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  1. ...lies Earth...

    • Six Angels and six Demons have ended up being trapped on Earth. They came to Earth each for their own reasons. By the time they wanted to go back, the portals they usually used weren't working. So that leaves them trapped in the world of Humans. Will they gather their Angel friends or assemble their fellow Demons to figure out another way to get out? Or would they rather stay and make this their new home?

    • Heaven and Hell, two opposites of each other, or maybe not so much. Anyway the two realms had always been in balance. For every Angel existed a Demon, for every Demon there was an Angel. It was all in perfect harmony. The Angels restored what the Demons destroyed, and at times the other way around. Because the common belief that Demons are pure evil and Angels are pure holy, isn’t all that true. After all Lucifer had been an Angel himself, before his fall. However this will not be about the Morgenstar, because that had happened long long ago...

      Some Demons didn’t stay within their realm, they would wander to what lies in between, Earth. Which was suppose to be like heaven, yet Humans... Humans are weak and they don’t live long, they don’t see the consequences of their actions like Angels do. Humans were a lot easier to manipulate, and because of the balance, Humans were a combination of both the good from Angels and the evil from Demons. Anyway, kingdoms rose and fell, countries existed and disappeared, societies were created and destroyed. And Human life, Earth, had always drawn the attention from both Angels and Demons alike. For every Demon that wandered and Angel was send down. For every Angel that went to down, and Demon was allowed to roam...

      Yet Humans knew nothing of the existence of Angels and Demons, because there was one rule both races lived by. NEVER show your true form to the Humans. So they walked the Earth in their Human forms, the more powerful they were, the harder it was to see the differences with Humans. The problem is that if one lives long enough among Humans, one might forget where one belonged. And that... that lead to the creation of two new races. They were no Demons and no Angels, neither were they Human. No, this were the Nephilim and the Warlocks. Nephilim had Angelblood in them, while Warlocks had a Demon parent. They inherited some of their parents powers, yet in a far lesser form. And while Warlocks and Nephilim think they might be the exact opposites of eachother, they aren’t that different at all...

    • Rules;
      * Reservations will stand for 36 hours. If I haven’t at least received a WIP CS I will open up to spot for someone else. The WIP CS will have to give me a bit of an idea what kind of character it is. So if you just send in a blank CS and put it in as WIP your spot will still be opened up. It is first come first serve. If two people want the same spot, they will have to figure out how to do it. If I get two (or more) CS’s for the same spot I will decide based on the CS who gets the spot.

      * Even though this rp will have fantasy elements, try to keep things realistic. Example; if your character can heal, small wounds will cost less time, energy and concentration that big ones. So if your character heals a broken bone. It can be done in seconds, but that will cost extremely much energy. Complicated wounds will cost more concentration. Keep things like that in mind.

      * The setting will be the modern world. For roleplay sakes all of the people will be in New York during the time of the roleplay.

      * I am asking for dedication to the roleplay. Don’t expect to write up your CS and have the roleplay going with lighting replies by tomorrow. It will be a slow paced roleplay to give everybody a change to reply.

      * Not all slots have to be filled before the roleplay starts. Depending on how much interest there is, I will start the roleplay.

      * I may seem very strict, but I promise you (and those who roleplayed with me before know) that I am not as strict as I seem now. I am very open to suggestions and I try to take things in account. I understand having a busy life, losing internet connection, school stuff or work, coming in the way. But please COMMUNICATE. With me and with your fellow roleplayers. Let me know when you are struggling with your CS, when you are going out of town for a couple of days, or you just have writers block. I will try to see if I can keep things up for you (for reservations, definitely), but if you don’t tell me something, I don’t know what is going on and then I can’t take it account.

      * If there are any problems or questions you can always reach me through OOC or PM.

      * If you have uploaded a WIP, give me a sign when it is complete. I am not gonna check every minute.

      * If I ask you to edit something, EDIT it, otherwise I will not accept you.

      * Keep an eye on the Roles tab to see which roles are still available

    • * Reservation will stay for 36 hours
      * You may double up, but you can only have one Angel and one Demon!
      * Non Demon and non Angel roles are also available if you would like them (Warlocks, Nephilim, Human, Vampire, Lycan, Elf etc. If you are not sure if your character fits in, PM me.)
      * At al times (I can't say this enough) PM me if you struggle with something or comment in this thread. I am practically always available and very understanding (and often can be persuaded very easily).
      * If your character is accepted I will say so and put the characters name in the list below.
      * WIPs are always welcome (give me a sign when they are done).
      * If you want to play an ArchAngel or Prince of Hell, please PM me.

