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    The clerk didn't seem to see him. She was too busy scribbling on this piece of paper of his apparent time of death and the autopsy reports. A bullet straight through the left ventricle of his heart, not passing through the cardiac muscle. Basically, his heart drowning in its own blood. She peered over the report and initialed everywhere she needed to, a somber expression on her face as she did so. Kyle noticed the red rims around her eyes and scoffed inside his head. What kind of clerk took their job so serious that they cried each time a patient died? So he was only 21 years old and had a successful life. That didn't mean she had to bawl her brains out over a kid she barely even knew. She even went so far as to sniffle when she initialed by the consent to questioning about the body. How pathetic.

    She still didn't see him even as he shoved his hands in his Levi pants pockets and took two steps up to her, trying to get a better look at the sheet of paper. To his dismay, there was a small 8x11 photo paper clipped to a stack of papers of him lying in the hospital bed with that infernal contraption over his nose. He remembered that they were willing him to breathe and to 'stay with them.' Kyle tried, he did, but a heart can only do so much before it fucks up and dies out. That's what Kyle's did, but it never explained why he was still able to stand there in the hospital unnoticed by everyone. It didn't matter to him, anyway. He was dead now.

    Kyle didn't bother to look behind him as he walked out of the door, apparently not making a sound or a scene. People obviously couldn't see him lift or touch anything, because to them, anything he came in contact with did not exist. That basically meant that seeing Mom and Annice were out of the picture. They were in his hospital room bawling over his carcass for no reason, because he tried too many times to scream out their names. There was one point where he threatened to sling Annice by her hair if she didn't turn around, and all she did was hiccup and throw her head in her mother's bosom and cry louder. Kyle was too pissed off to do anything else.

    Who would of thought that the dead could be angry?

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    The sky was bright blue that day, the weather was wonderful, perfect for people that wanted to watch the beautiful nature. A lot of people traveled far away just to see wonders of nature like gran canyon or Niagara falls. There was so many places on earth that looked magnificent, but Rose would never be able to see them. She had been blind since she was a child. She lost her sight after a car accident and hadn't been able to see since then. Luckily it happened when she was very young so she didn't remember much from the time she could see, which meant she couldn't miss seeing as much as someone loosing their sight as an adult.

    It didn't matter that much that she couldn't see, even if it made it a bit harder to walk. But she could still hear, she could still feel, she could still taste and she could still smell. As long as she used those senses then she wouldn't need her sight. Sine she had lived in the same town since she were a kid she barely had to think about walking into things anymore. Before she had to count every step but now she remembered where the most places were and her mind counted the steps unconsciously. Though it was very uncomfortable if she stopped and wasn't certain exactly where she were.

    Rose tried to live her life as if she still had her eyes, she tried to be like everyone else and didn't accept help if she didn't needed it, and so far she hadn't had that many problems. She listened to the tv, enjoyed nature by smelling and touching it and she even went to the movie theatre now and then. Sometimes it were with her friends and sometimes she went alone. This day she had decided to go alone to watch a movie, or rather listen to a movie.

    She always heard people talking in movie theatres about how bad the effects were and such. But they never commented if the music fitted in the scenes or not. Since she couldn't see the effects she just had to listen to the other effects that could be heard in the movie.

    Rose walked into the theatre main hall and bought her ticket. The scent of the person working there at the moment weren't familiar, probably a new staff member. She couldn't recognize his voice either, definitely new staff. She could hear that his voice sounded a little bit nervous even though he tried to hide it. It could be because she was blind that he got nervous, maybe he wondered why she were going to watch a movie even though she were blind. Some people had asked her straight out before while others had tried not to mention it. This man didn't say anything about it but kindly told her which row and which seat that was written on the ticket. She walked in to the theatre and counted the seats carefully so she wouldn't get the wrong one and then finally found her seat.

    One good thing with being blind was that even if there was people sitting in the way or if she sat to close to the cinema screen it still didn't matter. She didn't need to see anyways. All she had to worry about was if people would talk to much or not. She relaxed as the commercials started to roll on the screen.

  3. It was good not having to pay for anything. It meant that, if he wanted to, he could have stolen everything he wanted and no one would blink an eye at him when he did it, simply because, to them, the item never existed. If Kyle walked across the street and snatched a purse from an old lady, she would continue walking because, to her, the purse he snatched didn't exist. The purse to Kyle was an item that was grabbed, but the old lady would still have the same, brightly embroidered red purse in her frail hands. That was just the way life went. Well, not life, exactly. He chuckled at his own crude sense of humor and pushed passed a crowd of people that were loitering in the street for no reason at all. You gotta love cities.

