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  1. Police officer Charles Damian sighed. Another call about a criminal who had just fled the scene of an armed robbery. That was, probably, the 3rd time this month that this had happened. Quite frankly, he was tired of it. He did love his job, but the monotony of the same crime over and over again really hit a nerve. He was the officer called to the scene. He drove over there as quickly as he could, or wanted to, and did all he needed to do. It was the same ordeal. Same Criminal description too. Apparently the criminal was female and the only thing someone could see about her was that her eyes were a bright blue.

    "So what happened? Where did she go when she left?"

    One of the standers by pointed out the front doors.

    "She went right out the front doors and to her right." Charles left the younger officers in charge of securing the scene while he followed the criminal's steps. Noticing bright red on the ground, upon closer inspection, it looked like that of blood. Someone must have tried fighting this criminal off and hurt her in the process. He followed the trail to an alleyway about a block down. Looking down the alleyway, he saw a figure laying on the ground. Looking around to see where he was, his house was only a block down. He ran back to get his car, telling them he was investigating a lead as to where the criminal might have gone and sped off to the block where the injured woman lay. Walking up to her, he could tell she had fainted from the blood loss she had sustained. He took his handkerchief and wrapped up her wound and gingerly put her in his car. He had to get her better. Any human would do that. He would deal with the fact that she was the armed criminal later. Quickly getting home, he carefully carried her up to his apartment and layed her in his bed. He removed the mask and dressed her wound. She was a beautiful woman, but he couldn't let her fool him with her looks. She was a criminal and would pay for her crimes when she was feeling better.
  2. Waking up a day later she bit back a scream. Looking down at where that stupid man had stabbed her. He had been knocked out and should of stayed that way! Hurting and rather cranky she looked around. Where eve she was she had to leave now!

    So Jade quietly pulled the covers away, turning with a hiss to put her small feet onto the floor. Pushing herself up feeling triumphant before she collapsed. A large bang happening as she smacked her head on the floor.

    "God dang it!"

    Curling up into a slim ball until her knees touched her breasts . Wincing as this aggravated her wound, she held her head. Swearing over and over in her head. She grabbed the blanket thinking it was the sheet and managed to just pull pillows and the blanket onto her.Groaning in defeat she just laid there. Uncaring how pathetic this might look.
  3. As Charles walked away, he heard a crash to the floor. What was that? He shrugged it off. He was a clutz by nature. He usually set stuff so far off nightstands and dressers that not hearing something fall off one of them was odd. He quickly made some tea for two and came back to his bed were the sleeping woman was supposed to be. The bed lay empty. He walked around is bed to find the woman on the floor curled up in the sheets. He smiled and chuckled softly.

    He gingerly lifted up the woman off the floor and back into the bed.

    "You have to stay in bed for you wounds to heal, you silly woman. Oh and when or if your up to it, I made some tea. I set it on the nightstand by the bed if you feel like having it. Don't move around for a day or so so your wound can heal. I'll come back in and redress it before bed time. Feel free to stay as long as you need so that you can feel better. Oh, I have to go back to work so if you get hungry, help yourself to anything in the fridge or freezer. Lock the door behind me also....Sorry to be so naggy...just get feeling better. I'll be back in about 6 hours. By the way, My name is Charles...Feel at home here until you get all healed up."

    With that, he closed the door. Not that he didn't trust her, but he locked the door behind himself and headed back off to his work.
  4. As soon as she heard tea, Jade began waking up. Half hearing him but ignoring it. He had a voice that sounded like authority so she did not ever listen. Sitting up and running her fingers through her curly hair. Looking around the room.

    Once she got settled she grabbed the tea. Taking a sip she moaned. Tea her one love besides her...Squeaking she looked for a phone. Finding hers she called a friend.

