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    Surviving The Outbreak
    A Dangerous pathogen known as the "Vrykolas-Romero Virus" (VRV) began infecting humans throughout eastern Pennsylvania approximately 6 weeks ago. The VRV is unlike any other virus humankind has ever seen before. It kills its hosts quickly and within moments reanimates the corpse as a "Walker" or "Walking Dead" creature that is compelled to bite humans and spread the virus. These abominations are now known as "Zombies."
    Since the appearance of the VRV, world wide chaos has ensued. The power grid is down, supplies are finite, and zombies are roaming the landscape. Government officials are determined to find a cure for the VRV, but until they do you must try to survive on your own under desperate and unpredictable circumstances.
    A new development in the infection. The government has wronged the world again by lieing to us and instead of finding a cure they have been releasing an even stronger virus which, depending on who gets infected, will cause not only physical changes but a change in the senses as well. We have listed all the mutations that we know of and what we have begun to call them. There are those who somehow have an immunity to any and all of the virus. These people are however carriers of the virus and can still infect others, we have begun to call these people "Carriers."
    Types of "Zombies"
    Regular infected typical zombies. Slow moving, tend to group into hordes. Attracted to sounds and lights. Active during the day and at night.
    Tend to be feral animals turned infected. If bitten by a Beast you turn into a Humebeast or Hunter. Active more so at night and travel in small packs. Usually dogs.
    Mutated infected, crawls on hands and feet. Very quick and usually in groups of 3 or 4. Active during the day.

    Child infected turned mutation. quick on their feet. Draws you in by crying. Get too close and they scream. Their screams cause dizziness, confusion, disorientation, vomiting. Active both day and night. Loners. Will kill each other if they cross paths.
    Loners that are special infected. They can think logically and set very ingenious traps. They can also somehow control the hunters and humebeasts. Active during the day and during the night. Very rare to see.
    Also known as "Jocks" of the zombie kind. Mutated infected that are literally oversized musclemen on steroids. Active around large hordes. tends to kill Walkers.
    Infected humans by being bitten by "Beasts" usually blind and relies in sense of smell and hearing. Pounces on its prey resorting to ripping and clawing at victim. Also known as "Hunters."

    It is inspired by The Zombie Survival Guide and Left 4 Dead.


    1. No godmodding! No Mary-sues, gary-sues.
    2. Do not leave anyone behind by mass posting with another person.
    3. If you must leave for a short time, please pm me or post a message here so we don't leave you behind and can move on.
    4. Please be able to post at least 1 paragraph, but I encourage you to post more.
    5. Have fun! This is the most important rule of all.
    6. This is open to all sexualities, Bi, Gay, Lesbian, pansexual, etc.
    7. Respect everyone's limitation, though this is a Zombie roleplay so if you are squeamish this is not for you.

    8. Not everyone is a "carrier" only a few are. ask me if you want to be a carrier.
    9. If your character is apart of the military, keep in mind, YOU NOT GOD! YOU CANNOT SURVIVE A DIRECT GUNSHOT/BUCKSHOT TO THE CHEST!!
    10. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO USE RED!! Ausriasan is color blind to it. So I ask that it is not used, if you post with red I will ask that you change your color.
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  2. Character Sheet

    Job: (What your character did before the outbreak.)
    weapon: (Be realistic they can't carry more than 4 weapons.)
    Race: (Whether you are human or devil.)
    Build: (obviously you got skinny people and muscular people, etc.)
    (Include picture if possible.)
  3. Name: Reahe "Silencer" Windchester
    Age: 24
    Birthday: September 24
    sign: Virgo
    Job: Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, EMT
    weapon: Dragunov SVD (rifle), Nail Bat, K-bar (Knife), 1911 handgun.
    Height:5' 6''
    Race: Human
    Eyes: Ice blue
    Hair:Black and blue
    Build: Fit, slightly muscular.
    History: started out in the Marine corps just after high school, Her job was actually a MP (Military Police). Went up in rank quick, She lost her little sister in a car accident 2 years after she joined the Service. She continued on in the Marines making her family proud. She proved to be an outatanding EMT. The the outbreak happened and she lost everything, except her German Sheperd, Fafnir, The dog continues to stay by Reahe's side. Now she wanders around looking for someplace to go, a safe haven to call home again.
    Personality: Very outgoing. Talks and proves she is not JUST all talk. Knows her limits. She loves to joke around, but can get very serious. She can be a leader if it is needed.
    Clothing: Has a lot of piercings, she got them shortly after the outbreak. Wears a scarf and gun holster. She has a grey vest on with a small skull emblem on the right breast. Wears tight jeans that are comfortable and not too tight to wear she can barely move. Black combat boots.
    She has a scar across the nose and across the left side of her lips.
  4. Shall we repost our CS's?
  5. [​IMG]
    Robynne "River" Skye
    Age: 22
    Birthday: September 16
    Sign: Virgo
    Job: (What your character did before the outbreak.) Archery coach at a local high school
    Weapons: (Be realistic they can't carry more than 4 weapons.) Heavy compound hunting bow, small pistol, hunting knife
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 130
    Skin: White with a small tan
    Race: (Whether you are human or devil.) Human
    Eyes: Deep reddish brown
    Hair: Long red hair that reaches just below her breasts
    Build: (obviously you got skinny people and muscular people, etc.) Thin, but very toned
    History: Robynne remembers precisely what she was doing on the day she saw the news cast about the zombies. She had been in her office, her feet up on her desk, having a smoke break when she happened across the news. Robynne was the youngest teacher at the school and at first, she could pretend nothing had happened. But then the school had to shut down and she began running across several of the creatures. She had been raised by a single mother, but when everything went off the grid, she never even learned if her mother had survived. Robynne learned the best way to survive was to keep moving, and so she did. She lived on the run, mostly through woods because there was less humans there. She learned to live off only what she could hunt with her bow, carry only what wouldn't slow her down.
    Personality: She's very sensible and survival oriented. She's wary of other humans. She's always been sarcastic, with a rebellious streak a mile wide. Her temper is as fiery as her hair. You won't find a girl more stubborn willed but you also won't find a more fierce and loyal companion.
    Clothing: Wears a dingy white tanktop and ripped skinny jeans, she has a brown leather belt slung low over one hip that her pistol and a small pouch is attached too. She wears her bow and quiver on her back. She has a tribal wringlet tattoo on her left upper bicep, as well as a tattoo of 3 little black birds on her right collarbone.
    (Include picture if possible.)