    The movie theater was a ways away from the hospital, but Kyle didn't mind the walk. He hated that his mother and sister passed him up in the street with their blood, red eyes, not saying a word to them. At that point, he no longer cared. He just simply waved at the car with two fingers saying,
    "I bet yall are having that old macaroni again." Then, as he walked through the entrance door to the theater without the slightest sideways glance to anyone, it hit him. He was dead. Dead. Meaning that he no longer existed in the world he lived in. Meaning that everyone around him would forget him and he would be nothing more than a memory. That wasn't all bad, except for one thing. He was still there. He still had to watch everyone go on with their merry little lives while he stood there without one word to him.

    No one would call out to him. His phone will never ring. The school had probably already scratched him off of the records and attendant sheets, tainting his perfect attendance at Carolina University. Kyle scoffed and threw his hand in his dark brown hair under his toboggan, swinging the door open to Your Surrender, enjoying the bang that no one heard. The previews had already started, one playing about a woman seeing her child for the first time, only to find out that he was a serial killer. The name of the movie was Cereal. Typical. Kyle shoved through the 4th row, almost knocking over a fat, balding man's soda. He didn't care. It was still going to be there anyway. Finding his seat with no problem in the dark, he propped his feet behind some girl with brown hair and sighed.

    "And now, please silence all cell phones before the movie. Be courteous to your fellow spectators by remaining silent throughout the screening of this film."

    "This piece of crap film, you mean," he muttered, snatching a handful of stale popcorn from an empty seat.
  4. Rose didn't really enjoy previews that much since she couldn't get that much of a picture of what the movie were about. Especially if it were an action movie, they often just had explosions and some lines so she couldn't really get a grip of the content of the movie. Even if she heard a review that made her interested it wasn't always that they said the name of the movie out loud in the end. In some previews they only wrote the name of the movie at some point in the preview so it was impossible for her to find the movie later. She mostly asked her friends what movies they would suggest to her since she couldn't read about them herself.

    Soon the previews was over and she finally could look forward to the movie. Suddenly someone behind her started to mutter. She didn't know why but he really irritated her. Not so much his words as the bad energy he sent out. She turned around even if she wouldn't be able to see him, but he would probably not care if she talked to him with her back towards him. "You don't have to watch it if you think it's so crappy." She commented and turned back.

    There wasn't that many people in the theatre so not many noticed that she were suddenly talking to nothing, and the closest person barely saw anything in the theatre since the screen just had turned black when she turned around. If it still would have been bright from the screen light then a few people would probably have looked at her wondering who she talked too. Rose herself didn't even realize that she just had talked to an empty seat and that no one else had heard the voice. She hoped a bit that the guy behind her would leave if he would talk more, it was just disturbing when people talked too much. Since she only could use her ears when she saw a movie it was pretty important that she could hear anything. It wasn't like in reality where she could hear, smell and feel everything around her.

    The worst experience she had at a theatre was when she was younger and went to a family movie together with her mother. Another family with a lot of children sat just behind them and talked threw the whole movie, and their youngest child started crying. Rose had lost half the movie because of them and had to re-watch it once it came on TV. Because of that she had tried to only go to movies which small children couldn't watch.
  5. Kyle had to remain still for a few seconds. Stupid idea, really, but he was taken off guard so bad that he figured if he moved, he'd be in trouble. It wasn't like he never talked during a movie before. He did it all the time. Every time a stupid preview for a movie came on while he and his friends went out, he was the first to comment on how he thought the movie would go. Half of them were so predictable, that the next time they went to the theater to see that movie, Kyle was almost exactly right. Even then he would comment about how he knew he was going to be right and what a waste of money seeing the movie was. It was all in good fun, of course, and it wasn't like he talked during the whole entire presentation. There were some movies he even took an interest to, but those were once in a lifetime chances for him. Somehow, he knew that Your Surrender would be the crappiest movie he had ever seen.

    He just didn't expect someone to answer him.

