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  1. Daniel smiled faintly as he sat waiting and wondering where everyone was while he sat in the park. His eyes trained on his book that sat in his lap. The classics of the Brother's Grimm was one of the few books he enjoyed to read as the moon came out to whisper. He happily sat there his eyes following the pages and words before he felt a chill run up his back. His looked up for a minute before going back to his book. The classic tale of red riding hood. It was quite fantastic really how different the modern take was compared to the Grimm's tales were.

    He smiled faintly before running a hand through his dark brown hair, looking up to check the time before a loud snarled erupted from the nearby foliage. Daniel jumped quickly standing up in a quick second. His book pressed tightly against his chest. He took a few steps back before something knocked him off his feet. His butt landing on the ground before he looked up for a moment to see a pair of piercing yellow eyes of a dark black dog. The mouth of this dog just inches from his face.

    "Nice doggy...." he muttered shakily before crawling back aways from the creature. The dog almost laughed at him before the dogs teeth latched onto his throat. He couldn't help but scream as rather than pain overcoming him he felt his bones pop and reshape, and fur start to grow. His teeth burst from their gums. It wasn't long before a loud howl left his lips as blood began to pool beneath the man.
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  2. Ali let out a soft sigh, hoping Daniel had gotten her text. The down fall of working at a diner, you don't leave until the last table in your section is gone. And yep these people were taking forever and a year plus some. If they were nice, she'd be happy to have them. But they were far from it. The world owes me something type. Ones she was sure to complain to Daniel about. Ali smile and brought the check over to the guy once he snapped for it. The way they had been calling her all night. "This help pay the bills Ali" she mumbled to herself before she got to the table. "Have a wonderful night." She told them is her usual sing song voice before walking away.

    "Almost free" she laughed, looking over at the blond in the kitchen she had just walked into. "I bet I don't even get a good tip." She added wrinkling her nose lightly.

    "I dislike rude out of towners." The girl replied as she placed plates in the dishwasher. Ali nodding in agreement. As she took the apron off, hanging it on the hook by the swinging door. Before walking over to pick up the book from the now empty table. Just as she though, no tip. Rolling her eyes a little as she cleaned up the table to take her dishes back.
  3. He let out a soft snarl as he walked down an alley. His feet just lightly padding against a hard rock that seemed to never end. With long sniffs walking along. His nose picked up on the smell of something very familiar and with a giant leap he took off running. All four feet hitting the ground in a gentle rhythm. He ran past these small smelly animals, he ran past these tasty looking animals. With a gentle breath he let go of every inhabited before he found the scent he was looking for. His tongue ran over his chops before he saw a human. Her long hair tied up delicately.

    He rubbed his nose against her leg before taking a bite out of the cloth that was wrapped around his body. The fabric was ripped and stretched and with a snarl he turned over tearing at his clothing. A loud clunk sounded as a box fell from the fabric and lighted up to show a image he could barely remember. Thats when he squeaked before realizing something. He wasn't supposed to be an animal.... but human.

    'Help' he attempted to sound. Looking up at the familiar woman.
  4. Ali looked at the wolf a little frightened at first. But he seemed harmless enough. "Where did you come from?" She asked as she put her hand out slowly to let him sniff it. That's when she noticed the clothes and saw the phone. The photo of her and Daniel at some animal thing he had made her go to.

    "Where did you find this?" She asked worry in her voice. She moved slowly, seeing the torn clothing and noticing it instantly. "Where is Daniel?" She asked, tears welling up in her eyes.

    I'm going crazy, talking to a wolf. Ali thought to herself as she tried to stay calm. Worry pouring out of her, trying to hold the tears back as she slowly went to get the fallen phone.
  5. Daniel, that name suddenly hit him with a memorie. A memory of a human man. He was that human mind. With brown hair, and a decent amount of muscles. It was like everything in his body was on fire and suddenly he was on his hands knees. A loud scream flying out of his mouth. His hands grasping at his face. "Oh god Ali.... how did I get here...." he muttered his skin crawling. "Where did I put my book?" Daniel sat there for a moment on his knees before trying to pick through his memories. "I... I... Can't remember...." he whispered before he ran his hands through his hair.