    (I don't know if there's a limit to how many characters we have but if there is just tell me)

    Name: Sherridan Leilani Soren
    Age: 21
    Birthday: January 12
    sign: Capricorn
    Job: (What your character did before the outbreak.) College Student
    weapon: (Be realistic they can't carry more than 4 weapons.) A large kitchen knife
    Height: 5'2"
    weight: 105
    skin: extremely pale with a light pink glow. Somewhat like a porcelain doll
    Race: (Whether you are human or devil.) human
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Extremely long, thick brown hair, reaches down to her waist
    Build: (obviously you got skinny people and muscular people, etc.) Thin
    History: Sherridan was just about to graduate college with a music major when the outbreak hit. For a while she holed up in one of the dorms with several of her friends, but on a shopping trip to the campus store to get supplies things went bad. The group was attacked by several of the zombies. Sherridan grabbed the first thing she could find in the kitchen aisle they were in, a knife, and defended herself, running. Unfortunately, she was the only of her friends to survive and she's still majorly traumatized about the incident. She was able to get back to the dorm long enough to grab some supplies but she didn't stick around after that.
    Personality: Sherridan is very quiet and sweet. She looks out for all people. The outbreak has traumatized her somewhat and she gets spooked easily. But overall she is very kind and loving.
    Clothing: A ripped and dirty, pale pink sundress. She has a small backpack on her back, filled with minor snacks and her treasured violin.

    I call the light green this time. The same green as Sherridan's CS for her dialogue
  6. Name: Leona

    Age: 23

    Birthday: August 27

    sign: Virgo

    Job: Former Military, Fashion Designer

    weapon: Rock Island Armory 1911-A1 Tactical .45,
    American Tactical GSG522 Semi-Automatic 22 Long Rifle, New England 12 Ga Pump/22" Cantilever Fully Rifled Barrel/Bl
    Height: 5'5"

    weight: 127 lbs

    skin: Tan

    Race: Human

    Eyes: One Dark blue, One light Blue

    Hair: White with streaks of green. (Dyed it before the outbreak.)

    Build: Lithe Hourglass Type

    History: Beginning the biggest part of her life while she was in high school. She took many art classes and design classes. And sometimes the Occasional she even took a horticulture class to help grow her own garden at home. She loved her classes and taking many classes learning many different things would help her later on in life, but before she would end doing something like that, she had decided on joining the military for a short time.

    Serving for 2 years, she did all that she could. Though while she was in the military she served as a flight mechanic. She mainly worked on the jet fighters. She maintained and built Jet fighters from the ground up. Lots of times she found herself thinking that she shouldn't be in this anymore and had decided to end her service and go into something she really wanted to do. And that was how she got into being a fashion designer.

    The military was were she met Reahe. Designing clothes for her as well.


    Clothing: She has an eccentric style of clothing, since she has designed her own clothing, you probably won't see her clothing in any store. She makes her own so that she can stay unique.