    He remained motionless for a good time, thinking that maybe he was going insane. Being alive when you're really dead can do that to you. He thought that maybe he was hearing things at first, but the possibility of being noticed was just too strong for him to ignore. Whoever the girl was, she could probably hear him, maybe even see him! Of course, that would screw with his head far worse than it already was, but Kyle had little to no choice. Why not take a little chance? Do a little dare? He was dead, anyway, so it wouldn't really matter what happened from that point. He took a deep breath and stared at the back of her head, waiting before he did something incredibly stupid. A second past before he sent a hard kick to the back of her seat.

    "I don't remember asking you if I had to watch it or not." As cocky as the sentence was, he held his breath, waiting to see if it was true that the girl could hear him, or was he really going crazy.
  6. The guy behind her was silent for a good while. Rose got relieved and thought he actually had decided to shut up, but in that moment she felt something in her back. It was almost like someone had kicked the seat but at the same time the seat hadn't moved at all. It felt like something flew into her back but she couldn't make sense of what it was. Then the guy started to talk again. That cocky brat, someone should throw him out of there.

    "Could you just shut up." She hissed as she turned her head towards him, she tried to be a bit silent when she did it so she wouldn't disturb anyone else in the theatre. "Some people actually want to watch without being disturbed by a dickhead." She commented and turned her head away from him again. The head turning was unnecessary for her since she couldn't see him anyway. But people often listened to her better if she looked at them even if she couldn't see them. For her it didn't matter if people looked at her or not when they talked to her since she couldn't see them anyways. She could listen without seeing, so why did other people have such a hard time doing it?

    The music in the beginning of the movie faded and some voices started to talk. Rose immediately started to try and remember all the voices she heard and tried to get the name to the right voice. It was easy if they called a person and the person answered. But sometimes people started to talk about a person when that person weren't in the room and they simply watched a picture of her, when that happened she often started to put the wrong voices to the wrong people and first when she re-watched it she actually got it right.
  7. This time, Kyle was more than just interested. He was all different kinds of emotions at once: surprised, shocked, happy, pissed off. There was someone who had finally been able to see him, as crackpot as the thought was. He had said and did something specifically to that one female and she had responded as if he were really there. It was more than just a miracle; it was down right odd. Kyle looked directly into her deep brown eyes the moment she turned towards him, stunned for a minute that they actually held eye contact. Even though some of his hair obscured a slight bit of his vision because of the toboggan, his eyes were exposed enough for her to look directly into his two. She was a pretty thing, that couldn't be denied. She had perfect hair that was straight at both sides of her cheeks, curling under and framing her face right at the base of her neck. There were no blemishes to be found and the only thing off with her face was the angry expression that made her brown brows wrinkle.

    Kyle opened his mouth to say something else, but when he did, she only turned around and averted her attention back to the movie that was beginning. The lights suddenly dimmed and all of the other hushed whispers from everyone else died down to nothingness. Kyle looked beside him at a woman who was about mid-30's, wearing dark purple lipstick. He watched her place her hand in the bucket of her popcorn slowly, eyes glued directly to the screen. Frowning a bit, Kyle stole the bucket from her and dumped some of the popcorn on the floor. However, the woman did not move at all. She continued to eat out a bucket of popcorn that was not touched at all. So, everyone else couldn't see or here him.

    But the girl could.

    The movie began but Kyle wasn't paying too much attention. He wanted to say something else. Fell like he actually had life again. Whatever was going on with him had something to do with her and stupid movie would not stop him from finding that out.

    "My bad,"he said simply, relaxing back into his seat as if nothing were out of the ordinary.
  8. Finally the guy decided to keep it down so she could actually concentrate on the movie. There were a bit talking among the people now and then, but they kept it very quiet and they were able to whisper for most of the time so Rose didn't feel so disturbed by them. It didn't seem like anyone had a child or a baby in there so she didn't have to get disturbed by a child's comment or crying. It was always the best when as few people as possible went to see a movie.

    But she felt a bit bad. She wasn't used to say such things to people, she had called a total stranger a dickhead. Maybe he had just had a bad day and weren't really in the mood or something like that. Rose hated when her conscience got to her, it always did even when it was another persons fault. In this case it wasn't really his fault, he had stated his opinion even if it was a rude opinion and she had called him a dickhead instead of asking him gently to be quiet. That would have been a better option. After some minutes she felt that she had to do something about her mind screaming at her.

