Between the Sun and Moon

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  1. There is a lake between the sun and moon
    Not too many know about
    In the silence between whisper and shout
    The space between wonder and doubt

    These words are inscribed on the arch to a set of ruins Charlotte Branson finds when wandering through the woods one day. The only two structures left intact are the arch and a pentagram past it. The pentagram has symbols all around it, but they are in a language she can't read. Charlotte notices that she can see the pentagram when she is looking through the arch, but not when she isn't. Frightened, she goes back to the city and tells her father, who is the mayor, about the arch. She withholds its location from her father, who she knows will prohibit her from helping investigate it if she doesn't have a bargaining chip.

    Her father organizes a group of people to investigate the ruins, and reluctantly lets her come along as a guide. When they get to the ruins, there is a debate: the arch is obviously unusual in some way. Does the party go through it? Or do they stay in town and investigate further?

    Characters necessary:
    A paranormal expert
    A scientist
    A couple others (whatever people want to play)

    I will play the father.

    Character sheets:
    Supernatural powers the character would have (if they somehow received them)
  2. Could I play a friend of Charlotte's? I'd like to use my character Masa for this.
  3. Sounds good. You'll have to come in a little late but not too much. Can you post the character sheet?
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  6. Name: Masa Sakamoto
    Age: 17

    New Masa.JPG

    Loyal and Honest. Masa is the type to stick up for her friends and loved ones without backing down. She'll speak her mind and won't care about the consequences that could follow.
    She doesn't care at all if someone mistakes her to be a boy, which happens all the time. Even her teachers would think she is a boy.

    Masa's father has always wanted a boy, but was disappointed that his first child turned out to be a girl. He became determined to make her be the boy he always wanted. He convinced his wife to name her Masa, and raised her to be a great fighter in their family owned dojo.
    She thinks of training as a chore around the house, so she isn't spirited about it.

    Supernatural powers the character would have: A sword called the Black Dragon. It gives Masa the power to either protect or destroy.

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  7. Do you mind if we keep the bit about th katana out for now? I don't want the world to have any supernatural elements at first. Maybe it can be a legend of her familys and the sword can be related to the supernatural powers she gets?
  8. Yeah, okay. I'll change it.
  9. Cool. I'd there anyone you might be able to invite to the thread? I wanna get this started soon if possible.
  10. Paranormal expert is sooooo meeeeee xD hahaha
    Will start working on my character ;)
  11. Yay! I got one, now time to find some more people.
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    hmm... well then I have some time to think of my character and don't need to rush xD haha
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