Bestiary Guide?

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  1. I'd like to know if a Bestiary Guide would help you get ideas for your role-plays? This guide would be ever growing and contain many different species (humanoid & non-humanoid) for you to get ideas from and use in your own roleplays. Let me know if you want this to happen, and suggestions for the guide are always welcome!
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  2. I would love to see this. O___O At the very least it'd be a great reference when you want a beastie/monster idea and don't want to use the same old beasties!
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  3. This could be really good, but how would you organize it?
    By fiction it first showed up in? Where it resides, what it feeds on?
    Would you take entries from established fiction (games/books/movies/etc) only?
  4. Yeah, that's what I was thinking, Diana.
    And I have an outline that I'm working on with a volunteer. All fiction(game/movie/book) species will be in it. As well as some OC's too. If you can't find a species in the guide that you want to be represented, let me know and I will more than gladly update the guide as suggestions come in.
  5. I think this is a great idea. ^.^ and I came up with a beast/monster of my own that I call a Leonin shifter, which is the lion equivalent of a lycanthrop. I based the monster of a creature type from a card game called magic the gathering and applied the same principles of lycanthropy to it for any hybrid child a Leonin has.
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  6. So basically this Leonin Shifter is a humanoid that can turn into a lion?
  7. Not quite a larger than normal lion, but a bipedal lion with fingers that end in claws. For the longest time I had Lycans mixed up with werewolves. Lol
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  8. [​IMG]

    Here's an example of what a Leonin could look like. Typically, I use this critter in sci-fi themed rps and say it hails from the planet Pandora in the Leo nebula.
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  9. I will definitely put him in the Bestiary Guide!
  10. Curious to see if others want a resource bestiary guide?
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  11. I'd be down for a bestiary guide. It'd be nice for those supernatural medley RPs.
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  12. Yes, yes I do. It'd be nice to have a place on Iwaku where I can search for sea monsters! x3
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  13. What kind of format would you guys want the Bestiary to have? How would you guys want to search for Beasties?
  14. I'd say alphabetical, by species, subspecies, origin, and/or branch of mythology.
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  15. Definitely alphabetical and branch of mythology~
  16. There may also have to be sections for different interpretations of the same creature.
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