    Rose half turned towards were she had heard the guy. "Sorry I called you a dickhead. I went a bit overboard." She told him before turning back. Her conscience was cleaned once again, it didn't really matter if he accepted her apology or not, as long as she tried to apologize when she had done something wrong then it was good enough. She didn't even thought that he had cared about her calling him such a rude word but she cared a bit about it, so at least for herself she wanted to do something that felt right after doing something that felt wrong. She kept listening to the movie as it kept going on.

    She hadn't missed anything they had said as she spoke to the guy. She had tried to time it in just after they had stopped talking and she were able to finish her sentence just as they started talking again in the movie. That felt pretty good since she thought she would miss something while talking and if the sentence was important then she would miss something in the plot. That had happened before when she had spoken to a friend once when they were watching a movie and just at that time they had presented a new character in the movie. So she had no idea who the new character were when she realized that a new person were in the movie.
  9. Kyle was overly amused at all of it.

    He smiled at her once she apologized, flashing his pearl teeth her way even while she looked directly at his chest. He found it absolutely adorable that she couldn't look him in the eyes after she just had guts enough to call him a dickhead. Kyle never had a girl tell him off before. In his....'other life'...he was a good guy. A guy who never liked to see a person frown if he could help it. When it came to woman, he put them very high on pedestal. There was no reason in the word for Kyle to every be rude, nasty, or mean to any woman. He had a good bit of girl friends and learned very quickly that high school drama always tainted the hearts and mind of young women.

    This time, however, the girl was nothing more than a fun project to him. His death changed his outlook on people and life. he had no interest in her other than the fact that she could see and hear him as if he were really alive. His smile widened she turned back, not even waiting for him to say whatever he had to say, because Kyle had some words in mind.

    "I don't see how you could determine who a dickhead is without really meeting them. You don't know me from a hole in the ground, but when I start talking to a piece of crap movie, I'm all of a sudden a dickhead. I could be famous, you know. I could be the next Einstein or some shit. A bit overboard doesn't cut it, sweetheart."he said, still not caring about the movie. A woman was pounding on the chest of the main protagonist, begging for him to do everything he could to help find her missing sister. Kyle's eyes flickered to the screen then back to the girl's head. He leaned forward, tapping her shoulder. Surprisingly enough, it felt solid, like a real shoulder.

    "Are you paying attention to what's going on? If not, I suggest we bail. Guys are starting to snore in the back."
  10. Rose had hoped that the guy would just shut up after her apology but it didn't take too long before he started to speak again. She sighted a bit at his comment. She had a hard time believing that an Einstein would go and watch a crap movie to begin with. She tried to listen to what happened in the movie but she had already lost concentration because of him. Also some other people had started to whisper to each other and someone was snoring a bit, not loudly but it sounded like it could become louder in just a couple of moments. She was used to some movie experiences being destroyed because of people, it was only sometimes now and then that she could actually listen to a movie at the cinema without getting disturbed.

    Suddenly she felt someone poking at her shoulder, she guessed that it were the guy right behind her again and just as she thought it he started to speak. At first she thought that maybe she should just try and not pay attention to him, pretend that he weren't there. But not many in the audience seemed to be interested in the movie as more and more noises started. It wasn't really loud so far, but since she couldn't see it disturbed her more than other people.

    She sighted a bit, it was probably best to watch it when it came on TV instead, at least then it would be silent around her. "You are a pain in the ass." She mumbled as she rose up and started to walk, carefully counting her steps in her head. The cinema weren't a place she were used to being in so she still hadn't learned to just walk without thinking that much of where she walked. Hopefully the guy behind her would just leave her alone when they got out. She had known a guy in her school that talked a bit like him, even though he never had talked to Rose she had heard him many times talk to other people like that guy did. Nothing was ever their fault, it was always the other persons fault. They never accepted apologies. Those kind of guys were all the same.
  11. So, she can be taught.

    "Dammit," Kyle swore under his breath, vaulting out of his seat right behind him. It was a good thing for him that no one could see, hear, or feel him move through the constricted mass of people in the isle. He simply moved through the people to jog after the girl who had, yet again, called him an obscenity. He doubted that she would apologize to him this time, finally having enough of his presence as she made her way out of the theater room. Kyle took one more look at the screen to see the woman throwing her forehead on the man's chest, bawling that she had little to hold onto to and that he was the only one who knew her. He was the only one who could save her and her heart.

