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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Fel of the Eternal Forest, May 8, 2010.

  1. Gwen

    She went to grab the other ingredients


    He laughed "I partially did not want to do it. But it was a swift movement to get them here." Belle sighed

    "I could have just convinced Gwen to come and John for Jason." Hawthorne shrugged

    "Lesson learned." He claimed


    She became silent for a moment then said "He's been missing for quite a while now. I understand the pain you feel. I am very sorry Ray."
  2. Name: Sansao Alaverez
    face claim: Remi Alade Chester
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male

    x x x x
    Species: Kishen
    Ethnicity: African
    Language(s): English, Portuguese


    Mom -
    Dad -

    Sibling 1 - Brother, 30 x Jose
    Sibling 2 - Brother, 30, x Diego

    Sibling 3 - Sister, 17, Valeria Rose
    Sibling 4 - Brother, 13, Sebastian
    Sibling 5 - Brother, 13, Bastille
  3. It was not.

    Uncle Buck or The Mask is.

    But I liked it. :D
  4. Oh alright. Take his bird and put it in the sack. Take his shoes too.

    Just enough BORD though.
  7. Meh, it was alright.

    Scarlett Johanson was pointless, as was Samuel L Jackson. It didn't make sense for the dude to be at the race track. The thing about his father leaving a design for a new element in a model city was lame. The chase through the parking lot was overdone. And the dude taking off his helm at the end was just silly.

    But such is the Hollywood generation. Kids don't care about dramatic tension or continuity anymore, as long as cool things are flashing in their eyes. Just like Clash of the Titans.

    You may now all counter-troll me.


    EDIT: I agree with Asmodeus, Scarlett was pointless.

    We need a pornstar with larger breasts.

  9. Am I doing it right?

    But dawg, movies have sucked before you were born.
  10. I enjoyed watching it....BECAUSE I ENJOYED THE PERSON I WATCHED IT WITH.


    Also, fuck yeah THE HAMMER. UNF. BEST PART.

    (I thought Warmachine was hot)
  11. The thing about it Asmo, is that I thought Clash of the Titans sucked.

    Iron man 2 was okay, because the plot holes weren't too glaring.
  12. Yes, yes, glam and crap and continuity aside (who needs THAT anymore). I enjoyed it. But I was with my boyfriend, in an empty theater where we could laugh and joke all we wanted.

    and also watching Scarlett Johanson choke, joint lock, and throat chop made me happy in a dirty way.
  13. As a film, it had merit. As a nod to one of the best bets between business colleagues in history (if you don't get it, nevermind), it fell short.

    There are many different forms in telling a story, one the most prominent being films.

    However, over the last - I'll be nice - 40 years I'd say the industries have migrated to different purposes, among other things.

    Books are the best medium for telling a story, in my opinion. You have little-to-no need for images; only words. All things considered - meaning the current time period and average Intelligence Quotient - a book is your intellectual focus. Like all other industries, you have your mentally impaired, but as I said, its a given.

    Movies? Movies are now the equivalent of a picture book. Either you're watching this movie because you were too lazy to read the book, or you just want to see the pretty (pritty) pictures. I see no quality behind any movie production, beyond the need to pay the staff and the rest of the sleezy movie industry. Personally, I could do without videos. If I wanted to see what a character would look like, if represented, I'd arbitrarily make the decision, or ask a friend for their input.

    It's all about having an imagination!
  14. Maybe you're right, but many modern novels are becoming more film-like - i.e. it's all about SHOWING rather than TELLING. On my writing course I was taught to "hide" away a lot of the story behind the text and allow the audience to imagine it, which to me is similar to what film-makers do.

    Granted, there's more time and space for thematic musings, but the principles of Movie Scenes and Prose Scenes are now essentially the same.

    I just think Movies (and video-games for that matter) need to catch up with the age-old principles of good storytelling.
  15. >:[

    It TOLD alot. Also, just because Scarlett was superfluos in this movie doesn't mean she will have more or less plot inclusion in the next.


    This movie, more or less, was about Tony fooking Stark maning up and settling into his hero role. It was about him truly taking responsibility, and I think he's starting to second guess being an alchie.

  16. Yes please.
  17. When I went to see Iron Man (or any comic to movie production), I didn't go with any high expectations for story-telling or characterization. Many action films with a wide release, especially comic to movie-where you have a wide range of fans, are not going to be cinematic masterpieces. They are going to be cut, dumbed down, have glaring continuity errors, enough T&A to keep it below PG13-but to satisfy fanboys and otherwise horny viewers, and more effort is going to be put into special effects than script. Other than making money, its purpose is to make comic fans (young, old, etc.) happy to see their favorite characters have ten minutes of screentime.

    In other words: It was made to please the shuffling masses.

    Going to see a movie like Iron Man and expecting anything more than that is setting yourself up for disappointment.

    For those of you who were sorely disappointed by the movie, and want to see something with a lilttle more substance: go to your local movie store and pick up Terry Gilliam's Brazil.
  18. Basically what Asmo wanted was Pride & Prejudice & Robots