Beth/Daryl anyone?

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  1. Hello, Sansa here again. I'm putting out a request for ONE partner for a Walking Dead roleplay. My requirements for a partner are:
    • Advanced or above level.
    • 4-10+ paragraphs per reply, novella replies preferred (but not always necessary).
    • Genuine interest in the story, not just "sure I'll do that."
    • Be progressive with the plot, not passive.
    • Please be an adult.
    • At least one reply every 1-3 days, don't just randomly drop. Inform me if you'll be absent.
    • Friendliness--I like meeting new people and an OOC mutual friendship can often make the roleplay more enjoyable.
    Note that this would be a romantic story between Beth and Daryl. It should also be noted that I have only seen the show and not read the comics, and I don't mind playing either Beth or Daryl depending on who you'd like to be.

    Thanks for reading, I hope to hear from someone soon!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.