Between the Sun and Moon

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Character sheets: (im sorry its so poor and short :( )
Name-eric miles
Appearance-Hair length is down to his fore head and is burrnet. his skin is clean and is colored a light shade of his own hair,
Personality-The man use useally drunk but when hes not, hes a nice man who likes to help people around town(in returen for some drinks).
Backstory- once a hot shot reporter one allmost every secen sent down to a twon and his life began with drinking and takeing some what good photos.
Supernatural powers the character would have (if they somehow received them)-stop time for 10 seconds at a time
Okay. Can you fix up the spelling? There are some words I can't quite make out.
Aah! I am so sorry I did not repost to this earlier. >< It has been a bit of a crazy week and I just recently had to force myself to post in another RP so yeah. Anywho. I'll get you a Character sheet up tonight, promise!

Ed, I think he is talking about Takeing [which should be spelled Taking], Returen [I think is a typo, but should be Return], and... this phrase here:

Backstory- once a hot shot reporter one allmost every secen sent down to a twon and his life began with drinking and takeing some what good photos.
Perhaps some overlooking your posts, or having someone check them for typos or errors or such will help you out.
[My apologies on such a tiny Character sheet. My posting makes up for it though, I am sure. I also apologize if this seems extremely half baked.]

Name: Charlotte
Age: 19
Appearance: How she appears
Personality: Charlotte is an intelligent girl, imaginative, but also wiley. She uses her abilities to befuddle and charm those around her to get her way, rather than spew insults and cruelty. Her favorite place to be is the outdoors because of the lulling sounds of creatures rustling, the wind, the illusiveness of city inhabitants. She had decided long ago that she is her own person, and hesitates not to step forth and do what is necessary.
Backstory: [I will expand on this later.]
Would this thread still be open for sign up?
I'm sorry I was a little lax on posting. That's good Curiose. Sanctum, go right ahead. We still need a scientist, or you could be something entirely different.
Name: Ettana Nemecek

Age: 19

Appearance: Ettana has long black hair and alabaster skin. She is thin and small, yet curvy and full figured. Her eyes are a dark brown, almost black, and they look souless and sad at times.

Personality: Ettana is quiet and soft spoken. She seems like a smart, shy, young scientist, but she's quirky. Sometimes her body will act in unusual, jerky ways. Othertimes she will seem to be concentrating very hard, but she is trying to figure out what the whispers in her head are saying.

Backstory: Ettana was raised in a wealthy family, went to the most prestigous schools and finished high school at 14. Now she is a fully certified scientist who is currently studying myths and the unexplainable.

Supernatural powers the character would have (if they somehow received them): Talking to ghosts, spirits, phantoms, things that "don't exist", such as mythical creatures, etc.
Nice! I think we have everyone in. Everyone ready to start? Okay, here goes.

The exploratory party arrived at the ruins twenty minutes ago, and has since began a heated discussion about whether the ruins are magical or the pentagram seen only through the archway is just an illusion. Charlotte, Charlotte's dad, Ettana, and Eric are all there. Masa, you'll have to wait a bit but I'll get you fairly soon.

Discuss away, guys.
Is the IC up? if it is, may I have a link?
Thank you! I will get to posting tonight.

Also... As a note, if you wish to flesh out ideas, it might be good to kind of keep the plotting out of the IC. Keeps it clean, while also removes clutter and confusion.

But as for what you stated in teh IC, I am not entirely sure what you mean.