Between Lands

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  1. It was the last time that he would ever take a dare from his friends. Nineteen year old James Stevenson walked through the forest, his eyes searching for some way out of the horrible forest. He didn't mind the peacefulness that surrounded him but it was getting on towards night and he still had not found his way home. His father would be so angry that James could kiss his sorry backside goodbye.

    "Blast it," He growled as he started to job back the way he had come before stopping as he came to a new place he hadn't been before. He stared around with wide eyed amazement at the beauty of the place. This was definitely a place he would want to sketch someday--if he ever got home.

    He reached up and pushed his black hair out of his eyes and sighed a little as he looked around, dragging his eyes away from the beautiful scene before him. Instead he turned his bright green eyes to the trees and then the sky in order to see what was around--or better yet, the suns position. Cursing softly, he stalked through the water, wetting the rather old shoes he had gratefully worn that day. "What did I do to deserve this?" He asked as he hoped onto a rock to look around from his higher vantage point. The only good thing he had done all day was decide to wear the scarf like thing that covered his lower face and his neck. The rest of his clothes were far too light to allow for any good form of protection from the cold nights outside the City.
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    The birds sang and the wind had gust past the burrow way to the nestled tribe. The tribe had stayed hidden to the outside world as long as it's ancestors stories could be heard. A village of 67 people, families consisted of many children, and many elders as of this generation. The tribe felt they were losing their connection to the dyeing world around them... They knew something was never right, be it the wind, the creek, or the trees. Though they never dare venture out, only into the turf where they know they could get their food and resources. Although as of recently the food has been scarce, as if chased off to greater planes. Warriors and hunters have talked to their leader and the elder about the situation...Though they do not confined to the idea of leaving their home. The elder had state that soon the elk will come like the wind has always come back to pick up the old leaves. The words were wishful and have stayed true. The people now wait upon the elder's promise, that the herd will come and they will be nurtured with not such low supply of food.

    Nalhi, a daughter of a hunter and promised bride to Kihn. She is wedded to Kihn in hopes that she can carry the bloodline through the tribe. Nalhi has no interest in this marriage, if anything at her mind set she would rather be unwedded her whole life. She thinks that a life without to worry over a husband would be better off for her. She wants to be no different than the hunters exploring the land that their spirits had offered. Nalhi, now turned 16, had to be prepared for the biggest conquest of her life... Spirit tunneling. The time where ever woman at her age had to do. For boys at a much older age have to do the same. It is their time to determine their life and even after-life ahead of them. A child is given a special stone to wear, and through their trials of life and decisions it will become what their spirits have decided based solely on the carriers actions.

    Nalhi now resides to the creek, washing and grooming her hair...She is to know what's to come tomorrow. The ceremony... The stone. It paced in her head but for now she sang to the birds and washed her silky dark brown hair.
  3. James was wandering along the river, hoping to run into a path that would lead him towards the City which drew it's water sources from both the rivers that ran through it and the ocean that was against the backside of the City. Grumbling about the stupidity of men his age, meaning himself mostly, he paused and listened to the creek, birds and the voice. James blinked and looked around. He had heard nothing but his own mutterings and curses as he had stayed the path of the creek. Instead he focused his attention on the beautiful sound that was drawing even the attention of the birds for they seemed to be singing along with it.

    His green eyes finally stopped and landed on a young woman that was washing her hair it seemed.

    He stood not twenty feet from the girl though he had come up behind her. How had she not heard him? And what was she doing out in these parts? Only idiots like himself traveled the Forest--idiots and hunters that brought back game for the City, though most food could be found within the walls of the City on the farms or the killing grounds.

    James smiled and nodded. If she were washing her hair in this creek, then she must know how to get back to the City. "Miss!" he called, raising a hand in greeting, a bright and friendly smile on his face.
  4. Nalhi was entranced by every sound that was natural around her. She felt the cool water as she rinsed it through her hair. Her rough hide dress was soaked from the bottom as the creek only came to her knees, her being crouched. She soon heard footsteps taking confidence that it was possibly one of her people or the blessings of the spirits to present her an elk. She looked over her bare shoulder, to come to a surprise. It was a boy. A boy that was nothing like her. She widened her eyes and had a heart attack turning around, she whipped her long hair. Her hazel eyes scared. She felt like running, but she was frozen in her place. Her tan hide dress more soaked from her almost falling over. She heard the birds from the other side of the creek rustle and fly away.

    "..H..Who are..You?" she almost whispered, he looked friendly enough and not so threatening. She clutched her hands, in hopes this alien of a person did not attack out of surprise.
  5. James' mouth had slowly fallen to form a small o. He knew that many different kinds of people resided in the City and it was hard to see every kind, but he liked to pride himself on living on the docks and being able to see so many different kinds. This beauty however was a completely different rank of odd and alien persons. She seemed to be as shocked as he was to see her as he felt at seeing such a beauty in the forest.