      1 Asmodeus {Demon of Lust} @DarkiusHeavenstein
      2 Seraphina {The Burning Flame} @Link_Loftin
      3 Emunah {Knight of the Burning Wind} @Piano_Mastermind

      1 Ysandriel {Angel of Healing} @DarkiusHeavenstein
      2 Reserved (@Undercovernoob)
      3 Crius Argus {Angel of Morality} @Alexi The Arcanine

      {Nephilim, Warlock, Elf, Lycan, Vampire}

    • Name;
      the full name of your character. Include nicknames and his/her feelings towards them

      What is your characters age, or what age does he/she look like?

      {Doesn't apply to Nephilim} What rank does your character have?

      Tell us a bit of your characters personallity. Make sure it is balanced.

      picture of the appearance they have now on earth. Add a bit of description please. Post other appearances in a spoiler please (like their true form or half transformation or whatever).

      Power and Weapons;
      {Powers; don't apply to Lycans, Vampires and Elves. For Nephilim it will be their Runes, Warlocks will have their spells. However please do mention the color of their energy}
      What power does your character have? What weapons does he/she usually use. Include a bit of the typical fighting style of your character. Please include pictures of the weapons in a spoiler.

      {Discuss this, before posting, can be edited at all times} Does your character have any relationships towards other characters in this rp?

      Anything else you might want to share about your character.

    Angels (open)

    Angels are often very polite, patient beings. They always aim to be selfless. They care for nature and mostly try to help those in need. They try to steer clear from addictions (smoking, alcohol, drugs) as well as other vices (sex, unnecessary violence, wrath). They are calm and have their emotions in check, most of the time.

    The Hierarchy of Angels is based on their achievements, deed and acts.

    The Arch Angels.
    There used to be seven of them, until Morgenstar rebelled and chose to leave Heaven. The other six are; Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Azrael and Saraphiel. Together they form the Council to which all Angels must answer.

    The High Seraphines
    They are mostly the oldest generation of Angels (except for the Arch Angels). They have great knowledge and have seen many battles. They only have to answer to the Council and are further free to make important decisions in case they cannot wait for an answer of the Council. This is the highest position any Angel can reach and there are not many of them.

    The Seraphines
    Seraphines are free to make their own choices, but they will have to keep an eye on the High Seraphines and Arch Angels. However they are allowed to argue against decisions and discuss choices that have been made.

    The High Cerubs
    They are responsible for judging over the other Angels. They decide what punishments to gave when rules are broken or minor offends are made. However when a case becomes too complicated, involves a big group of Angels, or one of higher rank, they will have to hand over to the Council.

    The Cerubs
    These are not much different from normal Angels. They often are given this position as an honor title for an achievement.

    The Angels
    These are all unranked Angels. They simply live and have to answer to all above them. Depending on their age they can be very fluent in their natural magic or not at all.

    Demons (open)

    Demons are mostly very easily influenced by their emotions. They can be very hot-headed, easily jealous or very seductive. They are very selfish creatures that live to make themselves better. They often indulge themselves in addictions (smoking/alcohol/drugs) or vices (sex, wrath, pride etc). They like havoc and mayhem, whether it is already there or they are the ones causing it.

    Demons don’t really have a set Hierarchy, though they use titles. These titles are mostly obtained through certain achievements or because of age or birth. The titles hold no further power over other Demons. Demons will often respect the titles, yet there is no true change in power. If a Demon was to ignore a Dukes order, well it is up for the Duke to solve that. The titles only really hold a meaning when they are at war.

    Princes of Hell
    Like Heaven, Hell has his first seven Demons also. The most famous being of course Lucifer, the first to fall due to his pride. The other six are the ones that followed him directly and represent the other six vices. Beelzebub (gluttony), Sathanus (wrath), Abaddon (sloth), Mammon (greed), Belphegor (envy) and Asmodeus (lust).

    They are the closest to the Princes. Often advisors of them or Demons they have often used. They are the leaders in wars. And during war they do have control over those in lower ranks and there has to be answered to them. They will be in charge of strategies.