    Kyle didn't so much as bat an eye at the screen before he turned away, catching an amber flicker that was the girl's hair as she made her way out of the door.

    "Hold it. Hold it, sweetheart!" He called, racing to catch up to her. When she didn't turn around, he feared that the miracle of her being able to notice him was timed and had worn off. The thought was unsettling, and, once he was beside her as they passed the concessions, he frowned when she still didn't send a look to him even though he was short inches away.

    "Hold up, would ya?"
  12. Rose heard him clearly as he told her to wait up, but she didn't really care. But she couldn't help but flinch a bit when he called her sweetheart for the second time of the day. One reason why she didn't answer him was because she didn't want to loose count in her steps before she got out of the cinema and knew her way, if she lost count inside the cinema then maybe she would walk into the wall instead of out threw the exit because of a couple of miscalculated steps. Another was that he were irritating and she just didn't want to talk to him.

    But when she got out of the cinema and stood on the walkway outside she stopped and sighted a bit before speaking. "Stop calling me sweetheart." She demanded. At this point she wasn't certain were he stood, if he were behind her or at her left or right side, so it was impossible for her to try to look at him. If he hadn't noticed that she was blind then he would maybe think that she were rude for not trying to look at him, on the other hand she had already been rude to him three times so what did a fourth matter?

    She wished a bit that she had just ignored him when he started to speak in the cinema, or at least ignored him when she walked out. She could have gone straight home. Even if he had followed her and tried to talk to her he would have to stop when they got to her house. For a second she really thought of just leaving him without a word, but something felt weird with this guy. He seemed like whichever idiotic guy in town when he spoke but when he touched her it didn't feel completely solid even though it felt solid. When he kicked her chair it didn't feel like it was actually kicked.

    I'm probably over thinking this.
    She thought to herself.
    "What do you want?" She asked him almost sighing as she crossed her arms over her chest, still not certain exactly where he were. He had to want something since he wanted her to wait for him so badly.
  13. To his surprise, she obeyed him by slowing up her steps as they passed the cinema and the Sleep Mattress store stationed right next to it. The store was going out of business, a large 'FOR LEASE' looking intimidating against the pale borders of the store, bricks lining every other edge of the wall. Most people found it odd that a mattress store was made of brick, but the need for a mattress store right beside a cinema was ridiculous. Kyle liked the mattress store, believe it or not. Before he was shot and killed, the movies was a weekly pastime for him, and, afterwards, he would walk next door to look at mattresses. Why? He just liked the structure of the store.

    The girl passed the store up without even a glance in the direction or the opposite for that matter. Kyle made a face and looked at her eyes, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary to him. She was either really defiant or blind. He doubted it was the latter so Kyle made it his job to break that defiance of hers. That was just like a typical teenage girl; to act like they're all that and don't have time to look someone in the eyes. Kyle was going to enjoy bursting this egotistical bubble of hers.

    "I wouldn't call you sweetheart if you had given me a name to go by. See, like this. Hey, I'm Kyle. Was that so hard?" Kyle had to fight the urge to laugh at his own way of thinking. The girl was either going to do one of three things: slap him in the face, ignore him as if he didn't exist (even though he didn't), or tell him her name. He didn't know which one he was waiting for, but the humor was what allowed him to keep trying. A car sped down the street and he noticed that she neither flinched nor looked in that direction, even though it was traveling pretty close to the curb. Kyle frowned and stared at her a bit more.

  14. When she heard his voice she could at least get her eyes in his direction even though she didn't know if she looked into his chest, eyes or forehead. She rose her right eyebrow a bit, she didn't know if she should give him her name or just slap him and walk away. "I may have given you my name earlier if you had asked nicely." Rose said, she wondered if he actually would ask nicely if she didn't tell him her name. But she didn't want to get called sweetheart or anything else that he may come up with.

    "I'm Rose." She told him as she put her hands in her pockets. She started to think about something to say so that she could walk away from him without him following her. But it would seem weird if she told him that she had to go home or to a meeting with a friend since she from the beginning had been watching a movie at the cinema and that movie weren't going to finish in a while. She had no idea why Kyle felt like talking to her even though they somewhat had argued at the cinema. Shouldn't he be more interested in not talking to her? On the other hand, guys worked in mysterious ways, there wasn't a single guy that she could understand.