    "The Forces must be smiling upon me today," he muttered before advancing, putting his smile back on. "You speak our language? That's good. A lot of people I have seen can't. I am James. Do you know how to get back to the City from here? I seem to have gotten lost." He spoke slowly so that she would understand him, even if she did speak his language, sometimes that didn't mean that they could communicate.
  6. She winced her eyes at how calmly this young boy talked she slowly walked a bit forward. She keened her face closer in hopes to hear him more clearly as she talked surprisingly slow. She was a bit startled that he even spoke a common language she was taught. He had answered her question in such a care-free manner it startled her a little more. She un-clenched her hands and placed them close to her as if covering her chest. Not that she felt a little violated, but, she was still a bit scared. The word 'city' was quite new to her though. She just shoke her head in response. She looked at the boy, looking at his facial features and how much whiter skin he was. Was he a spirit of some kind? Were the spirits themselves playing tricks on her? She just gulped her tongue and spoke.

    "No...No I..I do not know where that is." her tone was slow back, in thinking that maybe he would understand better in the same tone he had. Sh had to shake her head again. confused as she was, she felt rather silly.
  7. It was James' turn to frown a little. She didn't know where the City was? How had she survived out here int he wild then? No one he knew lived out int he Forest for more than a week before returning claiming there were haunting's and evil things. He watched as her hands covered her chest and he realized that the girls skin was actually bare--not some kind of dress that was weirdly styled. His cheeks turned a bright read and he looked away, a hand going up to cover his mouth and lower face, glad that his scarf covered most of what was turning read from his embarrassment.

    "Forces protect me from your wrath, Miss, please," he said, "I meant not to stare. I thought you were just dressed in a strange outfit. Had I know you were half-naked I would have never stared as I had. Should I turn and allow you to dress properly and then we can see if you do know where the City is?"
  8. She watched the man turn around and his words were hasty and very sorryful. She felt a little better that he respected enough not to look. Although to her it was new for someone to make a woman's half naked body a big deal. She just giggled and pinned her hanging top part of the dress back up around her neck. She soon got out of the water still cautious of the man, she kept distant with body. She still watched with her pricing eyes. This man apparently needed her help... She thought of this as a form of task the spirits must have given her task... Maybe this was to define her spirit animal.

    "I'm sorry... But..I do not know where this..City is you speak of" she spoke in honesty. She still stayed cautious in stance.
  9. James turned to see that she was covered and then listened to her words, confusion on his face. How could she not know what the City was? He looked down and frowned. "Well, then, where do you live, if I may so be so bold as to ask?" he asked, looking up after taking off his scarf to reveal equally as pale skin beneath as on the rest of his body. He smiled at her to show her that he meant no harm and wrapped the scarf around an arm so that it wouldn't stray into the water.

    "Or, better yet, which way is the ocean? The ocean will get me to the City quickly enough," James asked. If she didn't know about the City then she had to know about the ocean, right?
  10. Nalhi tilted her head... she knew exactly where he was talking about but she had to let her mind think again. She hadn't been to the ocean since 3 years ago, because it was odd limits. Nalhi looked down, knowing how disappointed her parents would be if they found out..But she felt it was the right thing to do, the spirits would want her to. Nalhi walked up to the pale boy and took him by the hand. She felt how cold it was but still kept it.

    "Follow me!" she said clearly and soon enough she walked with him, hoping he was able to pick up his pace after a short distance.
  11. James followed easily enough. It turned out that he had been heading the completely wrong direction earlier and he wanted to hit himself a few times for silliness. "You are a lifesaver miss, truly." he said when through the trees he started to see the blueness of the ocean and when he turned to look north--there, against the horizon was the City. Large, shiny, beautiful--all of these and more as it sat there on the horizon a good hour-hour and a half journey from where they came out of the Forest. "How did I get so turned around?" He muttered to himself before looking at the girl and where their hands linked. There was something about the woman that intrigued him. "Do you live in the Forest?"

    ((you know, I just had an idea... Though I'm not sure how you would agree with it. :o What if this was their first meeting, and then they part and after she's had her stone a few years they run into each other again near the creek or the ocean? Or would you rather it just stay it's course?)
  12. Now that they were at the oceon's bay, she felt herself baffled at how much different it looked. To her eyes it was a sad sight... The imagery of the giant pillars ahead... Was that a city? She felt herself slink back before she jumped down a few more rocks to get to the sand of the ocean. She let out a heavy breath as she turned to the boy, sad eyes to his relief. She looked back at the pillars, giant buildings she thought were beasts. The strange boy seemed like a demon, but, in naive-ness he was not... She let go of his hand quickly. She glanced back up. Now about to answer his question.

