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  1. Kat sigh as she woke up on Monday morning. It was another day and she hated going to school. Putting her long red hair in a side braid and put her jeans and blue shirt on she grab her boots and left. Once at school she sat at a table outside reading her book waiting for her bestfriend.

    Jason was already at school tossing the football back and forth with his teammate. He couldn't wait for the game on Friday against the rival school he was excited.
  2. Landyn Tate arrived at school right on time, not a minute before and not a minute after. He was always one to be punctual. After making sure he had all the things he would be needing for his first class of the day, Landyn Tate began the task of hunting down his best friend. It wasn't long before he found her.

    Just before the five minute bell telling people to get to class could go off, Skylit Loft, with her hair in an absolute mess and her clothes wrinkled beyond belief, made it onto what was technically -though not really- school property. She let out a few quiet cuss words under her breath and proceeded to head to her locker, avoiding any and all social interactions with the random people that she was expected to know, but didn't because she wasn't social enough.
  3. Kat look up smjke seeing her bestfriend landyn. "Hi" she said shyly smiling. She scooted over for him to sit next to her. "Did you do the English homework?" She ask shyly looking down fiddling with her fingers. She always had been shy and nervous around people and little more with Landon since she like him.

    Jason went to his locker and smile seeing skylit. He went behind her and poke her sides "hey hey. Your late why?" He ask smiling at her poke his bestfriend nose.
  4. "We had English homework? Crap, no!"
    Landyn's eyes got big and for a moment there, he looked like he was about to explode. He wasn't one to screw around and cheat to get good grades, or just let them fall. He had the knowledge and wanted to use it! After a moment or two, Landyn calmed down and let his shoulders fall a bit. He let out a loud laugh as well.
    "Oh wait... yes I did. I did it on the bus! Stupid me. What about you?"

    "Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep... Sleep is good, didn't you know?"
    Skylit kept her eyes away from Jason's face. As long as she didn't look at him, she wouldn't revert into her shell. Jason was an odd case for her, for two reasons. Normally Skylit wasn't social but when she was just with friends people couldn't get her to shut up, but at the same time when she was Landyn she always found it hard to talk. Stupid crushes.
  5. Kat giggle and smile at him. "Don't worry if you didn't" she laugh as he remember and nodded. "I did half of it the other half I didn't understand I wanted to call you but I didn't want to be a bother" she said shyly looking around

    Jason laugh and smile at her. He poke her nose "yes I did know. Did you do the English homework?" He ask carried her books for her going to class. "What you doing Friday night?"
  6. Landyn simply rolled his eyes at her and shook his head. He reached forward and fluffed her hair.
    "You know, you could never be a bother. Besides, if you're having trouble I'm probably having trouble."
    Though Landyn got good grades, that didn't mean he was the brightest. His grades were more based on how hard he tried, than how smart he was. Not to say he wasn't smart, but he wasn't a genius.

    "Did the brainiac loser do her homework? I'm gonna let you figure out the answer to that one. As for Friday, I'm not doing anything. Why?"
    Skylit kept her eyes on her feet, only being able to hope she didn't slam into anyone or anything. She pulled out a piece of gum and plopped it into her mouth so hopefully she'd calm down a bit, although that never worked.
    "You want one?"
    She held out the pack but didn't look up.
  7. Kat giggle and look at him. "Okay I wasn't having trouble" she sigh and look down. "I cohdknt concentrate cause there was yelling and fighting" she whisper a tear fell she look at him. "Can I stay at your place this week please? I'll ask your parents if you don't want to I just can't go home right now"

    Jason sigh and took a gum and stop her from walking. "Your not a loser. Your amazing friend and I would love it if you came to my game on Friday please" he beg her
  8. "Don't be an idiot of course you can come stay with me."
    Landyn stood up and turned to face Kat directly. Without saying any more words he reached out and gave her a huge bear hug. What were friends for, after all?

    "First off, there's nothing wrong with being a loser, losers will rule the world. Secondly, I can think of at least five ways in which that isn't a good idea and they're all on the team with you."
    Skylit attempted to walk forward once again. Although she did like going to all his games, she was always a bit reluctant to do so. It was always so stressful. Like- where would she sit? Who would she sit with? Would anyone talk to her? What if they did? What if they didn't? What if what if what if.
  9. Kat hug him buried her face in his neck. "Thank you. I really don't want to go home. I scared to sometimes" she whisper held onto him needed her friend.

