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  1. "Yes, Mr Secretary General, I do believe with the technology at present, we can make it to Draco in the next century." - UN Space Advisor, Takeshi McNamara

    "The Draconis Project would reduce population on Earth, and establish even larger frontiers than we currently have."- NASA Head, John Marcus

    The year is 2375, FTL travel exists, Man wants to reach the constellation Draco. They sent out 12 ships to terraform a planet in the head of Draco. They sent a multinational fleet known as Beta Draconis to colonize and terraform This planet.

    There are Six ships (The Wyvern, The St George, The Smaug, The Fenrir, The Tiamat, and The Bahamut. With the St George as the Flagship.) Support Terraforming, whereas 4 (the Dragonfly, The Grendel, The Paarthurnax, and the Saphira.) Think Terraforming should be done on a limited scale. and the last two (The Glaurung, and The Hydra) Think that no Terraforming should be done at all.

    There is an Executive Council consisting of members from each ship that control the fleet.
    Captains who run every individual ship, but answer to the Executive Council,
    A Security Council which thinks violence solves problems,
    A Police force that only carries Riot Shields and Cattle prods and carries out the Security Council's whims,
    The Science Council which studies the surface, and any issues on the ship,
    The Medical Team which deals with disease and injury on the ships.
    The Civilian Council which is a minor group that deals with small things.

    The AI aboard Smaug been infected with a virus, Earth has lost contact with all the ships due to a meteor hit, Disease is spreading through the ships, and The Executive Council is in political upheaval. The Executive Council tries to work things out, but the Terraforming device has gone off, The Grendel has had both contact, and movement cut off from the other ships, and the St George is running low on food. Overpopulation has resulted in massive Chaos on The Paarthurnax, and the fleet is only 3 years away from Draco.

    Is it the end for Humanity's greatest achievement?

    Member Nations:

    The US (Leader and primary funder. All Astronauts wear NASA Patches, as NASA is Mission Control.)
    Japan (Providing personnel, Largest council Nationality. Provided Technology)
    Britain (Personnel and Management.)
    Canada (Personnel)
    China (Personnel, Provided food)
    South Korea (Provided Technology)
    Nigeria (Responsible for the Serengeti Sprawl, the largest Starship drydock in the world)

    Every other UN Member Nation (The UN runs the project.)\

    Current Nation standings in the Executive Council:

    USA: 5 St George, Paarthurnax, Wyvern, Smaug, Saphira)
    Japan: 3 (Hydra, Bahamut, Tiamat)
    Canada: 2 (Grendel, Glaurung)
    South Korea: 1 (Fenrir)
    Israel: 1 (The Dragonfly)
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  2. Interested!
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  3. Alright, cool. I still have to work a few things out, but otherwise, I'm good.
  4. O-O
    Lot of big words... I'm still interested though.
  5. Interested.
  6. Alright, I'll just wait for one more person, and set up an OoC.
  7. So...

    Do we have anyone else?
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  8. I'm interested. I absolutely love the idea. :)
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  9. Awesome! So how exactly will all the seperate ships work? Obviously they are divided by nation but are we suppose to be the only player on any partcular ship or should be collaborate it so multiple people are on the same ship?

    Also do you care if we use real pictures or anime?
  10. Yeah good point. Especially the real vs Anime.
  11. Also how long have all the characters potentiall been apart of the Draconis Project? Has it just launched or is it at a point in time where everyone was born on the ships?
  12. The ships are not divided by Nationality. They are all mixed together, it's just the Nationalities of those elected to the Executive Council.

    There can be as many players as you want on any ship, and you can even have multiple characters. Feel free to collaborate, also, unless you're on Grendel, you can travel between ships. Unless you're Grendel's Council Member.

    It's three years before landing, so everyone is born, but one of the reasons Paarthurnax is so Overpopulated is due to Stasis pods on board that kept some people alive for the whole Journey.

    Anime or Real is fine. I don't care.
  13. So we can just be normal people right? Because I wouldn't trust my character with any sort of power.
  14. Correct. You can be an Ordinary Citizen.

    You would still be in a council (Police, Medical, Science, or Engineering.) but not a Councilman.
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