guard? This day was escalating quickly!

    "A woman? That is absurd."

    "Not accepting it is more, Duke." the King hissed in underlying warning, glaring at the other man -- reminding him of his definite authority. He sighed and slanted his eyes back to the young lady, she was the only female guard in his steed and she had so much to live up to from her colleagues. Guard of the other gender were uncommon, but having the skill set the woman had made her quite a talent. She was special, and so was his son, "What brings you here my dear? My son won't be here till later."
  4. "I just wanted to know if there was anything i can do, to prepare sir" she said ignoring the Duke's response to her.
  5. "Ah! Is that so? Well, there is nothing really -- i just ask of you to be as astounding as you already are!" James requested, ignoring the Duke's astounded expression. She was a highly skilled individual, and he knows from the bottom of his heart that she will never let him down. Right? Right. Maybe putting a woman like her in charge would put his son into place, especially knowing the tendencies that boy can stir.

    His son was a secret he kept for years -- mainly to ensure that no one could use him a vulnerability. He was as precious as his whole kingdom, and for the first time, he would let him out and into the open. It was time anyways, his son was bound to be exposed and acknowledged as the future ruler of this everlasting kingdom. He will make wars, he will fight wars, and he will win wars.

    "Wait around in the courtyard for now, his carriage is bound to meet you there."
  6. "Yes sir" she smiled and turned to walk out. She walked through the halls and out to the courtyard. 'I wonder what he is like..' She thought to herself.

    [Some facts about vampires :3 :

    ~They CAN go in the sun. No they don't sparkle, no they don't turn to ash. In my rp's, they feel a small burning sensation. The burning feeling increases and can become really painful until they go back into shade or some sort of cover. It needs to be direct contact.
    *It only burns the revealed skin, so if they go out in a bikini or swim trunks they are gonna hurt, but if they're covered, long sleeves, long pants, scarf around the face or hat shading the face they're fine.

    ~They CAN eat people food. It doesn't satisfy them like blood does, nor give them the nutrition it does though.

    ~They do have urges. They can control them though its harder for a less experienced vampire. It's harder if they are near the humans throat or haven't fed in a while. The sight and smell of blood make it a ton harder.

    ~They can drink a human's blood without killing or turning them. If a vampire drinks all a humans blood, they're dead, because they have no blood. If a vampire bites a human and drinks some blood they can still stay human. They turn into a vampire only if they want the human too. The turning is painful.

    ~They do not turn into bats. Though they can have special abilities.

    ~Have enhanced abilities. Run faster, stronger, quicker thinking and reflexes for example.

    ~Not allergic to garlic.

    ~Not effected by crosses.

    ~Don't sleep in coffins. They can and do sleep.

    I think that's it. :) ]
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  7. (My vamp chars are almost similar as yours, but I have more thingies xD)

    "Someone chase him!" A courtyard guard bellowed as he ran with his sword, swifting the stone ground as fast as his heavy armour could carry him. Ahead of him was a boy dressed in commoner garb: worn out white tunic, dirty brown bottoms, and worn out leather shoes. He possessed a roll bread, a small pouch of gold coins, and a victorious smirk that was practically sculpted upon his face.

    "You're at a disadvantage! You look like a mountain of tin!" The boy retorted in a jovial tone, picking up his speed to leave the guards at an extreme disadvantage. Soon enough, all the guards posted at the courtyard was caught in a frenzy, attempting to madly chase the mischevious lad. As he was a petty crime maker, they forbidden to use arms against him -- which, creates the flaw in the majestic army of King James' kingdom.

    Today was a busy day.
  8. Cera saw the young boy, and decided to chase after. 'Those other guards are slow..' She thought as she ran, easily catching up: "I'd surrender now" she said grinning
  9. As the boy ran, he noticed another predator after his trail. Instead of another metal junk of a post guard, his new chaser was... A woman? This took him off guard, making him slightly stumble and slow down. A girl, chasing after him? How ridiculous was that? But it wasn't a dream or an illusion -- it was real. A girl was chasing him, and she was relentless. This girl did not stop, she was determined and she was out to get him -- even threatening him the process.

    "My dear lady, I'd rather you stay out of my little feud between the castle guards." he yelled out to her, running in circular motions around the courtyard with a horde of guards hot on is tracks. The clever, sword-clad men sealed the gates -- making him unable to make a swift escape. He had to climb the gates, but before he could do so -- these men were going to pull him down into their grasp. His strategies were faltering, but that didn't mean the he was running out.

    He will never run out, he won't let it. He will escape.
  10. Cera growled running faster and grabbing him by the collar of his shirt yanking him back. "I am a knight, and you won't be getting past me." She said dragging him back roughly. She was furious he thought she should stay out of it because she was a woman.
  11. The boy -- initially surprised that she was a knight -- slowly began to bring out an elaborate smirk that grew wider as time passed while she held him under her grasp. "My lady, you take me by surprise in every second that passed by." he trailed out smoothly, accepting the defeat of capture while waiting for the gang of guards that began rummaging towards their location. He looked over her quizzically, for knight she was unlikely dressed than the others -- black, black everything. Not to mention, she was quite attractive as well -- too attractive to be something like a knight.

