Better Interpretation of my Drawing Please...

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  1. Hello. I actually have a Pokemon RP that I am planning on making but of course, the picture I used to use for my character is no longer available.

    His name is Gethin Connery and he has white hair with black streaks and his hair is about medium length. I did draw him but of course, I cannot draw guys very well. So I will show you the photo in this thread.

    I am willing to pay for it if it needs to be (I am a college student so money is a little tight).

    With the payment, it means if possible, I would like two drawings. One is a headshot portrait and a full-body portrait.

    For the full-body portrait of Gethin, I imagine him wearing more of the casual clothing (like a sleeveless hoodie jacket with black bootcut jeans and tennis shoes, I imagine him like that).

    And if you feel like it, for the full-body, add an absol in there. A baby absol if you can as it will fit the roleplay in a way.

    For the headshot, it can be whatever as long as it has the hairstyle of medium-length white hair with black streaks.

    If you have questions (or need clarification), do let me know. Thanks!

  2. Yes I still am ^_^
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