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  1. "You are one of us now, a Bestial. You may not have asked for this or even wanted this but... Your animal spirit has deemed you worthy enough to become your familiar and give you everything you need in order to complete the transformation from human to Bestial. Only you and others of our kind will be able to see your familiar and while you are shifted, your spirit will be the key to unlocking that part of yourself. Always remember, just because regular humans fear us and have sent us here... Doesn't mean we're monsters or shouldn't exist. Everything has a reason and so do we."

    If you wish to join, read the story and see the CS

  2. His body was shivering, covered in blood. He knew this wasn't a dream but he wished it was. It was insane, not real, couldn't possibly be but it was. His body felt raw and his emotions were heightened... His own sight was enhanced and almost blinding him with the vivid colors all around, along with the rest of his senses... He didn't understand but on some part he did. He had morphed into a creature somehow and it was now ruling his body, making him hunger for the unknown. He felt like fighting anything and everything around him, suffocating him... What was his name...? Who was he...? And how had this happened? More importantly...

    Hands... Grabbing. Pulling. Yanking. Fighting.
    Ropes... Tying him up, helping Them carry...

    Abner's upper body flew up in a spur of emotions. His body shook from the nightmares of his time before now. When he was still just an immature boy with no hope and no money to hold him up. Sweat lingered on his body and he could feel his heart pounding uncontrollably. Just a dream... That was something he told himself every time he woke up this way, but it never worked and he had began to rely too much on his animal form to keep him up at night, hunting small animal prey... Not Bestials like they called them but actual animals, real and alive and not fictional... Not like them. Abner got up as he glanced at his clock, spotting that he had woken up before his alarm clock again, he sighs and heads to the washroom after deciding to take a shower.

    It didn't take him long to get ready for the Program or 'school' as many of the Bestial teens called it. He grabbed his eye-patch from his dresser before sliding it on and grabbing his bag. He headed out the door with a glare on his 'pretty' face and a smirk on his lips. There wasn't that many of them but it seemed like their numbers were growing everyday as they were sent here. More and more upset and confused people arrived, some too young to even understand... Abner didn't feel sorry for any of them, probably because he had gone through the same thing only two years before.
    "Another day on Hell." He mutters to himself as he walked up the long road to the school as several others joined him.
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  3. "oh come on lad, don't be like that!"Drake said from behind Abner, a fanged grin on his pale face. Drake McAllister was another bestial, a vampire bat to be specific, and also the lead singer of the all Bestial metal band,"Divided we Stand."It was a bit of a pun because of the dual nature of everyone in it.

    Drake was a little taller than Abner, standing at 6'1 in some faded grey skinny jeans and a black vest over a white v-necked T-shirt. as uaual he looked like he hadn't shaved in a few days judging by the stubble along his jaw. shaggy black hair fell over his forehead,looking like he just got out of bed(granted he probably had)

    the bat poked abner's eyepatch"no girl is going to come up to the creepy bloke with an eyepatch"he pointed out
  4. Bly wasn't too far behind the pair of guys, hood drawn up over her face as she shuffled along. The mouse Bestial was firmly convinced she was allergic to mornings. It always took her two hours worth of alarms, set to go off every 15 minutes, to rouse enough to dress. As always, she was dressed fairly casual, plain ol' bluejeans, black sneakers, and her near trademark black over sized hoodie. From the back, and sometimes the front, it was easy to mistake her for a boy when she had her head drawn as she did. Of course, her height didn't help the matter any. beneath the hood, her hair was the same tousled mess it usually was. All in all, at first glance, it didn't look like she belonged among the bestials. But beneath her hoodie, her tail was looped around her waist, threaded through the belt loops of her pants. She kept it there because of how long, and sensitive, it is. She doesn't like, or perhaps its that she likes it too much, when her tail is stroked. So she keeps the appendage hidden away most of the time. However, doing so often makes her a bit more clumsy than she would be otherwise.