    They are below the princes in terms of title. They often have brought home a nice victory during a battle or war. They will have a more active role during wars where they will often lead the Demons lower than them or the Knights in to battle.

    They are the skillfull fighters who have gotten their title by reaching a personal goal, often a thing a Prince or Duke asked them to do. They are more or less the hitman of Hell. In war they are the ones Demons will look up to or meant to protect those of a higher title.

    These are those who have not earned a title yet.

    Nephilim (open)

    The outcome from an Angel breeding with a Human. At first sight they might not look so different from Humans at all. You can often see it in the way they walk or hold themselves. They have a certain natural grace to them and confidence that makes them a pleasure to both look at and talk to. Often Humans see them as flawless. What does make them stand out from Human are their Runes. For Humans they look like tribal tattoos on the their skin.

    The personalities of Nephilim can be completely different, depending on whom you are looking at. Yet they try to be patient and kind like Angels. Likewise they will try to keep away from addictions, yet not all as succeeding with that. Other beings often view them as being arrogant.

    Their weapons consists of Angel Blades and their Magic. Angel Blades are much like the Angel Weapons, only they don’t have a preference to whom handles them. However Demons and Warlocks cannot touch these Blades as they are Holified. Though most Nephilim have a preference to a certain kind of Blade. The Angel Blades are mostly disguised as normal, everyday trickets a Human carries with them. They can be activated by calling out the name of the Angel Blade. The Angel Blades can severely hurt Demons, but will not kill them. If used correctly the Demon will shatter to dust, returning to Hell in order to recreate itself.
    Unlike their Angel parent there is only one kind of magic. They use so called Runes that have to be drawn upon the body. For its effect it will dwell upon the energy of the carrier or the giver. Runes are drawn upon the body using a Runepencil, every Nephilim is gifted one, once they have passed the age of 10. However you can use the Pencil of another Nephilim, but mostly the Runes are stronger drawn by the carrier of the Pencil.
    There are several Runes to enhance ones balance, strength, speed, stamina and other useful things for in battle. They can only enhance their characteristics and features. They are unable to create new forces or object, simply because the Runes only work on living creatures. Also the power of Runes are (mostly) too strong for Humans to contain and will in most occasion do more harm than good. Demons and Warlocks are unable to have Runes on their body, it will kill them as it is an Holy power.
    Runes (open)

    Iratze; the healing rune. It can be drawn anywhere on the body and will heal all the wounds of that person. The closer to the wound, the quicker it will heal. However the energy of Iratzes runs out so for big or complicated wounds, several might be necessary.
    Nyx; It allows the carrier of the run to see in the dark.
    Language; It allows the carrying Nephilim to understand any spoken language, but also to speak the language itself. However only last for an hour.
    Mnemo; It allows the carrier of the Rune to have photographic memory for a short amount of time. Mostly doesn’t last longer than a minute. The image however can be called upon till the death of the carrier.

    There is an Institute in New York which is a home both young and old Nephilim. It is set up as a kind of boarding school. Only Nephilim can open the door to the buildings, however they can let not Nephilim into the building. Besides helping young Nephilim with their training and schooling, the Institute is also used as Hospital, Daycare, Hotel, Weapon Storage and Library. So often you will see Nephilim of all ages run around here.
    Nephilim function similar to the Human world. The older Nephilim are teacher of the underaged (below 18) Nephilim. Once a Nephilim has reached the mark of adulthood at 18, they can be send out on missions or to teach at other Institutes. Their missions mostly consist of keeping track of Demon activity and getting rid of Demons that go out of line, to restore the balance. They are responsible to keep the Humans unaware of the existence of Demons and Angels and getting rid of Demons that dwell upon Earth by shattering them.
    Most Nephilim now a day are the great great great great grandchildren of the first true Angel children. The Nephilim gene is dominant in most situations and therefore children from the Nephilim have a change of being Nephilim as well. Most Nephilim families live near to the Institute. From an early age on Nephilim learn to hate Demons and anything that is Demon related. For Demons are out to destroy them and their world, because Demons are revengeful and pure wrath, and several of these other reasons
    No matter what age a Nephilim is their law states that they are allowed to attack a Demon on sight in any situation. For Warlocks the law is a bit softer, they may only be attack if an adult Nephilim has confirmed that the law was broken. This means that the Warlock has allowed Demons onto Earth or giving information to the Demons on how to get to Earth and other things that would give the Demons knowledge on how to get to Earth. So it is needless to say (I guess) that Nephilim and Warlocks are mostly not on friendly foot with eachother.

