WRITING Best kind of busy

Discussion in 'ROLEPLAY HELP & DISCUSSION' started by Minibit, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. The best kind of busy is when you have a lot of making art to do, amirite?

    /continues happily storyboarding
  2. Man, when I'm writing I never feel busy. I couldn't imagine doing creative stuff for a living; I'd hate for it to ever feel like a job.
  3. That's precisely why it's ideal to have a career doing something you love, though. If you enjoy doing something, then it wouldn't feel like a chore. :P
  4. Well, in theory. If you're being paid to do something, you no longer have the leisure of just not doing it when you're not totally feeling it. I mean, I love programming, and I have a job doing it, but that's because I don't mind doing it every day. Writing is different; I only write when I'm motivated or have an idea, and I can go for long stretches without doing any writing or roleplaying at all. I'd hate being forced to do it more often because people expect results by a certain time, or because I need to pick up the pace to get paid enough to get by.
  5. Mmm, I get what you're saying now. Yeah, that's fair.