    The mouse girl yawned, a huge, mouth covering, teary eyed yawn. She hated mornings, hated, hated, hated, hated, hated them! An errant rock caught the toe of her shoe and she stumbled a little before righting herself just in time. To her, there really wasn't much of a point of going to this 'school'. The brunette spent most of her time there unconscious. Which is probably why you have to go... That inner voice spoke up, a tired snort emitted from the depths of her hood. Then they should come up with night classes already! She argued back at herself, dully remembering that talking to yourself was a sign of insanity...something she dismissed, or perhaps accepted, without much qualm. She was too tired to think on it much. Bly was awake enough to half think and barely pay attention to where she was going. A few seconds passed before she reached into her pocket and pulled out cracker sandwich and began to nibble on it. The food helped bring her into the waking world a bit more. Given, there had been times where she passed out mid chew before. But it was easier for her to stay conscious if she fed her stomach.

    A ledge caught at her again, making her stumble. again. This time, with a grumbly sigh, she unwrapped her tail and let it hang where it was meant to, the bottom portion of it curling into a swirl to keep from dragging on the ground. Almost instantly, her balance improved.
  5. The Serpent, darkred Raziel watched the mouseling trip, and release her tail, and smirked. He also had a certain distaste for mornings, but not nearly so bad as hers. "Hey, McClain, rise and shine" He told her with a quiet chuckle, stepping up alongside her. He smiled, baring his snake like fangs and continued, "You're looking rougher than normal. Long night?" He asked.

    Raziel knew he made the mouse-girl uncomfortable. Something about not liking snakes. Despite that, he always went out of his way to greet her. Whether it was to watch her squirm or not was an entirely different question. At least a small part of him was genuinely concerned about her however, and so that was the side that he relied on to make sure that he came off as being innocent.
  6. He felt his gold orbs shift to the creature of the night with annoyance.
    "Oh forgive me for being a mood breaker when you're supposed to be the nocturnal mammal..." Abner mused but couldn't help the amused smirk from flickering onto his lips. Remember the rude comment about his eye-patch, he shrugged it off as if he didn't mind not being a so-called 'ladykiller' that the bat liked to think himself to be. "And if a girl," He paused. Or any person for that matter... "Can't see past a piece of leather than I have no need for them." Cold but quite true.

    He smelled a rat, or mouse if he had to be specific. One that sounded like an elephant by the way she tripped about. Abner's eyes drifted behind briefly towards the mouse, only to see a snake sneak up behind her. His smirk widened as he glanced at Drake.
    "Hopefully she knows the fight or flight instinct or else one day she might be walking down the aisle of doom towards him instead." He jokes light heartedly, plenty of mischief in his eyes to go around.
  7. drake glanced back and supressed a shudder" that guy is a bloody creepy motherfucker"he muttered to his companion, and glanced to the girl with a hint of sympathy before the emotion quickly fled his face.he changed the subject again
    "well at least get a nicer looking eyepatch then. this one is all frayed and raggedy,and its starting to be right offensive to my olfactory senses.....and my dad came home smelling like a brewery on a good night so i know when something is beginning to smell" on the bright side he was keeping his voice low enough so that only abner would hear him. drake was an asshole on the best of days, but he wasnt a douche.
  8. Alaska; she wolf, blue
    Alaska arrived exactly a week ago, but she never left her room. She hated being there, she hated being excluded because of her "ability". Therefore, she hated humans for sending her there. Why didn't they left her alone? She could just live in the woods without bothering them...
    But there she was, a prisoner in her awfully boring room. That morning she decided to assist to the program. Maybe it was because of her wolf nature, or maybe she was just bored, but she couldn't stand another second being alone.
    She put on her jacket and some shorts and left the room, without really knowing where to go. She slightly smiled when she found four other human-animals. Maybe it wasn't that bad to be surrounded by people like her. She looked at them, one was definitely some kind of feline and the other one smelled like a... bat? There was also a young girl with a tail, a mouse girl. Finally, she could identify the last guy as some kind of reptile. She approached to the two guys who were walking together. She looked at the eyepatch that the cat had and just wondered about it.
    "Hey. I'm Alaska, and I'm new in this thing. That means that I'm also lost. Would you show me where should I go?"
  9. drake turned around and had to keep his mouth from dropping"uh..yeah, would be a uh....pleasure" for the first time in years,drake was completely tongue tied. mostly it was because most people except abner avoided him like the plague, but the fact that the girl was cute kind of threw him for a loop as well.