    Warlocks (open)

    Warlocks often hold demonic features and characteristics, thanks to their parents. These features can be anything, claws, horns, a different skincolor etc. They can’t change this part of their appearance, however they can glamour it. This will make said feature invisible for the Human eyes. Strong glamours will also affect Nephilim, however these would be very tiring to hold up. Both Angels and Demons cannot be charmed with these glamours. They will always see the Warlock with all his characteristics, yet they can choose to perceive the Warlock as the Warlock wants to be seen.
    No Warlock is the same. They don’t try to be like Demons, they just want to be themselves and act like themselves. However most Warlocks are very outgoing and a bit rebellious, always looking for some fun (whether that might be alcohol, drugs or sex) or some mischievous.

    There is no hierarchy when it comes to Warlocks. They are all free beings that live on their own and yes there are some friendships among Warlocks, but there is no ‘warlock society’ as there is with Nephilim. This is for two reasons; Warlocks stop aging between 20 and 30. It differs in each Warlock which age they reach before they stay the same forever. The second reason is, Warlock are unable to have children. They cannot pass on their genes, a Warlock can only be created by a Demon breeding with a Human.

    Locations/Settings (open)

    Mid Way
    This place is covered up with glamour and yes, its name is a play on the Human Subway. Humans will see it as just a little, bit decayed coffee shop, though most Humans don’t even notice it. So what is so special about Mid Way? Well, it is a diner/restaurant for all creatures. It is open 24/7, no exceptions. Anyone is welcome (except for Humans). The menu can supply for every crazy craving you might have. There is one big rule; Live and let live. If you want to pick a fight, take it outside. People come here to eat and enjoy a great time together. It is a great place to socialize or simply read a book in one of the more secluded booths.

    Mythical Fusion
    The place to be during the weekend if you want to have a good night or want to get lucky or freaky. This place has all kind of drinks, the Human alcohols, but also the more specific drinks for not so Human creatures. There are of course bouncers at the door, but you better not piss them off. However they will not ask for your ID, they are just there to make sure no Humans might get mixed up in the crowd, since that would be bad.
    When there is alcohol or other drinks that influence a person’s behaviour, fights are bound to happen. Just please keep it a bit clean and absolute no killing. Try to respect each other and avoid fights as much as possible. If you come to the door looking for trouble, you might not even get in there.

    The Institute
    The main gate of the Institute is always open, unless there lingers real danger like a war or an attack from Demons. The doors that will give entrance to the Institute can only be opened by those with Angel blood. However anyone can enter if the door is held open by a Nephilim or Angel.
    The left wing of the Institute is meant for everyday live and as an Hospital. Here are the rooms of those that stay at the Institute as well as the kitchen and dining room. The right wing is meant for training and as weapon storage. The middle part is a ball room like and in the old times it was used to hold big parties. Above this is a very big library, that holds all kind of books the Nephilim might need. However there is a small part that is filled with Human books for entertainment.

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  2. [​IMG]
    Ysandriel Unda, mostly called Yssa

    He appears to be 17 years old.

    High Cerub

    Isandriel has the patience of an Angel (bad pun is bad). He is a calm person that will not let anger get to him quickly, though it can lead up to angering others. He is gentle and very elegant and gracious. Yssa is very friendly, though he likes to observe others and see what kind of persons they are before engaging in conversation or seeking closer contact with them on his own accord. Overall this makes him come off as a bit shy. He is respectful to everybody, unless they have proven not to deserve his respect, and believes in intellect over strength. He is very good with words and in debate you will have to prove yourself as hisopinion is not quickly changed.
    Though he has a lot of patience it can ran out and when that happens you would rather not be near him, since it will mostly lead to anger. When angered he can be unpredictable like the sea and go from smooth surface to destroying waves and water swirls. He can be quite sarcastic at times or speak in riddles, as she often forgets that not everybody has been around for centuries. Also he can be very indecisive and likes to take his time when facing a problem. In a fight this leads to him being very defensive and not wanting to take any risks or try something new. His opinion is hard to change once he made up his mind about someone.

