Between Heaven and Hell

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  1. ...lies Earth...

    • Six Angels and six Demons have ended up being trapped on Earth. In order to ‘survive’ they need to find their counterpart. The last Nephilim or Warlock of their family. Otherwise they will slowly lose their powers, the power of transformation already being low to start with, but the rest of their magic will quickly follow, until they are nothing more than a mere Human. Not even a Nephilim or Warlock, just a human and just as fragile and temporarily.

      That would be the first step, the second would be a lot trickier, or so they will find out... In order to break the binds and end the entrapment, they need to destroy the balance. In other words, destroy their opposite. Because both Heaven and Hell will have to restore the balance, which will mean they will be called back home.

      So that is your mission. If you want to go home at least...

    • Heaven and Hell, two opposites of each other, or maybe not so much. Anyway the two realms had always been in balance. For every Angel existed a Demon, for every Demon there was an Angel. It was all in perfect harmony. The Angels restored what the Demons destroyed, and at times the other way around. Because the common belief that Demons are pure evil and Angels are pure holy, isn’t all that true. After all Lucifer had been an Angel himself, before his fall. However this will not be about the Morgenstar, because that had happened long long ago...

      Some Demons didn’t stay within their realm, they would wander to what lies in between, Earth. Which was suppose to be like heaven, yet Humans... Humans are weak and they don’t live long, they don’t see the consequences of their actions like Angels do. Humans were a lot easier to manipulate, and because of the balance, Humans were a combination of both the good from Angels and the evil from Demons. Anyway, kingdoms rose and fell, countries existed and disappeared, societies were created and destroyed. And Human life, Earth, had always drawn the attention from both Angels and Demons alike. For every Demon that wandered and Angel was send down. For every Angel that went to down, and Demon was allowed to roam...

      Yet Humans knew nothing of the existence of Angels and Demons, because there was one rule both races lived by. NEVER show your true form to the Humans. So they walked the Earth in their Human forms, the more powerful they were, the harder it was to see the differences with Humans. The problem is that if one lives long enough among Humans, one might forget where one belonged. And that... that lead to the creation of two new races. They were no Demons and no Angels, neither were they Human. No, this were the Nephilim and the Warlocks. Nephilim had Angelblood in them, while Warlocks had a Demon parent. They inherited some of their parents powers, yet in a far lesser form. And while Warlocks and Nephilim think they might be the exact opposites of eachother, they aren’t that different at all...

    • * This will be a DETAILED rp. That means I expect you to have read through all the information so you have an idea what is going on (I am always available for questions). I expect replies from at least 2/3 paragraphs of 10 sentences. I expect you to write decent English. I expect you to keep in check with the rp and all its IC post (even if they don’t directly involve your character). I expect you to give each other the chance to reply, but I would love weekly replies. I expect you to be patient. And last but not least I expect you to be dedicated and not reserve a role/send in a Cs and then just ignore the roleplay.
      * The setting will be the modern world. For roleplay sakes all of the people will be in New York during the time of the roleplay.
      * This roleplay will depend a lot on the ones that are involved. So I am asking for dedication to the roleplay and patient. It will be a lot to set up, so don’t expect to write up your CS and have an roleplay going with lighting replies by tomorrow. Like mentioned before it will be a slow paced roleplay to give everybody a change to reply.
      * I may seem very strict, but I promise you (and those who roleplayed with me before know) that I am not as strict as I seem now. I am very open to suggestions and I try to take things in account. I understand having a busy life, losing internet connection, school stuff or work, coming in the way. But please COMMUNICATE. With me and with your fellow roleplayers. Let me know when you are struggling with your CS, when you are going out of town for a couple of days, or you just have writers block. I will try to see if I can keep things up for you (for reservations, definitely), but if you don’t tell me something, I don’t know what is going on and then I can’t take it account.
      * Depending on how much interest there comes from the interest check I may or may not make the thread

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  2. Interested.
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  3. I'll try to have my character in before the weekend is over, I just need a little more time to think
  4. I can totally understand. Do you want to reserve a spot?
  5. Well I'm drawn between being one of the demons and one of the nephilim heh
  6. Well, if you want you could do both?
  7. That would be a lot for me to do due to the length you're asking for posting wise x.x this would be one of the first rps that I would like to do that requires that much writing. So for me currently it would be easier on me to just do one character
  8. Hmm yeah I see... Well how much do you write normally? Could you maybe link me another roleplay so I can see what your writing style is and such. I might just be friendly enough to make an exception xD
  9. Uh sure gimme a sec, I can link two
  10. I'm working on the length heh and you can probably tell when I'm having more fun with a character and vice versa, but I also write a lot so I know from personal experience that it takes me a little while to write something of the length you're asking. Which I also like that you're giving a week for the reply.
  11. Well yeah. My post length also varies per character and roleplay and how much I have to work with. Yeah I like people to have the time to think out replies and not have to be rushed or overwhelmed by replies. I once was part of a roleplah where younhad to refresh every minute or so and often edit your posts since the speed was so high. It is not fun, not to me at least. I like to think out my replies and enjoy a roleplay instead of quick replying and feeling pressured.

    Also I checked the links. I like your style in writing. So you should be fine with the lenght you have written for them. That will leave it up to you whether you go for one or two characters?
  12. Ok thanks, I think if you clarified the positions on each role it would help me pick better, but I believe it would be easier on me to just do one character
  13. What do you want me to clarify exactly? The Nephilim are basically on Earth to make sure that the other (in their eyes demonic) creatures don't go around killing people. They are the protectors of Humans so to say. The demons usually live in Hell but sometimes they like to cause a bit of trouble on Earth, however now they are stuck
  14. Well I like being a mischief maker a lot, and a little psychotic, but yeah heh I like be the goofball too
  15. So so sorry I disappeared x.x
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