    "Hey did you look after my babies? I can't leave where ever I am. No it's not safe for you to come get me.
  5. Charles headed back to the scene and reported on his findings. After that incident, however the day went by slowly. There were only a couple more things that happened that day, including an arrest and a couple traffic tickets. Other than that, the day was uneventful. Charles quickly punched out and jumped into his squad car. He wondered how the the woman he found earlier today was doing. He hoped against all hope that his apartment wasn't on fire. Thinking of that woman brought thoughts of his first girlfriend. She was the reason he became a cop. She had been murdered just a year prior. After that heartbreak, he thought that he would never be able to move on. But after crying non-stop day after day for a year and a half, he felt that he should move on and do something that productive in his slow job as a cop.

    He mindlessly, yet safely drove home and walked up to his apartment, unlocking it and heading inside. He quickly made a hard right into the bathroom where his pj's were hanging, which were a pair of flannel pants and a white tanktop that hugged his muscular chest. He quickly put them on and put his uniform on it's hanger and covering it with the pitch black uniform cover that came with it. Zipping it up, he headed to the hall closet and hung it up there, locking it and putting the key in his wallet. He walked over to his bed where the girl was still lying. He looked at her wound. It had bled out more. He grabbed the first aid kit and sat next to the bed side. He tried speaking up to see if the girl would respond to him.

    "Hope your feeling better. Can I have a look at your wound so I can change the dressing? Don't want your wound getting infected now..."
  6. "Um yeah sure.. Charles...? Right that's your name?"

    She sat up and with out thinking about it pulled off her shirt. Making sure he could see the wound clearly. Hissing as the cut opened slightly. Not even thinking he may want to know her name. Once she started she couldn't stop. A moan leaving her lips as she stretched and rolled. Falling off of the bed again with a happy sigh. Then curling up with a groan of pain.

    "Ow why do floors have to hate me.."
  7. Charles Chuckled. He walked over to her, picking her up and putting her back in the bed.

    "You must really stop falling off the bed. It will just keep opening up your wound and you'll never get better...By the way, I never caught your name." He took out a bottle of antiseptic and poured it on a rag. He then gently dabbed her wound. He knew that it hurt her, but there would be no way for it to heal without it being disinfected.

    "I'm sorry about the antiseptic. It should only sting for a little bit..." After dabbing her injury, he gingerly wrapped it. Just then, he realized she didn't have her shirt on. Her figure was now on display for him to see. She was very attractive. Her curves made her look irresistible. Charles face went red when he realized he was staring. He turned around to give her privacy.

    "I'm sorry...I'm done dressing your wound...Forgive me for staring just oddly look a lot like my dead girlfriend...."
  8. "Oh yeah... I'm Jade..Frazen."

    Hissing as it stung a little she tried to wiggle away. But she seemed unable to escape his dabbing hands. Sticking her tongue out at him in absolute displeasure. She didn't care how childish she looked. Hair in a mess beneath her as she stuck her tongue out glaring.

    "It's not my fault your floor hits me.. I was just trying to stretch! You bed quit on me and the floor hit me. I know what it does I'm not five."

    She noticed him looking and her cheeks darkened slightly. Closing her eyes she couldn't help it. Normally she had to hide away from people men especially. So deep inside she preened at the attention. Then he said the thing about his girlfriend. She sat up and looked at him he was attractive, but maybe he had a complex about it. Feeling kind of worried.

    "I'm not her honey...not even close she was probably a sweet heart, I am not. Unless you are under my care."
  9. Charles laughed at Jade's almost childlike innocence. She seemed to be very childish, but, oddly, he found that very attractive. He had to stop himself before he fell for her. She was a criminal. He couldn't let his feelings outweigh what he knew what was right and wrong and what she had done was wrong.

    "I know...I understand your not her, but it was nice to be reminded of her for an instance. Again, forgive me for my gawking eyes. There is a change of clothes in my dresser. They might be big on you, but they will be good until we can get you a new set of clothes...I will leave so you can have some privacy. I am going to go out to get something to eat...Is there anything you prefer to eat? Chinese, Fast food?"

    He reached for his jacket that was hanging on the door, reaching for his keys on the counter.
  10. Smiling at him she gave a nod. She bit her lip as she looked at the dresser. Then sighing softly hugged herself.

    "Well I can't really stand right now.. So could you grab them for me?"