    "I umm... Ali where are we?" Daniel asked feeling like he was losing his mind. Thats when he felt his teeth elongated again, and he felt fur growing on his face. His hands began to change and with a grunt he was rolling like a dog on the ground again.
    'Ali!' he howled.
  6. Her eyes wide with horror at what she just saw. Rubbing her eyes as she watched the wolf change in to Daniel. "Wh-what kind of joke are you playing on me? It's not funny at all and I'm scared." She said softly. "How did you just do that?" She asked in a more demanding tone. Not listening to a word he said. That is until he changed back into the wolf. "Oh god... I'm I'm going crazy." She mumbled to herself. "Come on Daniel, we need to get you inside." She said hoping he would follow her the short distance to her house. Thank god grandma left her house to me when she passed. Always on the look out for her precious granddaughter. She though letting the word warm her. "That's it we are almost here. Just in the door now." Ali spoke as calmly as she could as she opened the door.
  7. Daniel followed Ali to the house trying not to get distracted by the hundred of scents along the way. He let his tongue fall out of his mouth in a pant to catch more of the scents. It was the most amazing scent that hit him when the door to Ali's house opened up, and with that he howled happily before bolting to the couch instantly sprawling before he was suddenly human again.
    "Ali? What is going on? I can't remember anything past today." Daniel asked before attempt to stand on shaky legs.
    He smiled faintly though at her noticing her hair out of place as usual.
    "I um... what are they called.... humans that can turn into wolves?" He tapped his foot before realizing he was barefoot.

    "Ali seriously all I remember from about an hour ago was a pair of yellow eyes." he said again before touching his neck with his hand yelping softly before realizing he was bitten. Blood gushing slowly from a wound on his neck, and shoulder.
  8. Quickly she shut and locked the door behind her. "Daniel you just happen to be naked. Before I turn around, use the throw to cover up." She said in a soft even tone. Please let him be covered. She thought to herself as she turned around to look at him. "You think a werewolf bit you?" She asked before seeing the blood on his neck and bolting for the bathroom to get the first aid kit. Quickly slipping out of her work uniform. As she listened to anything he had to say. And slipping into the tee shirt and sweat pants in the bathroom.

    Coming back into the room, with the Alice in wonderland make up bag in hand. "We have to get that cleaned up." She said softly, unzipping the bag as she pulled out some supplied. "I have your phone and wallet. But I don't know where the book is?" She said softly, placing a wet rag over the wound. "I can't tell you what's going on darlin." Ali said softly, as she kept cleaning the wound.
  9. Daniel whimpered softly before sitting so Ali could have better access to the wound. His eyes lingering on hers with a faint smile. "All I know right now is that I know you and my name is Daniel.... wait.... what is my last name?" he asked before looking down in shame. He growled faintly to himself before the teeth came in again, and he felt his eyes burn faintly, but he didn't go any farther.
    "This is so weird...... what am I going to do...." he muttered laying his head on Ali's shoulder before feeling his body slip into wolf form again with scary ease. His head nuzzled up beneath her neck. Tail thudding against the side of the couch. A soft whimper leaving his throat before his stomach growled.

    He pushed his nose against Ali's hand so it rested on top of his muzzle. Daniel shook slightly every hair on his body standing on end, brown and gold in color. A good portion of Daniel just wanted to curl up in a ball and hide forever.
  10. "We have been best friends form crib days. And whatever is happening to you... We will find out together. We promised no matter what we had each other's back years ago." Ali said softly as she hugged him. "We can go over stuff tomorrow. Stay in all day. I'll go to the park and look for your book also." She told him before he changed again.

    Petting him softly she smiled. "I think someone is hungry. Come on. I'll get you some food. But you gotta sit in the chair. It will be to weird if you change back." Ali smiled at him before getting up. "We will get through this. I promise. I won't let anything happen to you." Softly she kisses the top of his head.

    Making her way into the kitchen she went to the fridge, opening it to see what she had. Pulling out some rice and chicken from last nights dinner, warming it up and placing it in a bowl. Ali placed it on the table. "Come on, you need to eat."

    She now knew she was going crazy. Just couldn't seen to wake up from this dream. She let out a soft sigh as she went to put some water in a bowl for him also.
  11. Daniel smiled softly before pushing for his human again standing up. "Thank you Ali." he said before kissing her cheek like usual. He had to chuckle at the bowl before thinking about his tounge. "Think this day could get any weirder?" he asked bowing his head to lap at the water borrowing his wolf tongue for a moment and laughing.

    "We should go to the park together I want to know if the wolf's nose can pick up on anything so we may need a dog collar and leash to." He said smiling a bit thankful for Ali. What was wrong with him, he wondered as he took up a fork to enjoy the chicken and rice.
    "I've always loved your cooking." he said smiling before glancing down to his shirt., "How did this happen?"
  12. "I can get you a glass, silly boy." She laughed as she watched him. I just didn't know if you could change back. Now placing a glass in front of him.