    "I lived in the forest with my people my whole life..." she felt a bit ill telling him this..Like she shouldn't but at the same time she knew better than not to answer. She had a slight smile than into a frown. "You were probably turned away by the spirits... They must have not wanted you to go back home.." Nalhi hoped he understood but at the same time she knew there was a possibility that such a boy never heard of spirits or the likes. And although it may sound good to him but in reality she knew the spirits probably wanted him most likely dead... She felt she committed a sin... She felt almost terrible but... She knew ripples change through coursed tides. Eventually.

    ((Oooh. I like that idea. The first time they meet and than a few more years they meet up. But she is more than likely married though? Or maybe she still refuses? I dunno))
  13. ((It is called running away ;D Or you know she could just be refusing. Refusing sounds better. I think I'll keep him 19 now though and having him just be 3 years older than her through the story. :3 How long do we want to slip forward?))

    "I'm sure the Forces had me meet you for a reason miss. They probably wanted me to see the beauty of the clearing I was in earlier as well," James said with a shrug and a laugh. He walked towards the ocean and opened his arms wide to it as if embracing it. "I thought I'd never see the beauty of the ocean again. It's so large that one could travel it for all time and never run into another soul. Of course then one would get crazy and lose all reality, forces forbidding." He turned to look at her, rewarding her with a kind smile. Then, looking around he took the scarf off his arm.

    He folded it and then held it out to her. "As thanks. To my people it is rude and goes against the Forces to not repay a person who has helped another. May this keep you warm during the cold evenings, miss."
  14. ((Yeah, refusing works best for me. And I say maybe just like.. 3 years ahead? Not that far))

    Nalhi couldn't help but smile a little at the boy's reaction to the ocean and him going back home. Hearing him talk about his forces and how it was meant to be... Their faith was obviously different but the ideology still felt the same. Nalhi was playing with her hair, feeling a bit shy all of a sudden, as if his kind words were getting to her. As she looked up she saw the offered scarf. She took it gently and wrapped it up close to her. She smiled at the boy and nodded.

    "May the spirits...Or..Your forces guide you swiftly home." she almost bowed, she stood and watched. As if to make sure he would go on safely. She smelt the scarf when he wasn't looking... It will bring great warmth to her. "hope to see you again"
  15. "May our paths cross should your spirits and my Forces allow," he told her, figuring it was best to include the spirits she kept speaking about to show respect for the difference in cultures. He knew his family would probably disagree with him, but what they didn't know wouldn't hurt them he decided.

    He was glad that she had taken the scarf. He smiled and raised a hand in farewell before he started off towards the city that beckoned him home. He didn't even think about the lack of opportunity to truly meet her again, until he was halfway home and he turned, looking back towards where he'd left her, in hopes of seeing the strange creature one last time. "May all that is good itn he world lead me to your creek again, oh force of earth," he said to the wind and empty air around him.

    For what else could that beauty have been but one of the Five forces that his city worshiped? He hoped that he would see her again--not many ran into Forces any more for most did not sit around looking for them. He was going to walk back and ask her to meet him the next day if she would not mind but just then the gong that announced that there was less than ten minutes to get into the City before the gates closed for the night went off. He turned and sprinted to the gates, turning to look over his shoulder once he'd reached them.

    ((3 years it is then. I can do the time skip next post ifin you want)
  16. Nalhi watched as the boy ran off at the sound of a banging echo in the distance. She looked with her eyes curiously at him. She felt the warmness of the scarf against her. She knew that the people would ask questions once she got back... She was to only tell them the truth. This would possibly mean she'd be punished, but, it would be fore a good cause. She thought anyways. She waved once more and she turned away. Her bare back to the boy. She glanced over her shoulder as he did.
    "Yes...I hope our gods let us cross paths again"

    ((​You can start the three years later if you like)
  17. James did not run into the young woman again. He'd been punished for being out in the forest by his father and kept in the City walls for a month after he'd gotten lost. While he was legally of age, that did not mean he was completely free. Nor was he given any time to himself--to get to the Earth's Creek as he'd come to call it in his drawings that he did. He took up a job after his month of City lock-down and became a well known ship manager that logged which ships came and went and what they had in them. He never ran into a people like the one of the woman he had met which made him only more curious about her.

    When he did get a chance to go out there, he only made it to the creek when he was with friends and he knew that that wouldn't let him see the Earth Force again. The forces, as he had been taught, only came to individuals when they were alone and in great need. So he took it upon himself to paint pictures of the woman and the landscape he had visited that day.

