"Beta" Testing a Roleplay Rating System!

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  1. We're always looking for ways to promote great roleplays and get players where players are needed. Our current rating system was severely under used, so we're trying out this new thing to see how it goes. :D This system is designed to mark roleplays based on how awesome they're going vs how much they need players or posts, instead of good/bad which can be inaccurate due to personal preferences.

    When you view roleplay threads, you'll see "RATE THIS THREAD". That will show you five rating buttons.

    [​IMG] Awesome Plot!
    [​IMG] Going Great!
    [​IMG] Average
    [​IMG] Needs More Posts!
    [​IMG] Needs More Players!

    We encourage ALL roleplayers to rate roleplay ICs and OOCs! The votes will go to the highest average. ("Awesome Plot" being the highest and "Needs Players" being the lowest.)

    You should be able to change your votes!
    So when a roleplay gets better, don't forget to rate it accordingly! If it's not letting you change your rating, post me a note in Feedback so I can get that fixed.

    You can also SEARCH and organized the thread listing by these ratings using the display buttons near the bottom of the topic list.

    I've added some screencaps to give you an idea of what these look like.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.