    he offered his hand out to her"i'm Drake McAllister, local vampire bat.....not the dc comics bat though"he added
  10. She couldn't avoid to silently chuckle when she heard him stuttering.
    "Thank you" answered smiling at him, before shaking his hand. "Well, the DC one is actually just a normal millionare human, so I bet you are way cooler. I'm a wolf, by the way." added, offering her hand to the other boy, waiting for him to introduce himself.
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  11. Abner's eyes met the reptiles for a moment before he snorts in reply to the eye-patch remark. He didn't mind the snake, actually found the guy to be quite interesting when he wasn't such a bore. He had intended to insult his friend right back when he heard the sound of a female's voice, halting them both from walking away. As soon as Drake laid eyes on the girl, he was putty in her hands. Quite amusing if not for the fact that he looked like a blushing mess.
    "Uh..yeah, would be a uh....pleasure." He uttered out, at a loss for words it seemed. Stuttering fool. Abner smirked with mischief in his eyes.
    "Real smooth..." Ab mutters cheekily, for only Drake to hear. The 'sweet talker' went on talking about comic books like a true nerd only for her to laugh at his joke and cause his ego to burst. Sure, it was a guess but it seemed right on the mark in his books a second later when the results were shown on Drake's face.

    Turning his attention to the girl, he didn't see anything special about her yet except for her smell. Like a wet dog. She was small, with a slender body that many other females would envy. Long black hair and stunning blue eyes. Not many curves and seemed nice, kind for no good reason which Abner found scary. No one was that nice without a reason. Catching the last of her sentence, everything fell into place.
    "-I'm a wolf, by the way." A wolf... Not quite a natural enemy of cougars but an animal that competed with it for food. When she offered her hand to shake, he took it and glared down at her, not in menace exactly but in observation.
    "Abner... Just don't steal my food." He told her and began walking again, leaving her up to the stud.
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  12. "Yeah... sure." she answered to Abner before he left. Alaska wasn't use to that kind of animal behaviour, she was always surrounded by humans and always acted human, so that wasn't something she heard oftenly. That guy Abner was surely interesting, and she was still in the process of finding out about his animal. It was a large cat, otherwise he wouldn't be worry for a wolf to steal his food. And, for his behaviour, he was surely a loner. Not a lion, then. At that moment, she thought that there was a much simpler way to find it out.
    "Weren't you going to show me the way?" asked Drake with a warm smile. "By the way, just for curiosity, which type of cat is he?" added, refering to the guy that just left.
  13. (Hurhurhur.. Is this a love triangle I sense?)
  14. (Lol, no, not yet at least. Don't be flattered :P she's just curious)
  15. "the kind that lures in younger men with their maturity and prowess in more....delicate matters"drake said,using the more modern term for a cougar. the bat looked down at the woman and gave a smile

    "don't worry he just doesn't warm up to people that fast. took me close to two years just for him to admit he tolerated having me around.underneath his prickly cold exterior is a soft nougat-y center.....and the much more prickliness under that along with an underlying urge to rip everybody's throats out with his teeth. but hey, thats pretty much all of us now"Drake,being a bat, was a largely social person. the way he acted may not have showed it outright but deep down he was a lonely guy....or maybe that was just the Depression talking....oh well
    "so where are you supposed to be headed to first?"

    ((lol hey i shipped wolfbat first D:< ))
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  16. Yawning, Bryson made his way toward the school yet again. Is there nothing more to it than this? It's been what, 4, 5 years now. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He glanced at the bat and wolf conversing. Hm.. That's an odd couple. Bryson couldn't help thinking as he passed. A small smile played on his lips as he imagined a wolf pup with bat wings.
  17. ((see cyrrius ships it too :P))
  18. ((It'd look pretty interesting, I'll give you that haha.))
  19. She looked at him, without being really sure of what he meant. Oh, well, she would find his specie eventually. She laughed at his description.
    "So, a nougat that wants to rip everyones throath, go it." joked and pointlessly started looking for a paper that said where she should go. "I-I have no idea." admitted shrinking her shoulders.
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