  7. Name: Samuel SinClaire
    Age: 22
    Birthday: 8/9/91
    sign: Leo
    Job: Worked for a sporting goods store
    weapon: Mossberg 500 turkey shotgun with extended tube with mixed ammunition supplies, 357 snub nosed revolver with 54 rounds remaining, survival knife
    Height: 5'10
    weight: 188LBS
    skin: White
    Race: Human
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Dark brown
    Build: Just a little bit soft
    History: Never was Samuel popular with the ladies, he spent a lot of his time alone playing video games or doing Larps. As a child he was diagnosed with reflex sympathetic dystrophy, leaving him in moments of crippling pain. He fights through it however, the constant pain making him that much more agressive in dire situations. He had been at thework when the outbreak hit home, taking a rifle from the shelves to defend himself and the few who had the sense to make their way to the weapons counter. They held out in the store until a getaway was viable, the small band breaking out and using a supply truck to make an escape. After Sam had decided to leave the group, they had thought that heading for the military base would save them, he knew it was already over.
    Personality: Reserved, calm under pressure though known to have bursts of anger.
    Clothing: Steel toed boots, rugged black canvas pants, camouflaged jacket, black ball cap with an american flag on the front.
    Comments: Has a backpack stuffed with surplus gear from the store, magnesium sticks, tinder, first aid, a few boxes of shotgun ammo, water purification tablets, and food. He could be called a survivalist, knowing his way around the woods and urban desert.

  8. Name:
    Lane Patrick
    March 9
    Factory Worker
    Modified Remmington 870 w/ Bullpup Chasis (12 Guage equipped with Dragon's Breath and Buckshot), M1614A, Glock 17 and Bowie Knife
    6' 3"
    214 lbs
    Pale with light tanning on his arms.
    Dark brown with a muddy red tint.
    Due to a past of being obese his muscles are a little more build than others, but not very well defined. He has managed to tone them to some extent, but not to the point that he is ripped. But they still show to some extent.
    Having long given up on his aspirations to become an English teacher at a high school, Lane instead decided to focus on his work at a local Yoplait factory. Like everyone he started out as a temporary, meaning that he was working there through a third-party organization for lower pay, but he was eventually hired on as a Seasonal. This meant that he he worked for General Mills itself with better pay, but no benefits. That changed though when he was hired on by the company as a Full-Timer. But with this came a change in working environment. Once he was at the plant that had previously been Pilsbury he was given more responsibility, better pay and even benefits at the cost of a slightly more dangerous environment. He was at this job for a little over a year when he saw the newscast talking about "zombies" running rampant in the capital city of his state. Having long been a fan of such creatures and a fan of a certain Youtuber, he felt that he was prepared with the knowledge needed to survive. So he quickly emptied his savings account to buy not only basic supplies for living, but also weapons that he felt would work best for him. When he had everything he needed he got in his truck and started driving off going wherever he wanted.
    For the most part this man is quiet, until he gets to know a person. That's not to say that he will avoid all contact with others, it just means that he is a little more cautious than most. That's why it is hard to get him to talk for long periods of time until he feels comfortable around someone. At that point they tend to try to find ways to shut him up. Moving from this takes someone to his hobbies. He was once an avid gamer and Otaku, or anime fan, and this shows in what he can be found doing to pass by time and help to rewind. And that's reading manga that he has managed to scavenge from various stores and even some abandoned houses. And mixed into his collection of manga that he keeps in his truck a person can find some novels, typically things most would consider for teenagers. Now moving away from this is his addiction to tobacco. No, he does not smoke. He finds this as something incredibly hard to do thanks to the fact that he grew up with near fatal asthma. Instead he uses smokeless tobacco, or dip. He always has a can in his pocket and half the time has some in his mouth.

    And then there is the core of how he acts. Lane can be described as being cold, precise and stubborn. He's cold to others because he feels that there is nothing more to be said than the truth. He has hurt the feelings of many people this way. It also shows in how detached from others he can seem. To him everything has a time and a place. If he feels that something does not fit with what is currently going on, he will not get onto the subject or even acknowledge it. This was mostly a problem for him in his job before everything went to Hell because folks would try to connect with him on a personal level, but he was there simply to work. Nothing more, and nothing less. And then there is how precise he can be. This one is quite annoying to others because he chooses his words carefully. What he says, is exactly what he means. If he says that he might be able to do something, prepare for the chance of failure. And then there is the stubborn part of his mind. This one can be seen as a double-edged sword of types. The good part is that he's too stubborn to break a promise. So if he promises to do something, he will try everything he can to do it. The only times that he does break a promise is when he either can not keep it no matter what he does, or he forgets he made the promise in the first place. And then there's the bad part of being stubborn. Everyone has encountered someone that is stubborn, but he's been known to take it to a new level if it's something that he seriously does not want to do.
    Basic is the way to describe his outfits. He always has a pair of blue jeans, plain t-shirt, white wife-beater, leather belt, black steel-toed boots and a camouflage ball cap. He accounts for cold weather by wearing either a black hoodie with "Nissan" etched onto the upper left pectoral in red thread or a tan Dickies jacket with a fleece hood attached to it. One could also consider the ring on the right butt pocket of his jeans to be part of his outfit, but that's from always having a can of dip on him.
    Comments:((River up there would appreciate a certain part from the book you used. And I couldn't find an image I liked. Sorry...))
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