Between Life And Death

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  1. Morgan and Julian were best friends until Morgan joined the popular group. It was then that Morgan discovered that Julian was harboring a secret crush for her and her new friends convinced her to use it to their advantage, which she did...until their senior year of high school. Morgan had been doing some growing up that year and she wasn't sure she liked her group of friends. She came to her final decision at a party and she called Julian to pick her up (since she didn't want her parents to know where she was). She might have gone back on her decision the next day but she and Julian got into an accident on the way home. Morgan was in critical condition, but she survived the accident. Julian did not.

    It has been a year since then. Morgan changed her lifestyle completely, becoming a no-nonsense, studious girl. She's in college and doing well. She still feels guilty about Julian's death but she blames herself less and less everyday.

    Then Morgan's father has major surgery and she goes to visit him. As she's going to her father's room, she passes a young man who looks exactly like Julian who is talking to an old woman. When Morgan turns back for a second look, the old woman has vanished but Julian is still there and he's staring at her...

    When Julian died, he was met by Death who wanted him to be his successor. Julian discovered that the personification of Death was chosen from among the dead by the previous Death, who then returned to the dead. This Death was ready to "retire" and so he chose Julian. After a year of training, Julian became the official Death.

    On Julian's first trip to collect a soul on his own, he sees Morgan passing in the hall...and she sees him back, a sign that she will die soon. Julian becomes determined not to let that happen, even if it means he has to get involved in her life again. But how is he going to explain his miraculous "return from the dead"?


    I'm looking for someone to play Morgan.

    I'm also looking for an aggressive role-player. I'm an aggressive player myself but I get bored easily if I'm the only one driving the role-play. I much prefer it if both of us are throwing out plot twists and the like. Of course, anything major should be discussed before being added to the story.

    Also, I'd prefer someone who is able to use spelling and grammar correctly.

    I give long posts often, and I like to receive them as well. Quality over quantity, certainly; I'd rather receive a well written one liner than a page of text lingo. That being said, the more you write (well) in a post, the more eager I'll likely be to reply.

    If you're interested, post here or PM me.

  2. I am looking once again...
  3. This idea sounds interesting, if you don't mind that my grammar becomes a bit wrong sometimes then I would like to do this idea with you ^^
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