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In some cases, it can seem like something was *probably* better than it was before. For example, oil prices.
What are some things that you all think should've just remained untouched, for the better?
*Waits for the floor of sulkers that say "Iwaku was better in the old days!"* XD

I am that breed of human that believes if you don't try new things or new ways to do things, then you will never discover better things. Without that process, humans would still be out swinging from the trees and hunting food with bare hands. Granted, you discover just as many BAD ways to do things as Good ways... but at least then you have learned something and won't repeat mistakes!

Of course some cases, you wonder why people think they need to improve on something that is already perfect. t___t Like WATER. Do you really gotta add crazy extra stuff to bottled water? What's wrong with plain unmolested spring water!
D'awh, Diana. There would be no Iwaku if you didn't swoop in and save us. ^__^

Movies should have been left alone! Why do they all have to be in 3D now!? It totally takes the fun out of it. :/ For example, did Toy Story 3 REALLY need to be in 3D? I saw it in 3D because that's all that was open in the midnight premier (yes, I'm a Toy Story fangirl) and I feel like it was a waste of my extra money. I swear that movies are being made JUST because it'll be 3D. Like, Piranha 3D... Just for the 3D boobies, amirite? I even saw some statistics saying less people pay for these showings because of the 3D... Just let it all be, people will still see the movies.

EDIT: And Miru I am totally with you on the oil prices. XP Unfortunately, the bad economy will give us these results... We should stop relying on foreign imported oil, and maybe find different resources for car fuel and whatnot.
Spring water, pfffttt. Nothing special about it from any other source of natural water on earth.
I think change is a good thing, however there are a few things that no doubt got worse and should have never been tampered with.

Nightmare on elm street. The first 6 movies kicked ass! Classic horror done right, but then for some reason they made 2 ( or was it three) remakes that completely ruined the entire series IMO. It was bad.

Guns N Roses. The band made 4 near flawless albums...... Then, for whatever reason, made a couple more albums each one worse than the last......way to end your career Axl.

Round table pizza. When I was a kid it was one of the best pizzas around ( at least where I live) but they changed their sauce or something and now it's terrible and terribly overpriced. Fail.
*Waits for the floor of sulkers that say "Iwaku was better in the old days!"* XD
*takes Diana by the hand and stares into her eyes, speaking gently*

I'm not sure about the rest--right now, I can only speak for myself--but I just want to remind you that I'll always, always, always...

find something wrong with Iwaku

no matter what. I did then, in the beginning, as I do now and will continue to do... for as long as I'm here. :P

In Iwaku anyway.

And yes, I'm a believer in leave well enough alone.
I both loathe and adore you, Coffeekins. XD

Speaking of PIZZA, our Eureka pizza in town was the best place ever for pizza. But ever since they got the new management and that whole "I ordered a Special with NO olives and got an Olive Pizza" incident, it's been not so great. ><