    * He wears the Rosary around his neck as a good luck charm
    * His eyes are deep blue, open and innocent.

    Angel Yssa (open)
    * His wings have a faint blue glow/shine to them.
    * If he wears clothes it are usually light materials (as shown in the pic) mostly silk and satin like fabrics.

    His first and most used power is Healing. It almost comes natural to him and often can't stop himself from doing it. He knows when a person is wounded, even if they will not tell him or show it to him. It is not only physical healing he does, he can also heal mentally. This means he can take a way mental hurt or sorrow. His second (more offensive) power would be watermanipulation. However he can only use this if there is water (or liquid) around him. He isn't really a fighter, but he can stand his ground in a fight. He would tire out the other fighter, trying to keep his head clear and waiting for an opening. In battles he mostly relies on his magic, instead of using a weapon. If in a group he likes to keep a bit back and heal those that need to healing. He doesn't mind the supporting role. If he has to use a weapon his go to weapon would usually be his barbed whip, with a hook on the end. It is colored white to navy blue depending on the light.
    Yssa with whip (open)

    {to be editted}

    * He can understand Demonic if it is spoken to him, but he can not reply in the language. The same goes for reading and writing, he can read Demonic, but not write it.
    * He always carries a book with him.
    * In his 'free time' he likes to go on walks just to observe the world around him. He likes to reflect on life and humanity while doing this. Any kind of puzzle or riddle will keep him hooked when he is not wandering off in thoughts.
    * He is struggling with his homosexuality (in secret of course)​
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  3. [​IMG]
    Asmodeus or Asmoday, depending on whom you ask, the later one being the name most demons use.
    His name is mostly shortened to Asmo by those who are close to him.

    He appears to be in his mid twenties. His real age is much older. He has been the first to follow Morgenstar.

    Prince of Hell

    He lives for entertainment. That is practically his whole being. He likes a good party or just simple hanging out with friends. For a demon, he is definitely not the worse you can bumped into. Unless you make him angry of course, or invade his privacy. Than he can get rutheless and lose track of the definition of mercy. Still he is not one to inflict pain, but rather pleasurable pain as he would like to call it. Yes, everything around him revolves about lust and sex. He is the master artist of seduction, he can be cunning and manipulative if he wants to be, but mostly he just keeps to being seductive.
    He is a charmer and a flirt. Very outgoing and flamboyant, most would say. He plays around with hearts, yet if he gets seriously involved with someone, he can be possessive and easily jealous. Yes, being with him in a romantical way isn't easy. He will protect the ones he loves at all costs, even if that means giving up his own life. Though he mostly tries to avoid it, at times his serious wise angel side might show through.

    * His hair is natural blonde, currently he is experimenting with colors and liking the pastel purple
    * His eyes are golden and shaped like those of a cat
    * His nails are black and can (like a cats) be pulled in to normal Human nail lenght or pushed out in razor sharp claws.

    The Angel he once was (open)
    * Only his hair would be golden, not black

    Being the Demon of Lust, Emotions are his power, especially lust. He can manipulate what a person feels, making certain emotions appear stronger or more dulled down. He can enhance the levels of lust and attraction someone feels. However he can only manipulate what is already there, unless a person is really weak minded and weak against suggestion (aka Humans). He doesn't believe in weapons, so carries none with him. However he is quite skillful with swords, if he gets his hands on one. His fighting style depends very much on his opponent. He can be very direct and make it a short fight, yet if he has an interesting person against him, he might play around and toy a bit.

    {Will be editted later} He has several Warlock childern wandering a round on Earth, due to his inability to keep his dick in his pants.

    * He is fluent in Angelic, having once been an Angel himself. He avoids using this language.
    * His behaviour can be very cat wise, this includes purring, giving heads, pawing at things. If you ever catch him slowly blinking at you, it is a way of him telling that he loves you. ​
  4. Crius

    Crius Argus
    Cree is his most common nickname.

    Appears 25. Never says his actual age.

    Outer Personality:
    Calm, collected, and ridged. He maintains a tough and respected demeanor to keep from seeming weak to the elder angels. His emotions, for the most part, are maintained under the outer assumption that he has few. Fear, anger, and regret are hidden behind his training and times spent in isolation reading or finding a way to waste idle time. Most people and most of his peers don't know much of what he really feels because he doesn't feel the need to divulge the truth with many.