    Jason stop her. "Sky please. I really want you there on Friday it the big game and your my good luck charm" he said softly
  10. Landyn frowned a bit to himself at her words. Kat shouldn't be scared to go home. She should be able to rely on something like that. It really broke his heart that she couldn't. He took a deep breath and tried to focus on comforting her for the time being.
    "It's okay... I'll always be there for you."

    "Ugh, fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine... but... but I'm not happy about it! And I'm not sticking around after when you win! I'm going straight home."
    Skylit pointed at him and accidentally looked up. Well, shit, now she wouldn't be able to talk right for the rest of the day. She flipped her head back down and shook her head, making her hair flop all over the place.
  11. Kat smile and pull back. She took the homework out. "Guess I should finish this" she chuckle put her hair behind her and shivered felt the cold. "I thought it was suppose to be warm today"

    Jason sigh "just forget it don't come it obvious you don't want to" he turn and walk away little upset with her
  12. "I thought it was too. Luckily my mom pretty much forced me to take a jacket."
    After a few moments Landyn smiled. He reached into his backpack, pulled out the jacket, and held it out to his friend.
    "Style up, buttercup! It's pure leather."
    Landyn winked at her innocently.

    Skylit stood and shook on her two feet, the nervousness from seeing his face starting to set in. She reached out with one hand, much like a cat, and pawed out in his direction.
    "W...Wait...Wait no..."
    She let out as loudly as she could, which unfortunately, wasn't barely even a whisper. She sighed and rushed to get to class, making a mental note that she had to go to that game Friday no matter what.
  13. Kat giggle and took his jacket put it in. It was big on her but warm. She smile at him "thanks landy" her nickname for him. She finish the homework and stood. "Shall we head to English?"

    Jason sat in history class sighing. He was upset with her but still cared about her as a friend.
  14. "Why that sounds lovely. Allow me to escort you, Madam."
    Landyn held out his arm for her to take, letting a wide grin spread across his lips. With his free hand Landyn grabbed his stuff as well as some of hers, whatever he could carry. Being with her was nice, he wished he had more friends like her.

    It wasn't till lunch that Skylit became freaked out. Where was she supposed to sit? Normally, she'd sit with Jason... but they weren't exactly on good terms. It'd be odd, it'd be weird. Skylit stayed standing for quite a while with her tray in hand before deciding to go outside to eat, despite the weather. It'd be peaceful, at least.
  15. Kat giggle and blush. She took his arm and walk with him to class. She sat in class trying to focus but she had so much on her mind she couldn't. By lunch time she look in her bag and groan "of course I forget lunch money" she sigh

    Jason sat with his friends but still had sky on his mind. He wanted to talk to her but didn't think she whole plus she never look at him when they talk and that bug him.
  16. Landyn, as if being summoned by these few small words, appeaered at her side. He instinctively put his arm around her shoulder and gave her a side hug.
    "Hello, how're you doing this fine day my friend?"

    When Skylit came in she was covered in snow. She looked almost like a ghost. Someone walked by and put couple rocks on her head.
    "Look it's Frosty the snowdork!"
    Skylit held back a laugh and quickly walked out. So what if it was mean, it was freaking funny!
  17. Kat smile lean into his hug. "I don't have money so I can't eat and I feel dizzy and shaky" she sigh look at him hasn't told him she has diabetes.

    Jason saw and got up. He shove the kid to back off and ran outside after her. "Sky!" He put his jacket on her. "It cold come inside please"
  18. "Here ya go. Fresh from my mother's garden!"
    Landyn handed her his lunch bag without the slightest hesitation. He wasn't really hungry, to be honest, and even if he was he had lunch money that he could use. His family would understand. They knew Landyn took care of Kat sometimes.

    Skylit pulled away from him and his jacket and shook her head. Her body was shaking, but not from cold. She was still trying to stifle her laugh.
  19. "Landyn I can't. It's okay" kat said softly sat at a table with him. "I have to tell you something. It been so hard not telling you but I been scared and trying to deal with it and my parents. And I uh" she sigh and pull her case out open it so he see the diabete kit.

    Jason sigh "you okay? I'm sorry those boys did that" he didn't find it funny
  20. When Landyn saw what Kat had pulled out, to be honest, he felt kind of stupid. He wasn't sure quite what it was, all he knew was it looked scary.
    "Are you... part robot?"
    He really wasn't trying to make a joke, but he was drawing a blank.

    Skylit couldn't take it anymore. She fell to the ground, bursting out with laughter.
    "Frosty the snowdork, was a weird and goofy soul,
    With some acne spots and a flower wreath,
    And a arched back just like a troll!"
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