    "Stevenson! see you in three days. You earned the vacation!"

    He blinked up from the drawing he'd been mini-sketching into the top of a ledger as his mind wandered tot he scene three years before. His boss came over and looked, chuckling when he saw the tell-tale sign of the creek and the girl.

    "Drawing your lovely lady friend that no one has ever met again?"

    "She isn't a lady friend. She was someone that helped me when I was younger," the twenty-two year old man said as he got up from his bench and picked up his pack and waved. "See you in a few days sir." And he turned, sauntering off as if he had all the time in the world. He made it home, packed a bag and was out of the city just as the gates were opening. He'd picked to do the early morning run during his job so he could do just this--go out into the forest before any of his friends were awake and he'd be able to see her. "Please Forces, let her be there today."

    And with that he set off, following the now familiar trail up into the forest. He walked quietly--much quieter than he had when he'd first met the girl. Even his shoes were made to leave no noise or trace of his passing. Finally he sat down at the creek where he had met her and started to draw as he waited. He had three days, a couple of blankets for him to sleep on, and enough food for those three days. He'd wait all three if he could just get a glimpse at the woman again.
  18. Since the day she got back from the creek, and told her family of what had happened she was punished for a full year of not going to the Nbay creek but to bathe with the rest of the tribe. Nalhi was sad that she could not see the boy, nor the creek she loved dearly. The next day when it was time for Nahali to get her stone she was confronted with her soon-to-be husband. She refused and denied any form of affection towards him... This lead to more punishment towards her by her family. She was to never go to the creek or ocean until she married.

    The scarf hangs above her bear-skin bed. she looks at it every night and thinks about the boy that intrigued her and showed her the outside world of her much smaller world. Her friends would always laugh at the idea, make fun of her for having such feelings towards and outsider. A outsider that most of them think is fictional and is just Nalhi hallucinating. Nalhi did not care what they thought... She knew what happened and knew it was true. She knew that in some odd way it was meant to be. The scarf reminded her of hope, as did her stone. Everynight she would touch the scarf, the smell soon fading away.

    Nalhi after 3 years has not yet been wedded to her future husband out of complete stubbornness. Nalhi now a woman of 19 she had to marry in order for her to have freedom. The other's looked at her as an outcast for being the only woman of her age not married. Not only that but her stone has not even taken form yet or even dented with shape. She had this stress upon her for quite a while. She felt she displeased the spirits... She dishonored everyone. Nalhi soon enough broke her treaty and would go to the creek, in hopes that it would sooth her... And it always did.

    It was early in the day, Nalhi quickly packs her things to leave for the creek. She soon enough is out of the tent and as she got to the villages edge, Kint, a childhood friend stops in her path.

    "Heh..Where do you think you are going?" he smirked at the smaller woman.
    "I'm just going to go..feed the horses."
    "Oh yeah? The horses are that way." he pointed to the opposite direction she was heading. He soon enough kindly patted her around with a arm around her towards the feeding mares.

    "You weren't going to the creek, were you?" he asked in a joking tone. She just huffed with embarrassment.
  19. The day slipped by for the young man. He covered three or four pages of sketches before going about to explore, leaving his things there near the bank a scarf like the one he had given the girl on top. If she came maybe she would see that and stay, wait for him to return? He explored the area, making quick sketches of different scenes that he found beautiful. While he made decent money as a ship register, he also made money off his paintings and he was always looking for new scenes to pain. Closing his eyes finally he returned to his things, stretching before stopping and looking at the creek from this other position. he had painted the creek from the same side all the time--fromt he side he'd come from that day. But looking at it from this direction was also amazing. Slowly he started to sketch it--an abandoned camp with the scarf next to a gentle brook.
  20. She walked with her friend until they got to the stables. The horses neigh and dig the ground when they approached. Nalhi noticed the paint... She let out a sigh and turned to her friend with begging eyes. She felt more than ever she had to be somewhere. Nalhi placed a and on his shoulder, his absent mind turned to her.

    "Please... I need to go... You don't understand." she almost whispered her last sentence. He smirked a little and nodded forward. He shook his head and looked down at the stone that was agaisnt her chest.

    "You do what is right." he replied placing a hand back to her shoulder. She blinked in shock... She almost bowed and wanted to hug him but she knew she had to go. She dashed off, she did not realize she was running. She was in the forest dodging rocks, trees, and bush to get to the creek. Nalhi could hear the creek... She could never forget that flowing sound. Her bare feet bated against the fallen leaves. She jumped and climbed until she got to it. It was clear and beautiful in the sin tucked away by peeking rocks... She not looked around remembering the scenery from when she first met the boy.