    Inner Personality:
    Seeing the human race grow as a whole, Crius knows the darkest and the brightest of truths. He sees morality as a huge grey area. He knows that sometimes what seems like the wrong thing is the right thing to do in certain cases. He walks a thin line of right and wrong. Most of the time he is conflicted wither he shows it or not under his collected outer shell, and behind all of his ridged outer hull lies the soft cliche of an angel most people know. He has few close confidants but those he has know all of his secrets

    Note his eyes are blue and hair is brown in both forms.
    When he uses his offensive powers his eyes slightly glow a pale shade of blue.

    How he really looks (open)

    just without the staff

    Human form (open)


    Power and Weapons;
    Mild Telepathy-Can read emotions
    Blinding Light- Dispels all darkness to some degree with a bold of non-fatal lightning
    Lightning Bond- Imbue weapons with lighting to stun and for a few seconds paralyze enemies
    Thunderbolt- A strong electric blast crashes down on the target. This may also leave the target with paralysis.
    Weapon Materialization- Can make weapons appear and disappear at will, allowing him to fight in human form without having to keep track of his weapons.

    Weapons (open)

    ^^1st in order of how often used^^

    Fighting Style
    Most of the time he uses his chain dagger to keep a fast pace in battle, but when he doesn't want to get close to anything he will use his bow. His daggers are a last ditch effort when disarmed and when he loses those he goes to Jujitsu.

    {Discuss this, before posting, can be edited at all times}

    His Theme

    Smokes cigarettes on occasion, and if offered he drink he might take it.
  5. Name;
    Seraphina, although she prefers Sera. It translates to Burning Flame In hebrew and Sera loves it. Often introducing herself to other demons by saying: "Hello, I am Sera, the Burning Flame!" Usually with a flourish of fire around her for good measure.

    Sera is still quite a young demon, being only 80 years old; although appears to be around 16-17.

    Sera has yet to earn a title.

    Sera is greedy and takes what she wants, when she wants it. She is excitable and easily lead, everything on earth is enchanting to her! She indulges herself on everything and anything, seizing anything that catches her eye. Sera tries to be smooth and collected, although once set off by something, it takes a long time for her to calm down.

    Sera comes from a long line of succubus, breaking and entering mens dreams to steal is what she does best, this is the main reason that she is so selfish and greedy.But because of her constant nighttime 'adventures', she often bores of flirting outside of the dream realm. Sera uses different, more provocative appearances for the dream world. She is well mannered for a demon and although hectic and unpredictable, when on a mission (Or say, dream mission) she is professional and well organised.

    Sera came to earth to experience the world her victims had lived in for so long, both to further her ability as a Succubus and because it looked fun! She over stayed her time limit and no time portals were working. Not that she minds. Sera hangs out around the Mythical Fusion, awed by the bright lights and bustling people.



    Power and Weapons;

    Power wise, Sera is adept in flame magic. Still learning, she can complete a range of complex spells. She loves burning things and still isn't completely in control of her powers and emotions, whenever her emotions get particularly flared up - so do things around her.

    Sera uses a bow and arrow to fight,(she likes to think of herself as some kind of demon cupid) setting the tip of the arrow on fire she strikes form afar, for melee she carries a small dagger. Ranged attacking is her speciality, with melee she can fight just enough to defend herself, but as she hates to get her hands dirty, in hand to hand combat she would be rendered completely useless.



    Childhood friends with "Burning Wind" Kade~

    She is cowardly and when faced with an opponent stronger than her, will flee immediately.
    Likes lollipops.
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  6. Name;
    Emunah Kade
    Known in the other world as "Burning Wind"
    Usually, people refer to her by her last name.

    She is a young demon- Ninety-nine years to be exact. However, she appears to be 17


    Emunah Kade appears to be calm and collected. At first encounter she tends to be cold, uncaring, guarded, and distant. Even her expressions are quite stoic. However once one gets to know her they'll learn she is quite the opposite of what she appears. She is straight forward, blunt, and strong-willed. Once she puts her mind to something she'll definitely find a way to get a result. Although she is a demon Kade is loyal and protects those who are close to her. Emunah has been with a few guys, but she holds no attachment to any of them. However, once she finds that special someone she can be possessive and jealous.

