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  1. "Yes, Mr Secretary General, I do believe with the technology at present, we can make it to Draco in the next century." - UN Space Advisor, Takeshi McNamara

    "The Draconis Project would reduce population on Earth, and establish even larger frontiers than we currently have."- NASA Head, John Marcus

    "The Draconis fleet is taking off from the Serengeti Sprawl. Millions of Families are on that ship. The Mission is long, but a useful one. Created to reduce population on Earth and her Colonies, the Draconis Fleet is currently Humanity's Greatest Achievement." - an American News Reporter, on the date of Draconis's Launch.

    "If... Anyone on Earth can hear us, this is Captain John McDowell of the St George... *Static* The mission is failing... Everything is falling apart... *sigh* I-I don't know what went wrong. I'm going through records, it started so well. I-I don't know where it went wrong... This is my last log as Captain." -Captain John McDowell of the St George

    The year is 2375, FTL travel exists, Man wants to reach the constellation Draco. They sent out 12 ships to terraform a planet in the head of Draco. They sent a multinational fleet known as Beta Draconis to colonize and terraform this planet.

    The Ships (open)

    There are Six ships (The Wyvern, The St George, The Smaug, The Fenrir, The Tiamat, and The Bahamut. With the St George as the Flagship.) Support Terraforming, whereas 4 (the Dragonfly, The Grendel, The Paarthurnax, and the Saphira.) Think Terraforming should be done on a limited scale. and the last two (The Glaurung, and The Hydra) Think that no Terraforming should be done at all.

    The Councils (open)

    There is an Executive Council consisting of members from each ship that control the fleet.
    Captains who run every individual ship, but answer to the Executive Council,
    A Security Council which thinks violence solves problems,
    A Police force that only carries Riot Shields and Cattle prods and carries out the Security Council's whims,
    The Science Council which studies the surface, and any issues on the ship,
    The Medical Team which deals with disease and injury on the ships.
    The Civilian Council which is a minor group that deals with small things.

    The AI aboard Smaug been infected with a virus, Earth has lost contact with all the ships due to a meteor hit, Disease is spreading through the ships, and The Executive Council is in political upheaval. The Executive Council tries to work things out, but the Terraforming device has gone off, The Grendel has had both contact, and movement cut off from the other ships, and the St George is running low on food. Overpopulation has resulted in massive Chaos on The Paarthurnax, and the fleet is only 3 years away from Draco.

    Is it the end for Humanity's greatest achievement?

    Member Nations (open)

    The US (Leader and primary funder. All Astronauts wear NASA Patches, as NASA is Mission Control. Holds most seats on Executive Council.)
    Japan (Providing personnel, Provided Technology)
    Britain (Personnel and Management.)
    Canada (Personnel)
    China (Personnel, Provided food)
    South Korea (Provided Technology)
    Nigeria (Responsible for the Serengeti Sprawl, the largest Starship drydock in the world)

    Every other UN Member Nation (The UN runs the project.)

    Current Nation standings in the Executive Council:

    USA: 5 St George, Paarthurnax, Wyvern, Smaug, Saphira)
    Japan: 3 (Hydra, Bahamut, Tiamat)
    Canada: 2 (Grendel, Glaurung)
    South Korea: 1 (Fenrir)
    Israel: 1 (The Dragonfly)

    The Character Sheet:



    Job: (Medical Council, Security Council, Executive Council Etc.)

    Ship: (The ship you're based on/run.)


    Weapon: (If Security or Police force.)




    Stance on Terraforming: (This matters depending on the ship.)

    Extra Info:

    Should probably put this: I will run the St George's Captain and Executive Council rep. You can be a Citizen on the St George, though.
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  2. I should try to get this started again...
  3. Name:Ashton Montgomery

    Age: 30

    Job: Executive Council

    Ship: The St George



    Weapon: A Desert Eagle Pistol.


    Cold and Calculating. Ashton will find your weakness, and exploit it. As the Self-Declared head of the Executive Council, what he says goes. He pretends he cares, but he doesn't really. He knows more about what's going on, but will refuse to tell anyone. Ashton is a brilliant Liar. He keeps things hidden, and pretends to not know things. Despite this, he's very brilliant, and is considered one of the smartest people in the fleet.

    Nationality: Anglo-Korean (But representing America.)


    Born to an influential family on the St George, Ashton's position was almost guaranteed. When Earth was destroyed by the meteor, they lost their power. The family became a laughing stock among the other Influential people on the ship, because most of the family's wealth came from Earth. When Ashton grew yup, he decided to take revenge on the other families. He sabatoged several, and gained more and more money. Finally, the Terraforming Party got him elected to the Executive Council. There, he used his power to declare himself head. He manipulates the other members uinto following him, except others think it's time for a new leader...

    Stance on Terraforming: pro Terraforming.

    Extra Info:
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  4. Name: Xander Cho

    Age: 26

    Job: Medical Council

    Ship: The Hydra


    Dr Cho is a snarky, sarcastic fellow. He can often seem quite dismissive of his assistants, or those who don't understand him, but in reality, he can be quite sympathetic when the situation calls for it. He considers himself a bit of a charmer an a ladies' man, but not everyone agrees with him on that front.
    He can also be quite erratic when under pressure, an takes a lot of medication himself to deal with anxiety. He'll almost always have a cup of Coffee with 2 sugars in it with him at almost all times.
    Xander Cho was always a bit of an outsider. During his childhood, his parents often moved house, making it difficult for the young boy to ever settle down and make friends. He moved from China to London aged 7, but spent his college education in America. His parents were both Doctors as well (his Father was a surgeon, and his Mother was a Paramedic), and due to pressure from them, as well as his own desire to pursue science led to him also training to become a Doctor.
    Studying the fields of Surgery and Microbiology, Xander managed to gain a government grant via his parents and went to a very prestigious American University. At this point, he heard about the Draconis Project, which his parents tried to pressure him into joining, but he decided not to, deciding to continue his work on Earth and finally propose to his girlfriend, Monica.

    However, before he could propose, Monica was killed in car crash. Deciding that there was nothing left for him on Earth, he 'defected' to the Japanese branch of the project, and joined it as one of their Medical Officers.
    Nationality: Half Chinese (On his Father's side), half English (On his Mother's side), but representing Japan.

    Stance on Terraforming: Dr Cho is a staunch supporter of the Anti-Terraforming movement, convinced that it will cause more harm to the chosen planets former or current occupants, as well as it being too risky and dangerous to put into active practice.
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  5. I like it, just one thing, if he was from Earth, he would have been cryogenically frozen for a while, as it's been several generations.

    Don't worry, though. I'll have a character that was also frozen.
  6. Oh, and besides that small bit about cryogenic storage, you're totally accepted!
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  7. How many people are intending on accepting? :)
  8. I didn't see this, sorry!

    As many as are willing to apply!
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  9. Wow... I completely forgot about this...

    Anyway, uh, that would be in the sequel I had planned for if this ever happened. I may comsider restarting it, though.