    "Your name, boy?" the Captain of the Guard heaved heavily, pointing his sword towards the him in a very unstable demeanour. The girl and him were practically surrounded by men with their swords pointed in offence -- not bad, they were as disciplined as the stories say. But out of all them, nothing stood out more than the female knight in black clothing.

    "Prince Alexander the Fifth, son of King James the Second." he announced, looking at the girl while doing so -- still carrying the smirk that was already planted on his face.
  12. Her eyes widen in shock, then she narrows then and with a quiet growl she lets go. "I wouldn't do that anymore if i were you." She said.why was the prince wearing that, running around and causing trouble?! He could have gotten killed!
  13. "The thrill of being a commoner is delighting." Alex breezed, stretching his arms while producing a satisfied sigh. He began to pace around like nothing happened of sorts happened, the guards who were so hostile just moments ago began kneeling at his feet, nearly kissing the ground he walked on -- muttering countless apologies, even driving one of them into tears. This was overlooked by the young prince, however, he was too fascinated by the castle he had never stepped foot into.

    His father was very protective of him, to the point of sheltering his existence to the world! To the guards and the rest of the people in this acropolis, he was a new face. This was the first time in their life to see and know of the existence of the young prince -- and he had already caused more trouble than they ever expected him to come up with. He looked around, inhaling the fresh air as he ate his stolen bread and tossed the stolen gold back to it's owner.

    "What on Earth -- Alexander!" King James exclaimed from the distance, he appeared just by the doors near the courtyard -- extremely aware of the scenario his own son had stirred. He, along with his own guards and the Duke of Cornwall approached him quickly. "Why are you wearing such... Such materials!" he frowned, pulling on the dirty tunic his son had fitted himself into. After a moment, the King shook his head, "This won't do. Maids! Take him for a bath! He doesn't look like my son."

    "Father, I was just having some fun..." Alex muttered as the command of maids began appearing before him -- preparing to take him for bathing. He looked over to the lady knight in black who was still present in the scenario, acknowledging her to his father, "Who's she?"

    "She's your personal guard. Because I know, you're always up to something no good." the King sighed, rubbing his temples as the Duke of Cornwall watched on -- analysing this new character they call the king's son. Alexander was quite a character, and the duke knew that well. From his nature, it will be hard to be acquainted with him for his own personal agendas. Young boys were young boys.

    The prince looked over to the girl again, giving her a subtle smile, "I'll be seeing you then, my lady."
  14. Cera smirked. "Can't wait" she said. The prince would be a handful, she could tell, but she loved a good challenge. "Where shall i wait for him?" She asked the king. Since she was a personal guard she'd have to be with him, just about 24/7.
  15. "He'll be out in the main hall shortly, Cera. Also, we will have an introductory ball later tonight as an official introduction to my son's existence." the King told her, watching his only son being dragged away by a group of maids who tried to keep his fidgety nature still; as if fearing that he was up to something no good.

    The Duke of Cornwall gaped at his Lord, "Your Majesty, how was I not informed of any ball happening?"

    "Now you are." the King grinned sheepishly to his dumbfounded expression, a man with his power can really do whatever he wishes -- even coming up with a party out of thin air. It will have guests too, since everyone invited was obligated to go -- whether they like it or not. "I just thought about having a ball just right now, and so, invitations will be distributed to it's respected guests shortly."
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  16. Cera smiled "ok thank you sir" and bowed her head again, then walked over to the main hall.
  17. [​IMG]
    When groomed well, Alexander was quite an attractive male: honey brown hair, greyish green eyes, and the fierce aura of his father's features shadowed by his mischievous nature. His maids already dressed him for the ball, whose time was nearing in a few hours. He donned an all-black outfit: an all leather suit that made him look like the prince he was deemed to be; his hair was unkempt and messy -- evidently messed up on purpose. ​
    He entered the main hall with a smirk on his face, opening his arms wide as he gave Cera a 360 view of his attire in a slow spin, "I look like you now, my lady." ​
  18. Cera laughed lightly. "Yes, you do." She said looking at his outfit. A lot like hers. "So, what would you like to do now? "
  19. Alexander narrowed his eyes, as if in deep if thought -- if he had such things going on. He paced around the somewhat quiet hall, watching as servants began to transform what was once a hall where people would bl before the King into a posh, richly deocrated banquet that revolved around his father's throne. He was beyond impressed at how quickly these were all arranged -- so well and orderly, as if it was planned weeks prior.

    "Hmm." He said after a moment, looking back at her with engaged curiosity, "Why don't you tell me about yourself? I think I'm obliged to know what sort of person will be accompanying me for the rest of my time in here."

    She was a curious fellow indeed. A female knight -- it's not a very common sight.
  20. "Well, i don't have a family, i trained all my life to be something great, strong, brave, good -a knight. My favorites colored are blood red, royal blue, and black. " she smiled. There wasn't too much about her, besides being a vampire.
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