    "So... What do you want, Kyle?" He must have had some reason to have rushed after her and told her to wait. Or maybe he just wanted to irritate her for some more minutes before they walked their different ways.

    It was a bit weird though, she couldn't smell his scent. All human had a different scent, it was strongest when they sweated and weakest just after a shower, but she couldn't feel any kind of scent from him. Maybe the wind blew in the wrong direction but when she thought about it she was certain she hadn't felt any stronger scent when she turned around to talk to him at the cinema. If someone had been behind her then that persons scent should have gotten a bit stronger as she got closer. But there was a lot of people in that room so it wasn't that odd that the scents got mixed together. Still, he stood so close to her, the wind should carry his scent towards her at some point. Maybe the smell of the trees were hiding the smell of him.
  15. Kyle looked across the street, noticed that no cars were speeding, so knew it was safe to cross. Apparently the girl didn't have to look, for she just stared blankly ahead of him and walked directly across without so much as a head tilt in the opposite direction. The first thought that went to Kyle's said was that she was suicidal. She didn't care about getting ran over or hit by a random car at all. She gave up on caring for her safety and just did whatever she wanted, awaiting the consequence with a smile. Kyle looked down at her some more and tried to find that girl within her visage, but he could see no trace of any suicidal tendencies at all. He opened his mouth to say something but she just turned to him, looking at the base of his threat with defiance.

    "I may have given you my name earlier if you had asked nicely."

    "I didn't ask at all,"he added, looking at her eyes, noticing that she didn't move her eyes at all. Kyle frowned again, looking up momentarily to take a turn to the right, heading directly to the Waffle House stationed across the Main Road, the yellow sign glowing dimly. He caught her say her name. Rose. What an contradiction. She didn't look romantic, soft, and bold at all. She should have been named Thorn. That would have suit her better.

    "And now we're getting somewhere. I don't want anything from you, but, since you're walking the same direction, I might as enjoy some Waffle House with you." He shook his head when she still didn't toss a look at him.

    "Am I that bad looking that you can't even look me in the eye. Damn, you're so stuck up."
  16. She shrugged a bit when he mentioned that she didn't look him in the eyes. "You probably are that bad looking, luckily I don't need to see it since I'm blind." Rose said irritated. She knew many people got confused since she didn't use anything to help her find her way around, but she had never walked into anything since she had learned how the town looked by counting steps, and somehow she always seemed to be able to walk around holes in the ground and such things even though she didn't know they were there. As long as she stayed in a familiar place then she didn't have a need for a white stick or anything like that. It just felt weird to use those things. Though she often did if she went out of town with her friends or family.

    "Enjoy your waffles, I'm going home." She said and turned around and started walking away from him. She felt a bit bad for getting so angry at him just because he hadn't realized that she was blind. But he had called her stuck up without even asking why she didn't look at him. It should be some kind of unwritten rule to first ask people why they are acting like they do instead of assuming they are in some way. At least he could have kept it to himself if he weren't even going to ask her about it first.
  17. Kyle felt like more of an asshole than he already was. He stared at her harder after she explained the reason she never looked him directly in the eyes or at his face. It was because if her eyes even managed to travel that far up, all she would see was black. She had no eyesight to speak of. He let his gaze wander to her eyes, knowing that she wouldn't be able to tell if he were staring or not.

    A plus.

    There wasn't a typical gray, glassy look in her irises like most blind people had. On TV, at least. They looked the color of a normal brown, lighter than some of her hair, but definitely a brown. He put the color as burned caramel. Not the color of a blind girl.

    "Oh,"he said half-heartily, as if he meant for it to sound retorting more than defeated. "I didn't know that." Well, duh, Sherlock. The sounds of the street were loud and obnoxious. Kyle remembered them so well. The cars that drove higher than the speed limit, the occasional caw of some wild bird. There was a music from a tavern across the street, well away from them but blasting a swagger of jazz and unconditional blues. The city life. Kyle glanced at the Waffle House's pale, yellow, and inviting sign, only looking back to Rose when she told him she was leaving. She had might as well smacked him.