    It is rare when her temper comes out. Kade is the type to hide her emotions and bottle them up. She has become quite good at it over the years. However, just like anyone else there are times when she does snap. When A) Some hurts the person she cares about or B) Someone close to her betrays her. If she is betrayed, the traitor is forever dead to her. It is typically these two instances when her dormant temper is most likely to flare. When it does, it is best to run.

    *Human Form
    *Chestnut Red Hair
    *Her eyes are a stormy grey
    *When she uses her abilities, they turn pale violet

    Knight Outfit

    Demon Form

    Power and Weapons;
    Powers- Emunah specializes in elemental magic: Fire and Air.
    She is an Empath: Detect people's emotions
    Premonitions through dreams: They are usually bad feeling accompanied by an image or short video. She never knows if it already happened or if it is going to happen.
    Healing: She can't heal a broken arm, but cut or a wound from a sword is within her expertise. The bigger the wound, the more energy is depleted. The person has to want to be healed in order for it to work.
    Weapons- Archery, Knives, Double-edged Sword
    Fighting Style- Muay Thai and Wu Chung.
    Note: She favors close-hand-combat. If a weapon need to be use she'll bring out the dagger (always kept in her shoe). A formidable partner: Sword. However, if she has to keep a great distance, that's when archery comes into place.
    Bow and Arrow

    Double-Edged Sword

    {In a relationship with: Levi Merrick}

    {Childhood Friend: Seraphina}
    Kade loves strings. It soothes her. She plays piano, cello, and violin. However, the cello is her specialty. Her favorite pieces are Elgar's Cello Concerto in e minor (First Movement) and Bach's Cello Suite Prelude No. 5. When she isn't playing her instruments, one can often find her swimming or reading.

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  7. Name;
    Levi Merrick

    A middle aged demon, about 153 years old


    A strong willed demon, Levi is a creature of few words. When he speaks, people tend to listen because he doesn't talk much.

    ((Sorry, I can't find a good pic to match him.)))
    Levi has long brown hair, kinda messy like he has permanent bed head. He wears jeans, a tshirt, and boots normally, although on a mission he wears a brown leather breastplate, greaves, and bracers.

    Power and Weapons;
    Bow and Arrow, Drakonslayer Sword, daggers and woodsman powers ((tracking, hunting, smelling, sight, foraging))

    Emunah "Burning Wind" Kade
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  8. Name;
    Claire Rose

    Looks 23. Actually in her mod thirties



    Claire is seen as very quiet and reserved but that's because she is observant. For the most part she is nice to people and respectful but when it comes to angels and demons she can be mean and cruel. She has low tolerance to stupidity and often times picks to be around more intelligent beings.


    Second picture (open)


    Power and Weapons;​

    Claire can infuse bullets with the elements causing different reactions. Infusing with Fire can cause an explosion of fire upon impact. Ice can freeze upon impact for a short period of time slowing down the area of impact. Wind can allow the bullet to manuever through the air or cause the bullet to move even quicker. Earth can cause the target to get knocked back and gives quite a punch. When infused with Spirit it can temporarily paralyze the area of impact by shutting down the nerves. Bullets can only be infused one type at a time, and only one clip at a time. In order to use a different affect Claire must reload. When in close combat or within short range she will use her pistol/s. She cannot use her magic in any other way so without her weaponry she can brawl pretty well. Learning various martial arts for defending. When at long range she will use sniper rifles to get an advantage. Occasionally uses various guns but mainly sticks to pistols and sniper rifles. (If images are needed for weapons let me know.)


    ~Claire is Demisexual/Demiromantic.
    ~Due to a needed cornea transplant she has received powers from the donor who was a demon. As well as the ability to infuse magic into bullets she can see past glamours with her right eye thanks to the demonic transplant.
    ~She hunts angels and demons out of spite and revenge for the hell she must now live with.
    ~Her body has stopped ageing due to the transplant.
    ~Her codename is "Thorn".
    ~Cannot heal quickly but heals faster than normal humans. Fatal blows she can survive but they can leave her hurt for awhile. (A few weeks.) Minor scrapes and cuts heal within hours. Broken bones take half the normal time to heal. (Two weeks at minimum.)​
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