    Jade tilted her head and brushed her hair back thinking about what she was in the mood for. Of course fast food was yummy but she wouldn't be moving much in the next day or two so..

    "Chinese food if you don't mind. Keep the receipt ill pay you back."
  11. Charles' face went red again. He knew he would have to turn around to go get the clothes for her to wear. He swallowed. If he saw her again, who was to say he could control himself. But he had to try. He turned around, walking to the dresser. He grabbed the pair of clothes for her. IT was a T-Shirt and a pair of sweats. He set them on the bed and hastily looked away before he did anything rash. He quickly walked to the door.

    "Chinese it is then. You don't have to pay me back though. It's on me. I"ll be right back. Set your old clothes in a trashbag and I"ll throw it out when I get back from getting food. There is a trashbag on the side table for you to do that. See you soon."

    Stepping out the door, he locked it and headed to the nearest chinese restaurant to get his food errand done quickly.
  12. She took the clothes then watched him scurry out. Biting her lip she kind of wondered what was wrong. Pulling off her clothes she threw them away then slid on his sweats and pulled the t-shirt over her head. Curling back up she decided to go to sleep, hugging his pillow tight she purred at his manly scent. Burying her face into the pillow.

    "Hmm well he was rather interesting."
  13. He quickly grabbed a few of the entrees as to go and headed back as soon as he could. He couldn't leave her at his place alone. He couldn't let her figure out that he is cop. If she ever found out, then she would escape and her wound would open back up again. Not only would she be in danger of losing a lot of blood again, but she would be on the loose and if she survived, she would just rob another bank again. He couldn't let that happen. He quickly got back home and ran up to his apartment. Catching his breath before going back in with the food, he slowly unlocked his place. Closing the door behind him, he went straight to the kitchen to get plates to put the food on. Dividing all the food equally, he brought the plate to her. She was fully clothed now.

    "I'm sorry I was acting wierd. I just...haven't met a woman quite as beautiful as you in a while...Here's your food. I wasnt for sure what you liked so I grabbed some of my favorites. Hope you like it..." He walked over to the desk in the corner of his room and sat down, eating his food.
  14. Taking the plate she tilted her head. Looking at what was there she nibbled on her favorites and looked around the room again. Okay yes she was an odd girl even for a thief but this was suspicious. Running her hands through her hair as she thought. Why would a man take in a woman bleeding in an alley way.. Shouldn't he of brought her to a hospital... But no he was treating her in his home. As she ate she thought of all the jobs that required this knowledge. But then maybe he was a suspicious character and that was why.

    "It's really fine dear. No need for the flattery I am a mess at the moment. Um how come I am not in a hospital?"
  15. Charles finished off his plate in a flash, turning towards her.

    " I didn't take you into a hospital because your wound wasn't so serious as for you to need one and I don't think you or I could foot the bill on an expense for that...Not that I didn't want you to recieve good health care, I just figured, since I know a little bit about first aid and about how to dress wounds, that my treatment would suffice. Was I wrong in thinking that? Your not in major pain are you?"

    He looked at her with worried eyes.
  16. Her eyes narrowed slightly but she nodded.

    "Sorry I guess I forgot movies are not real life."

    Giving a cheeky grin she knocked on her head as if saying it is empty. Then rubbed where the person had attacked her slightly. Either he was a good liar or he is serious..
  17. Charles looked at her with a worried look. He came over to examine her wound again just to make sure he was right. Looking at it, it was already clotting up . If she just rested a few days, she'd be able to move it with out it opening up again. However, she needed to stay still and rest for a day or so so it would heal correctly. He gently pushed her on the bed.

    "Please rest, I will take care of your dish. Your wound needs to heal. It won't heal properly and bruise bad if you keep moving around. I will be in the Living Room if you need me. I'm gonna go unwind by watching some football. Call for me if you need anything or help with anything...I guess you could say I'll be your butler for a day or two..."

    He moved so as to not do anything more to her and took her plate that was now empty. He placed her dishes in the sink and went to turn on the TV, but kept the volume low. He had to be ready just in case she needed something.
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