    "Woah, wait! Dammit,"he breathed, trotting beside her. Careful not to touch her and further piss her off, he hovered his hand over her shoulder and a hopeful attempt to catch her attention. Wow, he was desperate for someone to talk to. "Alright, I get it, I fucked up. My bad. Really. How was I supposed to know you were blind? People don't really go up to people, ask their names, and go 'Hey, by the way, are you blind?' Take it easy on me, would you? ...Please?"he added in quickly.
  18. Rose stopped her steps and looked towards the voice. She was still a bit pissed but she couldn't really be angry at him. It wasn't so easy to figure out she was blind when she walked like a normal person, and as far as she had heard her eyes didn't look like those of a blind person. She had no idea how they should look though but apparently her looked normal. Though most people figured it out when they noticed that she didn't look directly at them and she always held her head and eyes straight forward.

    She crossed her arms over her chest again. "Fine." She said after a moment of silence. Why did she even bother with this guy? She hadn't met him before and she had no desire to get to know him. Still she had let him stop her from walking away from him two times already. Why did he even bother to stop her if he thought she were so stuck up? Shouldn't he just leave and be with his own friends? She had a hard time thinking someone with his mouth would go to the movies by himself, people like him often seemed to sit together to complain about the movie. She caught herself assuming that he were in a certain way without even knowing him. Maybe they just got a really bad start and he actually were a good guy. Or maybe he were the idiot she assume he were.

    "So you wanted waffles? You'll have to show the way then, I don't really go to food places that often." She told him. When she and her friends went to eat somewhere it was either McDonalds or a Chinese restaurant. The rest of the food places in town were just drawn in black on her inner map.
  19. The word 'fine' was better than nothing. He was expecting her to ignore him and continue walking back to wherever she was going to go. He started questioning how she was able to 'see' where she was going without being able to actually see. She didn't run into a pole, get hit by a car, or even lose her footing. If anyone across the street noticed her, they wouldn't have known she was blind just as he didn't, and he was right next to her! She had no seeing-eye dog, no white cane, or dark glasses obscuring her eyes. To Kyle, she was nothing but a normal, hot-headed female. In truth, if he had been in his old life, he would've bailed away from her without even the slightest look in her direction. But, as fate would have it, he was dead and she could see him.

    Well...not technically see, but...

    "I was gonna get an omelette but whatever. Same place,"he shrugged, knowing she couldn't have caught the gesture. Kyle tilted his head and she didn't even move. He closed one eye and stuck out his tongue, and still, not a movement from her at all. A man in a hat passed him and Kyle did the same gesture, yet the man had strolled on, checking his watch and speeding up in his haste walk. Rose wasn't too much different from him, in a way. He held out his hand for her to grab, internally face palmed himself, before taking her hand in his. He was shocked that he actually felt the hand: small, soft, and fragile. Solid.

    "Uh...this way. You just passed it, sorta. I'm surprised you didn't smell it. All that grease and fat people..."he said, chuckling and trying to lighten the mood. It was a failed attempt. Kyle was better at being an asshole than at being friendly. Paying no more attention to her hand in his, he lead her slowly towards the Waffle House, but not too slowly. Blind people liked to get really huffy it they were treated like they were retarded or incapable of doing anything other than seeing. Kyle wondered how weird it looked when he opened the door first, holding tight to Rose's hands and lifting it up, letting her know that there was one step before her. The people probably thought the girl was insane.
  20. Rose had a feeling that the guy were doing something weird when he were silent for a moment, but she didn't know what since she couldn't see it. If he were the same kind of person that he had sounded like on the cinema then he were probably making weird faces at her. But it was just a feeling she had, she didn't really think anything about it.

    Then he took her hand and showed her the way. 'Of course I missed it, you made me irritated, why would I even have bothered to think about smells then?' She thought to herself, but let it remain a thought. It was probably best not to try and get into a fight with him, or else he would probably see her as up-stuck again. She could still not believe that he had thought she were up-stuck. But she believed that he were pretty arrogant so it should make them even.

    As they walked threw the door it was like they had walked right threw a wall. It's always like that at restaurants, the smell of food and people becomes like a thick wall because of the small space the smells are stuck in. The bigger the place is the less it smells. Also it depends on what kind of food their making, some types of food gives off less smells and it doesn't become as thick. If she judged from how strong the smells felt in this place then it wasn't such a big restaurant, but waffle places were often not bigger than most pubs so it wasn't that surprising.

    "Are you sick?" Rose asked a bit suddenly, even though she hadn't thought about it at first she now noticed how cold his hand felt. "You're terribly cold." She continued just to explain why she asked. She had a friend whose hands always were cold, but not to that extent as his. It almost felt like she were touching a corpse.