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  1. This was a lengthy title, I know, but bear with my wordy self a moment longer, I beg of you! I shall do my best to be as thorough yet as succinct as I can so that you all have a loose grasp of myself as both a person and a roleplayer. Now, let's get started!

    I am a young woman in my twenties named Catherine (I ask you to not wear it out too much and instead stick with nicknames taken from my username) that has never been more than a full day's car ride away from her birthing place and, later, both childhood home and family home in the French influenced part of Canada. I speak French as a primary language, and have known English long enough to be fluent in it's written form, despite my own ability to speak it is still untried due to the lack of need to practice - don't ask me to speak it, I'll butcher it horribly and you'll probably be fighting between bemusement, laughter and a deep need to be offended for the poor language's sake.

    I am a lifelong lover of animals, starting from the time I had my first goldfish and cementing with my first 'real' pet, a cat, that had to be given by my family due to my father's allergy in exchange for our first and current dog that is now unfortunately stricken with blindness-causing cataracts and a steadily progressing Alzheimer disease as she is now approaching her fifteenth birthday. I am also a lover of the more life-like and manga-inspired types of arts, from drawings and sculptures to photography and vintage clothing designs passing by various musical genres, though my childhood's talent for drawing and painting has been left to rot to my deepest shame.

    Finally, though my recent bouts of depression brought forth by my now diagnosed bipolar disorder has me too distracted and moody to commit to them for long enough to complete, I have great love for role playing video games, books ranging from historical drama to grungy science-fiction along with classical fantasy, shonen-style mangas and (when I find a streaming of them without obvious viruses or spyware) anime. While I don't watch tv enough to know much of anything about its variety of shows and series, I do enjoy watching movies in the very rare occasion I go to the movies theaters. How rare, you say? The last time was when I have gone to watch The Maze Runners on a whim despite never having known of the books, or even the movie itself, before seeing the synopsis of the movie on one of my local cinemas' sites.

    Finally, I love multi paragraphs posts for my rolepays, as you can no doubt guess by now, and I love trying new concepts for both plot, settings and characters. I'm a pretty active poster as I am home-bound for the foreseeable future, and I love to chat with my partners about anything not too personal, from our rps themselves to whether or not such or such fandom sucks. I'm the aggressive plotter type, enjoying to throw in plot twists and new elements in my stories whenever I can / whenever the plot goes stale or demand a change of pace, though I expect my partners to be just as proactive, if not more so, than myself. Spelling is not that big of a deal for me as long as it is understandably a typo or it does not involve character or place names. I'm far more iffy about grammar and formatting, and while I am not perfect myself, I ask of the both of us to always do our best and to keep away from run-on sentences and walls of text as much as possible.

    That's finally it, and I am happy to give this scrumptious cookie to whoever that made it this far!

    Mmm... it's still gooey, too!

    Until we meet again, you lovely people! <3
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  2. That cookie looks surprisingly good.
    Allow me to give ye' a very warm welcome to Iwaku. There is a lot you've mentioned that I find enjoyable as well. Hm.. but I do feel awful knowing what condition your dog is in. I hope all goes well.
    Please enjoy your stay, and hope to see ye' around. Perhaps we could role-play some day?
  3. Thank you, both for the welcome and for your thought about my dear little Mynie!

    I'm currently in the middle of a 1x1 recruiting thread, actually, so I would be happy to see you there once I post it! Given your status as a minor, romance would be completely out of the equation, but I am always happy to make non-romantic rps with younger partners! :)

    Feel free to follow me if you are interested, or even to go check out my Resume!
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  4. You're welcome!
    And that is completely fine. I'm not entirely fond of romance plots, so all is well.
    I'd be happy to follow you. Thanks for letting me know!
  5. Welcome! I hope you find this site to be fun and a good escape from the real world when you need it :)
  6. Thank you, I hope so as well!
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