    My best guess is your clothes are not part of your body. So therefor the rip when you change. "And we'll go together then. But tomorrow. You need rest." She called from the sink, now washing dishes from the left overs. "And you can stay here as long as you like. I can help better if I'm close."

    Wiping her hands on a dish towel Ali asked "do you understand me just fine in the other form?" Walking over to the table, taking a seat across from him. Smiling a little as she watched him eat. Happy that he remember he loved her cooking.

    The two had been through a lot together over the years. He was her rock, especially when her grandmother has passed away. And now was time to return the favor.
  13. He nodded slowly, before looking up at Ali fondly. His smile broadening just a little bit as she went about her habits. He smiled faintly before standing slowly. His eyes lingering on her face before glancing over to the couch. "I can understand every word you say just find, but at the same time I get bombarded by a vast number of smells, its almost overwhelming." Daniel said before frowning as he his neck began to ache. "Why did this happen?" he wondered aloud before he felt his eyes begin to glow a faint yellow that he could see in the window.

    "Thank you Ali." he said giving her a large hug before letting himself go back to the wolf. With his light brown muzzle brushing up against his hand. His eyes looking up to see her beauty. Daniel let his tail thumped against her leg before whining just a little.
  14. "We are going to have to find some kind of code then." She told him looking dog. "Because that I don't understand." Adding as she smiled down warmly at him. "We will get through this I promise. I'll start researching night and early tomorrow morning. "Petting the top of his head as she spoke. A small yawn escaping her lips as she looked over at the clock.

    Ali went to clean up the last of the dishes. As she watched Daniel, her heart breaking for him. At the same time sure she was ready to wake up from some crazy dream. "Are you getting sleepy?" She asked not thinking to look down at him.
  15. Daniel nodded slowly letting out a dog yawn before licking her hand. He couldn't help it but cuddle up against the warmth of Ani's leg. It was that comfort that was giving him hope at that moment. With long strides Daniel made it to the couch out of some rough habit before a mischievous idea came across his mind. He barked before running for what smelled like Ali's room. His nose colliding with the bed before he sat at the foot his eyes looking back at Ali. Daniel couldn't help it, he was feeling very cuddly. Maybe it was a sort of pack instinct kicking it, but he wanted nothing more than to be curled up next to someone or something.

    He snuffled a little before Ali walked in, and for some reason he nosed her legs towards the bed knocking her over only to crawl into her arms. His big form over taking her figure.
  16. Ali had made her way to the bathroom to brush her teeth and hair. Pulling it back in a braid she usually slept in. Her face feeling refreshed after she washed it, removing any last bit of makeup. Before walking into her bedroom.

    "Didn't loss the bossiness did ya." Ali grumbled a little as she tried to get the fur out of her face. "Move over big butt. I need to get under the covers " she laughed moving the blanket, letting him get under the covers. "Get settled." Ali told him as she waited, wrapping an arm around him as she cuddled up close, holding him as if he were a big stuffed animal. Kissing him lightly on the head. "Good night bestest cuddle buddy." She said softly before turning off the light. She was use to them falling asleep on the sofa or in her bed together. They had rules they stuck by. Rules to make sure the friendship was never hurt.
  17. Daniel gave a sort of laugh as he felt Ali's arms wrap around him. He ran his tongue over her hand for a moment before curling up tightly. It wasn't long before the wolf fell asleep dreaming of those piercing yellow eyes again. The pain that followed those yellow eyes still burning in his veins.
    Somethings began to come clearer as the night wore on. The big black dog that bit him hissed at him to move. That life was dull as a human. That Daniel would be stronger, and healthier as a wolf.
    "No...." Daniel muttered feeling his fingers dig into the bed as he dreamed. The blood flooded out of his neck as the Beast bit down on him. His eyes flashed a deep yellow as a inhuman feeling became of him. His mind flooded with black.

    "NO!" Daniel jumped awake. His human form sitting up violently fast as everything came flooding back. The pain he couldn't remember from minutes ago.
    He glanced over at Ali fear crippling his smile. Daniel stood up trying not to wake the heavy sleeper and walked out to the kitchen again. His body felt cold. He wanted his fur back but he didn't know if he dared to shift again despite the fact that he wore nothing.
  18. Ali rolled over feeling a chill. She moved to cuddle up next to Daniel. Her arm searching for him. Rubbing her eyes lightly, "Daniel" she called, still half asleep, "Are you okay?" Looking over at the door she debated on getting up to look for him.
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