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    INTEREST CHECK - Author's Realm [Massive Group RP]

    "Hi, I'm Necropolis, the best teenager of the year! This is the beginning of a Bestairy for my new group roleplay, Author's Realm, which takes place in a digital world called The Grid.
    The Grid is a unique fantasy world that is mainly special because it can bring your characters... to life basically. You have a vampire that is resistant to sunlight and can brainwash it's victims, The Grid can make it. You have a character made entirely of slime that has the ability to turn others into slime as well, The Grid does too. You have a cyborg from the year 2150 that just got put into cryogenic sleep in deep space, well not anymore, because The Grid can bring them to you.
    You can only get to The Grid through a special headset, kind of like the Nerve-Gear in Sword Art Online, but with only one game that is far ahead of it's time. I might also make a sort of preview of how the story is meant to play out, but I'm not sure yet... Enough rambling though, here we go!"


    As a young boy, I grew up on the countryside near the great city of Vael, and I had dreams of being an adventurer and travelling the wide world of Svijet as most young boys do. As I grew, unlike other children that I knew who came to reality and began looking for a more steady career, my sights remained watching the world outside the protective walls of Vael. Eventually, my parents ceased their efforts to sway me, and on my fifteenth birthday they informed me that they had found a mentor that would train me to survive in the unforgiving wilderness and pursue my dreams. He taught me for the next year and even a bit into my adulthood, where he gave me an official adventurer's token that would allow me to travel wherever I may please without consequence, as long as I respected the land. I traveled for around nine years before my heart began aching for home, so I obliged and returned to Vael where I lived with my parents until I was able to find a job. I became a soldier, as my years of adventuring had earned me the proper qualifications to be enlisted into service. It was in the kingdom's military that I discovered that I had a passion for writing that was able to match that of my passion for exploring. I began experimenting with what I could write, but I did not know very much about what to write about until my mother suggested that I write about my time in the wild. While the idea did seem good, it lit a flame in my heart that pushed me to begin writing this book. After nearly two years, my works have been completed, and you now hold a copy of my crowning achievement, or the original in the case that my child is old enough to read this. With that said, please enjoy, The Bestiary of Our World

    Creature #1 - Crystal Wyrm (open)

    A Crystal Wyrm is a very illusive creature and infinitely more intelligent than it's cousin that we are all so familiar with, a dragon. Crystal Wyrms vary in size depending on their situation; How much food are they eating, do they have a good atmosphere in which to grow, what threats do they face, and how fierce is the competition between males? The largest recorded Crystal Wyrm was measured to be roughly 137 feet long, with a wingspan of 93 feet long. It should also be noted before I continue that Crystal Wyrms are flightless despite their large wings, but are incredibly fast and can change the color or the crystals that adorn their hide, which is leathery and thick like that of a troll rather than scaly and hard like a dragon.
    • Crystal Wyrms can be found living mainly in the harsh and mainly uninhabitable Crystal Fields, though they do travel in search of water or food before returning to the Crystal Fields if times are tough or competition of territory is fierce.
    • Crystal Wyrms mainly feed on the crystals at the surface of Crystal Fields that aid in the digestion of other foods and can sustain themselves for at least 2 months before crystals will no longer sustain their needs.
    • Crystal Wyrms cannot use their breath as a weapon as dragons and drakes do, but they are unbelievably deadly in close range due to the fact that the crystals lining their hide are pointed like daggers and shaped like blades. Contrary to common belief, the eyes of a Crystal Wyrm are not a "soft spot" as they have double layered eyelids, with the inside eyelid being able to cover the eye in an instant and deflect any thrown object.
    • Crystal Wyrms cannot fly, as their wings are made of crystals despite their feather-like appearance. They can glide, however, and will jump across gaps that would normally be impassable. It is interesting to note that Crystal Wyrms can use their wings as shields, and will often do so to protect their bodies from rocks, explosions, and other things that their leathery hide would not protect against.
    • If one can get close enough to a Crystal Wyrm, touching the base of the tail where the spine connects to the tail can completely incapacitate a Crystal Wyrm. This is the best way to handle a Crystal Wyrm at close range, as they remain paralyzed for half an hour. Using this knowledge, I was able to find that three out of four Crystal Wyrms were able to ba calmed before they regained movement. The fourth almost skinned me alive, but luckily it left me alone after I fell unconscious.
    • Crystal Wyrms can become Inuictaque Wyrms after consuming Inuictaque crystals. This will send them into an unpredictable state, and there was one disturbing report that I received where a Inuictaque Wyrm tried to take a traveler as a mate, though luckily it came to it's senses before anything severe happened. On another, lighter note, there was yet another report where an Inuictaque Wyrm tried to take a farmer and his family to it's lair, presumably as a pet as it showed them incredibly tame traits like that of a parent or caretaker.
    • Crystal Wyrms are found to prefer blue crystals, and will turn the crystals in their hide blue like Sapphire when not in a Crystal Field. Inuictaque Wyrms take on a cloudy black color with dull flashing colors every now and again. Their necks are undoubtedly quite long, though it is unapparent where their neck ends and their body begins, much like a snake. They have no limbs other than wings, which they use like a bat despite their bird-like appearance. It is quite difficult to tell the difference between males and females, though the main feature of males is that the crystals lining the head of a male are more horn-like while those of a female are more smooth and lie more flat against their hide. The illustration that I have used below was drawn by a fellow adventurer, who has obviously drawn an adult female Crystal Wyrm.

    Creature #2 - Sand Boxes (WIP) (open)